23 Years Old, 5'4" 120lbs, 32G/H to C/D

Hi everyone! I'm 22, 5'4", and about 120 llbs....

Hi everyone! I'm 22, 5'4", and about 120 llbs. I've had some "final straw" moments this summer that have ended in tears and am now considering a BR more than ever. The number one thing keeping me from doing it is the possibility of nipple sensation loss. The second thing is I have seen a lot of BR surgeries where the breasts end up having "boxy" shapes. Could you guys give me any insight on your thoughts or experiences with either of these things? And yes..I realize my right breast is much larger than my left :(

Finally had a consultation

Had a consultation this past Friday..Dr. was very much of a straight shooter you could say. I was trying to tell her that I wanted to be a full C small D and she kind of flipped saying that insurance wouldn't cover it if I wasn't going to get that much taken off..blahty blah. That could be because the way she measured me, she told me I was a 34DD/34E (uhh..I'd love to have shown her what that size bra looked like on me..aka spilling out everywhere) She estimated 400-500 off from my left and 500-600 from my right to send to insurance. What I liked about her was I'm not going to have to do anything for insurance..I don't have to provide record from my primary care doc or anything like that, she submits everything and will let me know in 4-6 weeks if it is approved/declined. Now I'm just worried that she would want to make them too small because she kept saying that your boobs are dynamic and they will grow..I don't want to bank on that! Because what if they don't? I'm not planning on gaining a lot of weight anytime soon (who ever is?) soo now I'm just feeling torn if I should have her as my surgeon. I think I'm going to call on Monday and ask to see more pictures of people who had a reduction around my size as well as speak to a patient around my size that has had one. Thank you for all the support everyone! All you ladies are awesome. And for the creeps who keep privately messaging me saying don't do it..please go away. While I'm flattered (they do look good naked) they look ginormously not good in clothes..and I am in clothes the majority of my life..so please find a hobby.. other than trolling plastic surgery websites and creeping on women there :)

Dec 22-it's happening! Nervous about recovery..

Well..it's official! It's happening dec 22 and I couldn't be more excited. Insurance approved and I am good to go. My goal is to be a full C. I am still really nervous about recovery. My boyfriend and some other couples are thinking about going to the Pacers game on New Year's Eve and I just don't know what to tell him because I would be on day 9 of recovery. I obviously wouldn't party hardy or drink with the meds I'll be on..but was just wondering where you guys were at for recovery after 9 days? I know they don't want you to drive for 2-3 wks..and I really don't wanna go if I'm going to be miserable the whole time and can't move my arms haha I told him that he can get the tickets (they're nosebleeds so not expensive) and then just wait and see how I feel..I have a feeling it's a long shot :( Oh well..I can miss New Year's Eve if it means new, awesome boobs for life, right? haha :)
love you all!

2 weeks!

Ahh! can't believe it's only 2 weeks away. So excited..but still very nervous about recovery. Here are some pics I'm bringing of around where I want to be..what do you guys think?

5 days left!

eek! so excited. Here are some of the pics I could find of me that show my boobs a little bit. I couldn't find very many pics because I'm self-conscious about them and usually wear tshirts/sweatshirts. Not to mention I can't find clothes that can't fit that I like. THank you all for the support! And for those of you that aren't supportive..don't private message me. It's happening and it's going to take a little more than comments from randos to change my mind about something I've been thinking about doing for 5+ years.
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