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Hello ladies! I just started reading this site...

Hello ladies! I just started reading this site today and am so happy to see so many positive experiences. I am 46 yrs old and a 34H - back pain as long as I can remember, shoulder indentations, and tired of wearing shirts that are big everywhere but the chest, and having to get special order bras because I can never find a 34 that big! I've worn big shirts for so long that my friends are surprised when I tell them my bra size - then I gather the shirt around my tummy and waist and they see I actually have a much smaller figure hiding under the big clothes. I go in Thurs at 530am and I'm getting nervous. Not really about the pain, but the downtime during healing, and what if I don't wait long enough before I lift or stretch too far. I'm used to taking care of other people and don't really know how to sit back and let others take care of me. (sounds dumb, huh!?) I do have a specific questions if someone can please help: I was told to wear button/zip up shirts for awhile due to the pain in lifting my arms. About how long before you feel able to put on a shirt over your head? (I'm getting the lolli-pop cut and also in the crease underneath.) When can I wear my first "regular" tshirt and show off the new figure?? I'm not a vain person - just trying to think beyond the painful part to the time when I can walk into a room and not feel like every man there is staring at my chest. Thanks for all the great stories you've shared - I have found some comfort in them today!


Day 2 and feeling pretty good. I have a few little places that bled thru the gauze but nothing serious at all - I just have to get the nerve to take them off - ouch. I'm not bound up like a lot of the pictures I saw on here. Just gauze over the incisions and a sports bra - that's it. Just proves how different all surgeons are. I was a 34H now looking at myself I look like a B which is a crazy big change. I doubt I'm that small - just looks like it.
I hope you other ladies did as well as me this week. It's definately a good thing!!!
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Hey Kathy! I was a 34H as well and remember how small I felt right after surgery. Once your brain acclimates to the new you, you will see the size more objectively. Good luck on your continued good healing!
Good Luck!!! You will be soooo happy you had the surgery!! I am almost 6 weeks post op!!! I feel fabulous!!!!
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Question of the day - what helps the itching?? I...

Question of the day - what helps the itching?? I am 3 days post-op and the stitches are starting to itch. I feel pretty tender so I dont want to bother it, but the itching is making me crazy! Any ideas? I took my first real shower today and felt so much better. Just having the blue ink off of my body is something positive. My stitches all look wonderful - no oozing or blood, tender but no sharp pain at all. I was a 34H and today I tried on my daughters 34C and it fit!!! Woohoo - oh yeah!! I haven't been this small in 20 years. I can't wait to buy some some pretty bras - maybe something crazy like a color other than beige, white, or black...


You could try Benadryl for the itching. Are you using pain meds? Percocet has a tendency to cause itching, so if you are taking that you might want to call your doc and request something else. So happy you are thrilled with your results!
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