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I had been wanting to get a chin reduction for...

I had been wanting to get a chin reduction for years and of course when you are thinking about messing with your face there is a lot of apprehension and fear but I decided life is too short not to change something about yourself that you dont like.

The reason I wanted to get something done is because I didn't like my chin, I have a good smile but when I smile my chin was just way too long. I was in denial for decades about me being "ok" with it but the truth was I hated it and wanted to look better.

I went to see a couple of local Doctors and they gave me the information I needed but I just didn't feel 100% confident and when researching on line and I kept finding Dr Eppley who seemed very knowledgeable but not local.

I decided that if I was going to do something this big it would be worth it to fly out and meeting someone that seemed to have a lot of answers.

I scheduled my procedure 10 days later and decided to get Lipo on my chest as well. Its been 7 days since my procedure and I'm still swollen and i'm getting used to looking different, it will take some time to see the final results but I can say that the work he did is fantastic and I'm very happy I did it.

The whole experience from beginning to the end was fantastic and exceeded my expectations and would not think twice about returning.

I will post before and after pics once the swelling goes down.

I forgot to say that I also had Chin implants on...

I forgot to say that I also had Chin implants on the side (Jowl implants) put in too.

Hi, can you personally email me at ***********.com. I am in Canada and like to know it I should come out to there to do my procedure, the doctor did a great job...thx Jessie

Hi, I flew out of state to see Dr Eppley because I knew he was an expert and it was the right choice.
Dude that chin before looked like Jay Leno's haha But now I'm super jealous of your chin and jawline, you are a very lucky man!

6 1/2 Months.

Hi, love your results. I have booked my jaw surgery with Dr Barry Eppley too...so excited. He really does seem to know his stuff, how are you getting along now?
Hi Malinda, I posted some new pics for you. Remember that I did the reduction and also the jowl implants and I went wide. No regrets. I have never given reviews on anything much less post pictures but this was life changing for me because It always bugged me and to finally have it improved has made me very happy. Good luck, don't even think about it just do it if it is something that has bothered you and that will make you look and feel better. Listen to Dr Eppleys guidance and be patient with the results. : ) Post pics and let me know when you do, would love to see them.
The results are truly great! Happy for you. I've got genioplasty reduction with a lower jaw shave booked with Dr Eppley in October. I have a similar problem to you pre op. my chin is vertically long and it extends out when I smile ( so annoying). I went to see 3 maxiofacial specialists here in London and they all told me they would not touch the soft tissue just reduced the bone. I was like, "But then I will be left with the same problem.... The extending chin duh". ThenI met Dr Eppley through your post actually, and he told me about removing and tightening the tissue behind the chin crease and reattaching the mentalis muscle which also contributes to my almost famous extending chin. So in theory it does all sound great, the fact that he acknowledges my problem and has a good solution is a relief for me. But issues I have heard of with chin reductions going wrong are the muscle is shortened in the chin too much and the lower lip droops permenatly or the soft tissue is not tightened properly and the person has bunching up under the chin..,gross. I just hope I don't suffer with any of these things. I like you will be flying there. But I'm coming from London. My boyfriend will be travelling with me... Couldn't go alone whoever does is brave. How was your recovery, were you swollen like crazy? I'm taking meal replacement shakes with me because I'm not so keen on dropping a load of pounds so fast. I will post pics and put a review up soon after which will be early November. Thank you

About 18 mo

Its been 18 mo and I still see improvement, I gained some weight but you get the idea.

I'm VERY happy and still the only regret is not doing it 10-20yrs ago.
Hi, I just had my operation done by Dr Eppley yesterday. I'm wearing a chin strap and my lips are swollen. I'm getting by on protein shakes at the moment. But my experience has been great since I arrived here in Indiana last Monday. I'm gonna have to be patient with the swelling which actually isn't too bad. Will update you in a couple weeks. I'm so glad I found your review its what actually persuaded me to go with him in the first place. Your results are great I hope mine will be too. :-)
Malinda congratulations! I'm so happy for you! keep me posted! Henry
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Fantastic Surgeon I am grateful that I found him. So I flew out for a consultation which seemed crazy to me at the time but I decided it was part of the adventure and after talking to Dr Eppley I knew that if I was going to do it it had to be with him. He is very knowledgeable and we talked about different options but beyond knowledge he had clarity and confidence, you can tell he really knows what he's talking about from experience not just from learning and I was 100% confident that with Dr Eppley no matter what everything would be ok..

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