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Hello everyone. I am a 40 year old mother of 3...

Hello everyone. I am a 40 year old mother of 3 girls ages 19, 15 and 18 months. I have wanted a TT for about 12 years. I had kind of given up on it ever happening and was really ok with my body until I had the HUGE surprise of a pregnancy at 38. Well she's awesome and I'm actually glad I never went through with att before because it would have been ruined! I gain soo much weight whenever I'm pregnant. I'm talking like 85 lbs. Having turned 40 last year and feeling too old to be young and too young to be old I decided it was time. I am 5'7 and 155 lbs. I tend to carry my weight around my middle and think a TT would be great for me. I am still on the fence about a breast lift with implant and have just decided to put myself out here because everyone seems so awesome! I have been "trolling" on this website for months :) and would love to hear what others have thought about scars, recovery etc. I know I would rather have a hip to hip scar on my belly over the stretch marks and skin, but I'm no so sure about my breasts. Did anyone just get a TT and then regret not doing their breasts? Well I feel like I have totally rambled on and hopefully everything I said makes sense. I'm super excited to hear from any of you who have gone through the journey and any tips you have on picking a doctor :)


Thank you both for the info and support. I hope I have enough skin to pull all the way down. I think I probably do but I'm not sure. I have more that what it looks like in the pictures. I have quite a few stretch marks but luckily none above my belly button. Thank you so much for the tips on the bb Metal Momma. I had not even thought of that. I see some bb that have stitches on the outside and they don't look as good as the ones that you cant see the stitches on. I would also be curious as to how your tt scars are in relation to your C-section scars? (I didn't look to see for sure if either of you have had a cs) I really hope the tt scar falls as low or very close to that level. Did either of you have a bellybutton piercing prior to surgery? I have seen one pic where the doc opened it up and then reclosed it with stitches. I took mine out when I got pregnant the last time in preparation for the tummy tuck I then knew I was getting for sure lol. I THINK I can afford the breast lift and aug, but Im nervous because of the scars. I have not seen any that look bad at all after they have healed, but my husband is kinda weird about it. I don't think metal momma has any breast photos,but gypsy star yours look very good and natural. I have seen some that look crazy weird tho. I am not symmetrical now (however its not very noticeable) and am afraid it would very noticeable afterwards. Ok, well I have gone on long enough. Any other things/tips you can think of that would help me find a good doctor would be awesome. I need to take some more before pics and post. I am hoping to do this in November or at the very latest March. I have a 20 month old and a 15 year old with Downs so I have to plan around my mothers schedule to fly out and take care of things for me. Ok, well good luck, both of you look fabulous, what a great inspiration you are to make me not chicken out :)
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I did have a c-section, 2 actually. That scar was cut out. The TT scar will be higher, the PS will place it as low as possible. I think that placement really depends on the individual & their skin properties. Mine is not the lowest I've seen but it low enough for anything I would ever wear, so I'm good with that. I think they aim for hip bone to hip bone & that's exactly where mine is. I had my BA in 1998, so no, no pics of the twins. But, u can see them in my bikini pics. If you're asymetrical, then that's the great thing about getting them done, the PS should be able to make u symetrical. I had my scar in the crease of my fold, underneath my breast. So if you naturally have a fold, it's a great place w/o messing with ur nipples. I too had a BB piercing & even tho I took it out when I got pregnant w/ my 1st baby, it stretched out of control. I was so happy that my PS told me she would cut it right out! I believe their is a pic of it too in my Part 1 review. Oh, make sure the staff gives you the warm & fuzzier becuz if they don't then look elsewhere. U'll deal with the staff a lot more than u will the PS. And you may want to ask about drains, if they are placed in the pubic area or on the hips. Mine were in the pubis area & I was a rare case that had 1 drain for 6 weeks. That drain, left a pretty good scar. But that scar can be hidden in the carpet, lol! If it would have been on my hips (which I would have found dreadful) there would be no hiding it & it would be another scar. Oh, & make sure the PS uses permanent stitches for the muscle repair. And check what their revision clause is.
Those are such great tips! I have started a notebook full of questions to ask. None of the things you mentioned had I though of. I didn't even realize there were differences in stitches with muscles and bb. If you don't mind me asking, do you still love your breasts? One of the reasons I av second thoughts is because I don't really want to spend 7-9 thousand dollars ever 10 years for maintenance on my boobies lol. I get tat sometimes that's a chanc you take but I have not really seen too any breasts tat only had a lift without implant look good and the potential long term maintenance makes me little worried going with an implant. Also what are your thoughts on the different shapes of scars? I see so many differnt shapes out there and it is HUGE to me that it be hidden within my bikini. I wear a bikini now, I just have to be careful on the bottoms I choose. Usually string bottoms that tie on the side work best for me and I see a lot of scars that no way would they be hidden. Sorry I'm rambling, just wondering if you think one shape of scar is better than another. Hope all of this makes sense. Thanks again :)

I am not going to be able to have surgery until...

I am not going to be able to have surgery until November and maybe not until January. Is it too soon to do a consult?? Everyone has said to take a ton of pics so I have also added more before photos :)


Dr turkle is awesome. She should have no issues with a pre-op appt this early. Her office works well with people. Good luck!!
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hey holly!! I went for a consult a month ago and I will not be able to have surgery until January so its never too early.
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Sorry for the delay, I never saw this response. I guess it got lost with all my other RS notifications. I do still love my boobies! So glad I had these bad boys years & years ago. All boobs are different. Mine are saline. I had mine put in back in 1998 & have never had an issue. So that's 15yrs ago. I'm not sure about the 10yr maintenance that u speak of. When I had mine done I was young & my breast had a natural hang to them. The were like ski slopes if u will. Just deflated with no snow, lol! I had plenty of skin, I could have stuffed them to the gills. My PS at the time warned me, I'd need a lift in the future, I kinda knew that but was to young to care or understand I guess. I should have had her hoist them up to begin with. But, I think that natural hang is what made mine always look natural. I've never had 1 person ask me if my boobs were fake. Now that I have put on weight due to pregnancy & lost weight, my boobie skin is a lot like my old TT skin, lax & I got a little extra of it. But, I still love them & still love to fill out a top. One day I will have them lifted & exchanged for day. I inquired during my consult & the damn boobs cost MORE than the TT, I said I'll wait. Scars, I think the straighter the better. I will tell u a lot of women kinda get upset about the backside. The front is all super tight but then the love handle area begins to feel less than perfect thanks to the taut front. This happens whether u have the lipo or not. U should look at MamaRuns, she had her incision go all the way around like a C. So it tightens the back & front. Something I would have really considered & probably went do had I known about it. When I look at my scar now I feel like it higher than my C-section scar but only by a centimeter. It just seems so much higher because the skin before was so droopy. Pull it all up tight & see were ur c-section scar is. That's more likely where it should be in reality. Ur scar at 1st will seem high but believe me it does go down, I even posted a pic demonstrating that. Take ur lowest swimsuit in to be marked in on surgery day.

Am I crazy?

As I was searching for a Dr. In my state that I liked I kept coming across the work of a doctor in Denver. Well I am from Denver but live in Indiana now. My parents and 3 sisters live in the Denver area so I have decided to go to Denver for my mommy makeover. I feel great about the doctor but am nervous about all the drawbacks that come with using a doctor out of state. My plan is to stay in Denver for 3-4 weeks after surgery, probably more like 4 weeks. My question is for those of you who have gone through your surgery. Am I crazy to think I will be able to fly home after 4 weeks? It's about a 2.5 hr flight. Also, how many of you have felt like you needed to continue to be seen by your doctor beyond the 1 month mark. I can always fly back for like a 2 month post op appointment but what if something goes wrong?? Anyone who has done their surgery out of town....any thoughts or advise would be great. You all have been so awesome. I love this site!


I really think you'll do great in Denver! Anything you need too, you can call me! Seriously! I visited 4 surgeons and none had the pictures/results he did.
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Thank you motheroftwins and Crystal. I Actually decided to use a doc in Denver. Changes everything for me, but really excited.

Second thoughts......

Just curious is anyone had second thoughts about spending so much money on their surgery???? I feel like it is so much money to spend on myself when honestly there are other things it could go towards. I feel selfish and a little foolish for wanting to do this. I could always wait a couple years, but I feel like I'm not getting any younger and at 40 (as silly as it may sound), I feel like my window of opportunity is closing lol. When I told my best friend she couldn't understand why I would want to do something like this at my age. Jeez , I don't really feel old. Or I didn't anyway lol. Anyway just looking for advise or thoughts from anyone who struggled with spending such a huge amount of money on something a TINY part of me thinks is frivolous.


In order to make myself feel better about spending so much I sacrificed a new car. I could get one but I told myself that I won't get a new car until my surgery is paid for which makes me feel a little better. Like the money is going to be gone either way and I would rather have a TT than a new car. LOL....mind tricks!
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I am fighting with that so hard....I was just thinking about that right before I read your update from 6/2...AND I thought maybe I would do the surgeries separate but I am going to do it and love it!!!
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Don't feel selfish!!!!!!! Seriously . That is crazy. You DESERVE this. This not a luxury.
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