Fraxel Gave Me Long Term Damage - Indianapolis, IN

I had fraxel laser done in November 2008 to...

I had fraxel laser done in November 2008 to address some shallow scarring on my face. My settings were 35mj/8density/8passes. I did a lot of research and asked my doctor about the negative side effects and I was assured this was a safe procedure. She also told me that it would help me with my melasma so I decided to do it. I have been living in regret since that day. I have been left with bad/rough skin texture (as if my pores doubled in size), and I have terrible discoloration on my face, it looks as if my face is 5 shades darker than my neck. I also now have severely dry and dehydrated skin and weird bumps everywhere. The scarring is now more noticeable than it was before. I am devastated by the results of this laser, I wish I didn’t have it done.


sadly i also have had the same results and am devastated. .
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Lily how are you now ?
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Fraxel laser ( fractional method ) Palomer non ablative laser ( brand and type) Destroyed my life . There are so many cases on here. I wish to god I read these before I got it done.
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