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I have always had asymmetrical breasts, even since...

I have always had asymmetrical breasts, even since puberty. Having 3 children and breast feeding only made matters worse. I had a 2-3 cup size difference. My right was too large and left too small. After meeting with 4 different plastic surgeons with 4 different opinions I finally found a surgeon who I felt comfortable with and who shared my ideas. The others were only interested in what they thought was best, not what I wanted. Dr. Fata and his staff have been wonderfully helpful. On 12-5-2012 I had corrective surgery to reduce/lift my right breast and lift/augment my left breast. I was very nervous as I have never had surgery before. My surgery lasted around 4 hours and recovery time was around 3 but with anesthesia it felt like 1 hr to me :) The results were immediate. Lying in recovery the doctor came back and I heard him say "it already looks better," without a bra on! I've never been able to go without a bra and padding on my left side. It's amazing now, I can go without a bra!!! I feel so much more confident. They are not symmetrical and probably never will be, but they are leaps and bounds better then they ever have been. I went from old woman boobs to being in my 20s again! My only issues with surgery was post op I was very nauseous. I am very sensitive to any kind of medicine and when taking the nausea meds, I would just throw them up as well. I went almost 12 hours before I could hold anything down-which means no pain meds. Once I stopped vomiting, I was just very tired. I slept for almost 3 days solid. Any small movement caused pain and discomfort. The third day of pain medicine I started itching very badly. Apparently this was related to taking the pain medicine. So I stopped taking them, and relied on just ibprofen. That was a mistake-pain got to be unbearable. I had to start taking pain meds again, just half at a time. So once that was under control things were going great. My nipple sensation is still not returned. My left nipple is hypersensitive and my right is numb. I can feel sensation all around on my breast but once you touch the areola or nipple, sensation is gone. I'm hoping this will change with time. I am very glad I had this procedure done. Even though things aren't perfect I would take the way they are now over the way the were any day.

You look great! Did you get a lift on both sides and an implant only on the smaller side?? I also have asymmetry and I'm trying to figure out what the best way to correct would be with the least complications.
Yes I got a lift/aug on the smaller side and a lift/reduction on the larger. Overall I am happier with them then they were previously. However, knowing what I know now I would have not gotten the aug and just gotten a larger reduction. With an implant on only one side, symmetry is impossible. At the time all I was concerned with was the size and did not figure into the equation that with an aug there is more protrusion and more upper breast volume. They are still asymmetrical but are much better then previously. If you will be happy with the smaller breast after a lift I would consider just reducing the larger side to match. Once you are healed if that size is not large enough you could then have an aug, and then they would have the same size implant as well. Just try to be happy with whatever result you get. Beauty is whatever value you assign to it. Asymmetry is normal! I think only in drastic cases, such as mine, should surgery even be considered. Natural is beautiful!!!!
Thank you for the response! I am going back and forth between getting a lift and implant in one side and lift/reduction in the other, like you did, or getting a lift and implants in both, or just getting a lift in both and reduction in one side. My breasts are very asymmetrical, if you click my profile picture it should bring you to a picture. I am uncertain on what I should do because I've never really considered being bigger or smaller, I've always been okay with my size.. I just hate being so uneven.
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