5 months post op! New PICS!

I have always wanted bigger breasts. I'm 34 years...

I have always wanted bigger breasts. I'm 34 years old now and I feel the time is right. I'm 140 lbs around 5'5". I have had 2 children and now wear a 34 A. I'm looking to go to a small c. I'm having silicone implants prob 300-320cc. The ps recommends over the muscle for me, I have enough breast tissue. I lift/exercise 5 times a week. He thinks that will be best to prevent shifting in the future. I'm nervous and can't stop thinking about it!! Anyone else have or getting silicone over the muscle? Anyone get a mammogram before their implants? I just want April 11 to get here!

Going for my pre op next week. Going to talk to...

Going for my pre op next week. Going to talk to the dr one more time about size, over or under the muscle and take in a goal photo.
I can't stop thinking about the surgery. I'm ready to get this over with! I just want it to be here. Time is moving slow! I hope I like the results. I saw some stories of women who didnt like them after...hope that's not me.
I bought a genie bra at Walmart, seems comfy :).
I'm nervous about taking pain meds, last time I took them they made me sick and tired. I'd like to just stick with 800 mg ibuprofen. Ill ask the dr about that.
Anyone else having or had around 300-350 cc silicone over the muscle? Share your stories please!

Hurry up and get here April 11! I can't take it...

Hurry up and get here April 11! I can't take it :(
I'm not going to make it 3 more weeks!
A little worried about not working out after the surgery! I hope I love my body o much I won't feel the need to exercise ;)...or maybe I will just enjoy it! How long before you girls were back in the gym?

Just had my first mammogram today. Fun ;) sure not...

Just had my first mammogram today. Fun ;) sure not looking forward to that with implants! The ps did not require it but my insurance covered it so why not! It feels like the last few weeks have dragged on. I hope with spring break coming up the next two weeks fly by! I have my pre op tomorrow. Yeah!!! Looking forward to finalizing a size. Thinking 325 or 350. I am also anxious to here my post op instructions. I have red so many different things on here. From lying on your breasts 15 min each day to wearing no bra...taking all kinds of vitamins and pills to taking nothing but ibuprofen! Crazyness all over! I'm so ready to do this! I do not like my body now, I work way to hard at it in he gym to not like it. I can't wait to have curves up top to match my curves down below. I am ready for my boobs to stick out past my stomach :)))! Not vice versa :( later!

Here are my sizers. What do u think? I have 375cc...

Here are my sizers. What do u think? I have 375cc and 320cc. I think I need 320 but ps says 375! Don't want to be a D cup

Moving my surgery up to this Friday!! But can't...

Moving my surgery up to this Friday!! But can't decide 320 or 375?? I'd rather be smaller than big. I just want to be a c cup. Someone please help?? All 320 I look at look ok and some 375 look big to me. What do you think? 320 or 375???

I moved my surgery up! Friday is the big day. I...

I moved my surgery up! Friday is the big day. I finally decided on 320. I will like them and probably wish I went bigger but tat is ok! I need to be comfortable with them. As I workout for a living...I needed them to be lighter vs heavier. Going from an A cup, a C will feel big.
I am just excited! Not really nervous, I'm sure that will come. Ill post when I'm done with pics!

Please comment if you have a pic to help me decide!

Please comment if you have a pic to help me decide!

Not bad at all. They are a little sore but nothing...

Not bad at all. They are a little sore but nothing major. The nausea is the worst part. Haven't eaten yet. Tried a cracker and bite of banana but it
Didnt sit well. I am resting with some ice. Ill take pics soon. My first thought is they are not big...but look good. I sat in the waiting room early this morning thinking about asking if I could go up a size but I didn't. I felt comfortable with the 320's. so I guess a small c is better than a droopy A. :)

Well I'm sore today but doing good. Wayyyyy...

Well I'm sore today but doing good. Wayyyyy bloated!! :( sleeping was ok. Woke up twice. Gonna e a long 4 weeks on my back :(. I was able to shower after 24 hours so here is the pics. Freshly showered and coconut oiled up ;).

Well recovery has been great! Not too much pain....

Well recovery has been great! Not too much pain. Sleeping is tough but I have propped up lots of pillows on the couch and seem to manage.

I haven't taken any prescription pain meds...wasted $$ on that. :(

I finally started to loose some bloat today and had a bowel movement. Tmi ;). But really it sucks! I took Miralax for a few days before the surgery ad I still didnt go for 3 days. Awful!!

I think I did under estimate how much I can't do. :( I walked slowly with my kids at the park yesterday and my boobs got so hard and heavy. Then I came home and sat in the sun the rest of the day :). Laundry is piling up and messes around the house. I realize how much I actually do...and so does my hubby ;). How long till I can get back to doing stuff?? I don't want to do too much too early but I hate being "down".

The girls are still stiff and sore but I'm starting to like them :).

Anyone have a flutter tickle sensation? Also one...

Anyone have a flutter tickle sensation? Also one boob has sharp quick pain like contractions.....? Normal? And my husband also seems very distant. I know he hates any medical procedures but I think he is scared and afraid to look or touch . Any one else have these issues?

I'm 10 days out. Still doing good but I feel like...

I'm 10 days out. Still doing good but I feel like I have sensory nerves that are tender to touch on my breasts. Anyone else have that sensation? I took my steri strips off, incision looks good. I'm starting to be able to do things without feeling a pull in the chest. Mopped my floors ths morning.
I also tried on bras...36 C seems to fit well. I was 34 A. I am excited to shop :). I also am excited to work out soon. When did you start working out?
I'm massaging a lot, I think they have dropped. I wish they were bigger ;) but my hubby thinks they are big enough. I post pics from today :)

21 days post op! I feel good physically but my...

21 days post op! I feel good physically but my breast skin is so sensitive to touch. I have some sensory nerves waking up...that's what the doc said. I wish it would go away. It's like having a tooth pain from something to cold! Awful! Did anyone else have this?
My scars are a little tender too when a bra band sets on them.
All in all I am happy :)
Started working out this week. Slow, but I broke a sweat which is what I needed!
I have been starting to bra shop. I need to go get measured. Maybe next week. I was a 34 A now more like 36C .

I am 5 weeks post op. I feel good. PS gave me the...

I am 5 weeks post op. I feel good. PS gave me the go ahead and do and wear what I want. So I'm excited to lift weights again.

My left boob is a little different than my right. The left crease is not as strong so the boob looks lower. PS told me to wear a tight underwire for a few months to help reenforce the crease. Any one else have a crease issue??

Excited to wear fun bras :)) tried on at VS...34 D or DD depending on the coverage.

Post op 8 weeks! New pics

Well I'm recovering well. My left boob is still a little off but hope it settles on its own. I can finally lay on my stomach, pick up my kids, workout etc... I still have some skin numbness under my left boob and they still feel sore sometimes, but nothing like the first few weeks. I'm loving swimsuits now :). Shopping is fun!

I still worry about my medical health future but I'm soo glad I did this. I love having something up top :)

8 weeks post op

Take 2

Post op 5 months

Loving it! Seems so natural now, glad I did it

1 yr later

I can't believe it's almost been a year! They feel so natural and I wouldn't change a thing! :) worth every penny. Not to big not to small. :)

1 yr later

34 a to 34 D
Dr Wagner

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I just got 421cc overs moderate profile silicone. Did u find your breast size to change the first few months?
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I like the progression pics, they are great for anyone who gets the "what did I DO?" remorse when their breasts don't look how they expected at three days. They really do drop and fluff and yours look awesome!
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Yes! It can be scary. 6 months is needed to see full results :). Thanks
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I am wearing a 34 d or DD depending on the bra. I think they look small in my pics ;). Next time....lol
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They look great and natural! I just had my ba done 17 days ago. :) Thanks for sharing your story!
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Wow you look so natural! I love the size that you went with. I'm coming from a 34A and wanting a C cup also. It's great to hear you can lay in your stomach now! What does it feel like when you lay on them?
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It feels ok to lay on them. Since I've never had boobs, it's just different ;)
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They look natural and great! Who is your doctor?
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Thanks :)
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Thank you so much for sharing! My BA big day is coming up and I'm freaking out a little. :) You look great!
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Thanks! Hang in there, it's not too bad and way worth it!
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They do look very natural!
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Thanks. I wanted natural :)
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They look very natural!!! Congrats!!!
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You look sooo great! I have my consultation coming up in 2 weeks! I have not idea what I want but after seeing your pictures I may want overs! Thanks!!
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Thanks! Overs are not for everyone or every Dr. My ps said everyone has a unique situation and mine fit for overs. Good luck!
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They look great! When you started working out, what did you do? I can't wait to workout again, but I am afraid of doing too much. I really want to start running, but I know I have a few weeks before I can run again.
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Thanks! I've started walking at the gym on an incline. I also did some cycling and squats. No upper body or impact. I tried to jog...not ready for that! Good luck!
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My doctor cleared me to run at 4 weeks. I was told no golf or tennis for 3 months. I think she is most concerned about too much arm movement too soon.
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I was cleared at 5 weeks to resume all activities! Yeah :)
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I just went for my check up yesterday. I am 3 weeks, 2 days post op. I can start to run this weekend, but no weight lifting. We went over the exercises I like to do since some of them include working with kettlebells, and he told me which I could and couldn't do. His main concern seemed to be working with the chest muscles (which is totally understandable). It just took me a little by surprise that he doesn't want me doing pushups and planks. I didn't expect that, but totally understand and will definitely not be doing those :)
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They look great! I am 5 weeks post op and do have some of the sensitivity also. I have numbness in certain areas and it just feels weird to touch it. I REALLY hope it goes way!!! So your no alone. I haven't bought bras yet as I am still wearing the sports bra from my dr. At least for you went back to the gym, I haven't even tried that and I'm so scared!! Hopefully it won't be bad. Happy recovery!!
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You're looking great! I haven't had any skin sensitivity myself, I'm actually still quite numb. However the numbness moves around my boobs but the part that isn't numb at any given time isn't sensitive so I really can't give you any advice on that. Bra shopping is so much fun now! I went and got measured at 4 weeks but waiting till my 6 weeks to actually buy.
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