Finally on the road to recovery!

I am 24 years old. 5'4, 115lbs. I have wanted...

I am 24 years old. 5'4, 115lbs. I have wanted breast implants for as long as I can remember and finally made the decision to follow through with it! I have always said I would get them one day, but its pretty crazy to think that I am actually going to do it! I scheduled my surgery date for December 19th- only about 5 weeks away! I am so excited and nervous, of course.. and I have become completely obsessed with imagining what they are going to look like. I have been going back and forth with either 300 or 325cc's but told the surgeon to use whatever fits best.. I don't want to be too big! I have been doing research non-stop for a couple of months now and have learned so much but at the same time its making me a little paranoid after reading problems that others have come across. I am just praying that they will turn out OK and I will love them :).. well, duh :) Im looking forward to getting connected with other women on this site that have gone/ are going through the same thing as me! Will post pre-op pics soon

Put down my deposit on my surgery date, so its...

Put down my deposit on my surgery date, so its official! no going back now haha. I am so excited I can hardly stand it... It's literally all I think about, my family and boyfriend are getting so annoyed with my talking about them lol so I'm sure they are going to be just as excited when its all said and done. I can't believe I am changing my body for the rest of my life... I think sometimes my anxiety gets to me and I question whether or not its worth it.. Is that normal!? I just had to make the appointment and make it final so I could stop questioning myself. ah, so many emotions!

Already wanting to go bra shopping.. Ugh these 5...

Already wanting to go bra shopping.. Ugh these 5 weeks can't go by fast enough, even though the day will be here before I know it! I was wanting to go to a concert on NYE, any opinions on if that will be too early for a crazy night. I will only be like 11 days post op I don't want a bunch of people in a crowd elbowing my nice new boobies!

LOL can anyone tell I'm a rookie at this thing....

LOL can anyone tell I'm a rookie at this thing. I've double posted twice now..

This is so typical, but I was so concerned I was...

This is so typical, but I was so concerned I was gunna go to big and now I'm worried I'm going to get boob greed and wish I would have gone bigger. I egress luckily for me I don't have much of a choice since my doctor said he wouldn't go bigger than 325.. Still, I have been putting in my handy dandy rice sizes and I think I might wish they were bigger :/ lol well... after reading all the posts on this site, it seems like I would probably get boob greed no matter what size I get. Anyone have about the same stats as me that got 325ccs or something around that? Thanks to everyone for all the feedback! I'm in love with this site and all of the supportive women on here. It's so awesome to have this community to relate to!

Almost had an anxiety attack the other day as I...

Almost had an anxiety attack the other day as I came to the surreal realization that THIS IS HAPPENING! It all hit me at once and totally freaked me out. I started feeling guilty about spending all of this money.. and wondering why I feel the need to change my body. I've always wanted it but now I'm feeling ashamed that I am changing the way I am..shouldn't I be happy and accept my body the way it is? I think it was my nerves and anxiety getting to me. I have wanted this for as long as I can remember and I'm sure once it is all said and done I will be thrilled and loving them! Ah, I just can't wait to get it over with because I still have 3 long... very long, weeks ahead of me before surgery, and my guess is my anxiety is bound to get worse. Did anyone else go through this as their surgery date approached? Are you glad you went through with it? Thanks so much for the responses in advance :)

Officially less than two weeks away! Are you...

officially less than two weeks away! Are you kidding me?! AH.. I'm still not convinced that its really going to happen. I'm starting to think of everything I need to do before my surgery.. washing all of my bras, clothes and sheets, buying a new temporary sports bra... what else do I need?! Oh and I need a spray tan the day before, especially since I cant wear any makeup for surgery and I want to look nice and tan the first day I see my boobies. haha.... any suggestions for something cute AND comfy to wear on the day of surgery? What else do I need to do in order to prep before the big day? WOW.. so close (yet so far away). I will be working every day for the next week, which absolutely sucks.. but maybe it will make time go by faster and take my mind of things. Thanks to everyone that has responded on my page I really love hearing from you guys! Share anything and everything you can haha I want to hear it all!!

Man, I have been working so hard lately days have...

man, I have been working so hard lately days have been flying by. I'm now 8 days away from surgery and I am already losing sleep. I was given a long list of medicines NOT to take before or after surgery so i am hesitant to take any sort of sleep aid. I have read a lot of women that said they got anti-anxiety medicine before their surgery and I am praying for that. I am such a nervous, anxious person and I can't even imagine how crazy I am going to be the day of! Ha... With all of that said.. I am SOO excited!! I was getting so giddy yesterday thinking that next week I will have BOOBS!! I can't even picture my body with boobies and have NO clue what to expect. From seeing all the before and afters I have realized that you never know what you are going to get. Hopefully mine don't turn out funky and hard looking.. yikes. I trust my PS though, obviously haha... I have never wanted to get something over with so badly and I just cant wait to be done with surgery and on the road to recovery! One week from tomorrow WOOHOO!!!!

5 days from now I will be walking in to the...

5 days from now I will be walking in to the hospital for my surgery! I have been so nervous that I think my nerves reached a peak, because now I am just ready and feeling excited. reading about people experience going into the surgery room really helps mentally prepare me. I feel like I know exactly what will happen and its comforting to know that you are out so quickly lol. Hopefully I will get some anti-anxiety pills when I get there. Off topic a little, and this might sound ridiculous haha.. but is anyone else worried about December 21st?? I want to enjoy my boobies for longer than 2 days!! LOL. Ugh, I'm a freak I worry about everything.

Anyways, Has anyone done a BA with the 24 hour rapid recovery program? I am hoping that since my doctor is doing that, I won't have too much swelling or bruising and they will look close to normal when I get out. If you have done this, let me know how your recovery process was! I still need to buy some sports bras too.. any recommendations on good supportive post-op bras? I guess I should get size Medium? Oh and I can't believe I have to go in with absolutely NO makeup. Omg... I'm going to look beautiful for my boyfriend fresh out of surgery haha... Well. I can't wait for the day when I am getting on her to post my post-op pics!!! Going to Chicago a couple days for some shopping- that should keep my mind off of it for a little while at least. WEDNESDAY IS THE BIG DAY!

BTW I am gettin Mentor silicone 325ccs moderate...

BTW I am gettin Mentor silicone 325ccs moderate plus profile under the muscle

4 days out. I've got the day off and work the next...

4 days out. I've got the day off and work the next 3 days until my surgery so I am going to try and grab some sports bras. Also did some major shopping yesterday so I'm hoping the girls will fit in everything... Did anyone have to get rid of any tops? I would be so sad if I had to retun these shirts! lol btw I loveeee clothes (was a fashion major) So getting rid of my clothes is painful for me to think about! Haha. BUT on the other hand, one more excuse to go shopping? LOL... on that note, still dont know what to wear to the recovery room.. yoga pants and a zip up hoodie I guess would be best. Now I'm just rambling about dumb stuff.... so i guess i'll go eat breakfast haha, til next time!

Some SERIOUS nerves kicked in last night......

Some SERIOUS nerves kicked in last night... Leaving me sleepless (before a long day of work-awesome). I thought my anxiety was high before but last night I was getting legit scared. I have a fear of something going wrong while I'm under the anesthesia.. And that's pretty much all I'm scared of and I know that won't happen so I just need to chill, but dont know how! Just a little over 24 hours to go and MAN I cannot wait for it to be over with, these nerves are killing me!!

Less than 12 hours. It's feeling very feel and I...

Less than 12 hours. It's feeling very feel and I have so many emotions it's exremely overwhelming!! I am lucky to have the people I love taking me there and supporting me. And so grateful to this website for getting me through this whole experience!! Everyone's posts have meant so much! Can't wait to give my first post-op date tomorrow!!! :D

Feeling very real*

Feeling very real*

Officially on the other side of boobie land!!!...

Officially on the other side of boobie land!!! Things went really well, I was so nervous going in but I was out so quick and awake before I knew it. Woke up in pain and my chest is still extremely tight but the arm stretches help. I wasn't supposed to sleep more than a couple hours after I got home but I feel like ive been resting all day, I am SO tired. Also, I have been very nauseous and have gotten sick, and the worst part is I have thrown up all the food I've eaten. I took a peak and I am so happy with the size!! They are just very high and swollen so I can't wait for them to drop! Other than the nausea I think the pain is pretty bearable, I've taken one Ibuprofen (spelling?) I will post pics tomorrow!!! Anyone know how/ if I am supposed to take care of the incisions? I will call the doctor tomorrow. Thanks again for all of the support and comments! :) so glad to be over with the surgery

Woke up in the middle of the night feeling tight...

Woke up in the middle of the night feeling tight but not so bad. I have full range of motion in my arms and have been raising and stretching them pretty often. Im going to wake up and shower in the morning and I can't wait to see what they look like naked! They feel a little further a part than I want so hopefully they will come together once they drop and soften up a little bit-- any conformations from personal experience?

So I woke up this morning expecting really bad...

So I woke up this morning expecting really bad morning boob but was pleasantly surprised to find out that my tightness or soreness hadn't changed much. I was immediately able to stretch my arms. Took a percocet and got in the shower which felt really nice. I was able to wash my hair and everything pretty easily. but woah! It was so crazy seeing myself with those boobs! They are so high and tight though, so it is hard to gauge what they will look like. But definitely happy with the size and so glad I went through with it! I can't believe my journey is coming to an end- I have been anticipating this for so long and now its here! It's the beginning of a whole new journey though and I am very excited about it. Can't wait til they settle and I can look sexy in some lingerie for my boy ;) lol

I think I am going to try to stay as active as possible today. Going to walk on the treadmill (very slowly) for maybe 20 minutes and hopefully go out to dinner tonight with my boyfriend. Yesterday was our anniversary and we have a tradition of going to the same restaurant every year so I am sad that I wasn't feeling up to that last night. I am supposed to go back to work tomorrow but honestly I am worried I won't be able to. I will call and talk with them today about it.
My right breast is a little higher than my left and I can see some bruising around the incision. It was my smaller one so It could have taken a little extra finessing to get that one in. Idk? Anyways, I am thrilled and can't keep a smile off of my face every time I look in a mirror. So happy that my dream is finally a reality and everything I have been hoping for has finally came true!-- really I have been wanting this foreverrr. I will continue to update on my progress! Have a great day.

So it's 4 in the morning, I woke up in the middle...

So it's 4 in the morning, I woke up in the middle of the night and just took my Valium, other than the occasional waking up I have been sleeping pretty well. Yesterday was a little rough. I was feeling very achey and sore, especially on my sides and back.. Is that normal? My side seem very swollen and im having some pain around my incision. I haven't noticed any dropping really although my left breast feels a little softer at the top. I am a little worried since I was supposed to get the "rapid recovery" program. I admit I haven't been as active as I should be so I am going to try and move around a little more tomorrow. No problems with stretching and raising my arms though, just having a hard time sitting myself up and feeling extremely tight across my chest. Hope to feel better tomorrow!!

Feeling much better today, been moving around and...

Feeling much better today, been moving around and trying to stay a little more active. Still tight but the pain is not nearly as bad. It's still freaking me out how high up they are- mini frankenboobs!! Ahh! :[] lol just can't wait for them to drop so I can tell what they look like for real. Also, they are seeming really far apart! Is this normal in the beginning when they are really stiff?

First of all.. Merry Christmas to everyone!! So...

first of all.. Merry Christmas to everyone!! So blessed :) Tomorrow will mark 1 week post op for me. I am doing well and am only getting sore by the end of the day. Sleeping is starting to become very annoying as I am mostly a stomach sleeper. Last night I just kept wanting to roll over. I got my first no-wire NO PADDED bra yesterday and it is a 32D although I think when I get measured I will be a 30DD or 30D. the strap is a little wide. They definitely don't look like D's though! (which for me is a good thing) I think they fit my body perfectly and I couldn't be happier with the size. I had my first post-op yesterday and started my massages. While doing my massages in the mirror yesterday I noticed a very slight dent near my cleavage and am hoping that it is part of the settling process and will go away. Has anyone experienced this in early stages of recovery?? Other than that I am doing great and am finally noticing some settling.. They are no longer up to my collarbone lol. I was so giddy in the mirror trying on my bra and different tops! Loving them!!!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and happy holidays. So thankful for this website and this great online community!! xxx

So its been about 6 weeks since my surgery and I...

so its been about 6 weeks since my surgery and I am really started to notice some changes in my breasts. They are definitely "dropping and fluffing"... and they have become so much softer! I am in LOVE with them. I can't stop starring at them lol.. I am sooooo glad I did this for myself. I have wanted it for so long and it feels like a dream to finally have them. I am proud of myself for going through with it. I cant wait to go lingerie shopping for Valentine's day haha.... and bikini shopping!! They are really starting to feel like my own, and I couldnt have picked a better size. Over the moon!!! :)

Over 1 year post op

It's been about about 1 yr 3 months since my breast augmentation. I seriously couldn't be happier with the results, it was SO worth it! I was scared and nervous but wow... I am glad I went through with it!! They feel extremely soft and real, so I'm also very happy with my decision to go with silicon. There is a little rippling on my right breast when I lean over, but hey I knew that was a possibility going in. All in all, a great experience. Loving my new body :)

Scars 1 yr out

Just wanted to share what the scarring looks like under the fold after 1 year :)
Dr. Fata

Dr. Fata did an amazing job on my breast augmentation, I truly could have not asked for a better result. His calm, laid back manner was always comforting and reassuring and his staff is beyond helpful and kind. I chose Dr. Fata because of his great before and after photos as well as his fantastic patient reviews, and I am so happy with my choice. He and his staff made it an easy, enjoyable and fun experience and I cannot imagine having a better experience!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I absolutely LOVE your results!! We are just about the same in stats (before your surgery;) ) I am actually hoping for a 400cc mod+ profile. I saved your 1 year post op pics as a reference for my consult/ pre op coming up in October. Your story sounds exactly like all the things that have been running through my head. And it was very helpful for me. Love love love!! Thanks for sharing!
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i see you mentioned a small dent after one week, i think i have a small dent im 12 days post, did yours go away? what was it exactly! 1 year on and yours do look so good! maybe im just worrying too much
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I too have a small dent and im 2 days post op. Did yours go away??
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Love your story!! I hope mine look as good as yours :) Do you feel completely back to "normal" at 6 weeks, like lifting items, exercising, sleeping, etc?
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Hi!!Your story is so good,I enjoyed reading it!!!You look absolutely wonderful!!!Thank you!!!
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Hi there! Thanks for sharing your story and the photos. Just wondered how the dropping was going now that you are a few months out? I am just 3 days post op, about the same size as you and went with the 325 silicone unders as well. Mine are definitely riding high and very tight right now..... desperately hoping they soften up and lower some!
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Hi! Congrats :) sorry for the delayed response. Mine were very high and right as well, 2-3 months out is when I really started noticing a tremendous difference in the way the felt. Now 6 months out they are perfectly settled and very soft- they almost feel real!! You'll get there before you know it! :)
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Did your dent go down or away 6days out and I have that same dent and i so freaking out!
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Yes it is totally gone!! Thank goodness!! Has yours gone away too? Best wishes xxx
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Hi girl! You look great! I just wondered if you are still wearing the same size bra you wore when you did your Christmas Day update? I am so anxious to know what my final result will be....just want to fast forward this painful tight boobies stage...
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Thanks! I'm not sure because I wore sports bras 24/7! But tried on a bra a couple of weeks ago and so far I am the same size! Good luck to you :)
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Did your dent go away ...I have one too and I'm really freaking out!
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I believe so! Maybe even bigger... I'm a pretty solid 32DD
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Did your doctor end up going with 325cc?
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Yep! I think it was the perfect size for me
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They look amazing!! You picked the perfect size for you, I'm planning on getting around the same size if not the same, but high profile since I'm starting off smaller lol
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Wow! They look so real! I love them. I'm liking mine now, but now I can't wait for week six!
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You look absolutely fabulous! Glad everything is going well for you.
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Aw - you look awesome!! Thanks for posting new pics! This Wednesday will be 6 weeks for me. =)
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Congrats! You look great! I can't wait to get to the six week point!!!! Can you tell me if you needed a bigger cup size after dropping and fluffing a little?
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Look great :). I'm glad I did it too and love them!
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How are you feeling?!
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How are you doing?! How was the rapid recovery and what did it consist of? Thanks! xoxo
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Completely jealous! Your's turned out great! I hope mine will look similar! Hope you're still doing well.
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