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6 Weeks Post Op Tummy Tuck...Best Decision I Ever Made! - Crown Point, IN

ON November 20th I had a full tummy tuck and lipo....

ON November 20th I had a full tummy tuck and lipo. (I am a 41 yr old female)After a year of research and comtemplation I finally felt ready for this surgery. I had lost 22lbs and in the past have had 2 c sections (2very large babies almost 10lbs each!) and had huge gap in fascia covering muscles so it appeared I had a pot belly, as well as extra skin and overhang on lower abdoman. This drove me crazy and was very hard trying to fit clothing as the rest of me is fairly fit and athletic.

THe surgery went great and I went home the same day. I did not have a pain pump but my phsycian left fluid inside of me to help keep me numb for some time. The pain was well controlled at all times and I made the hour drive home the same day and even up two flights upstairs to recooperate. THe drains were uncomfortable but not nearly as bad as I had imagined. More of a nuiscance then pain really. I had them removed at about 10 days post op.

INsicion pain was really not present at all, most pain is discomfort in muscles that are repaired in upper abdoman (for me)..and spasming at times when I tried to do to much or move alot. I was able to attend my families Thanksgiving just 4 days post op. Though I was medicated highly :)

There really was never any time I regretted my decision and I am thrilled to death now with my decision and my results. Swelling was bad the first week (though I didnt really care so much at the time) but even then I could see the big difference in my body shape. I can now actually see my six pack!! Its insane being able to buy all new clothes even my shirts no longer fit properly because my tummy stuck out on top from muscle seperation due to pregnancy and it is completely flat..(Woo hoo!!) I would do it again in a heartbeat, and I am just six weeks post op.

I would say the worst for me was the post op visits (I had 3) where my dr removed drains (that didnt hurt) but had to drain some other areas in my stomach and abdoman that had fluid build up. It wasn't excruciating but it just kind of made me uncomfortable. Other than that all went well.

I still cant sleep on my tummy yet, as top muscles still are "stiff"...or lift alot. But I spent probably 40 hours walking and doing holiday shopping within 2 weeks after surgery. You just have to know your body and when to stop if you are doing to much.

If anyone out their is considering it, please dont just read all of the horror stories out their it really isn't that bad, especially as compared to a C section. Though be aware of complications and choose your doctor wisely and be sure you have great trust with them.

I will try to get some before/after pics posted soon. It is amazing! I went down a clothing size right away (getting to wear jrs clothes!!)and they are now sagging on me as well..I am so happy I made this decision it really is life changing. I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Photo Update

Dr Demetrios Katsoros

Dr K is the best! He takes so much time with you for each and every visit. He answers every questions shows pictures, examples and explains medically why/ how things can be done. Great bedside manner as well as the rest of his office staff I just love and place great trust in their skills and decisions.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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Hi, do you have any other pictures of the incision or your belly button? I'm looking for a close doctor and your results look awesome!
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Thank u so much for all the helpful info! I really appreciate it!
I'm so glad to hear that the pain is tolerable! You
Give me' so much hope & peace of mind. I look pretty much now like Ur b4 pics. U look amazing now! I hope I look that good soon! I thnk about it all the time.
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Actually I did not have a pain pump, I don't want to misquote but whatever he put inside of me during surgery was some type of local numbing solution that wears off in about a week (I think?) so you don't need to take as much pain medication. I was amazed by it actually. I did take hydrocodone probably 2 every 4-6 hrs the first day or so and it controlled pain very well for me. I easily reduced that to one and sometimes just took tylenol 3. I also requested a some valium and it helped me (only took occasionally and mostly later in healing after I was off most pain meds it helped deal with mild muscle spasms, nothing extremely bad just tightening of muscles). Honestly I remember having 2 c-sections and it was really rough walking the same day. I am still amazed that I walked up two flights of stairs (slowly of course) to stay at a friends just a couple hours after surgery. The pain was not in the incision site at all, like I had imagined it would be. You will do just fine and this type of surgery is also nice because you actually feel your belly is gone right away, even with bandages I felt much smaller. As far as pain meds, I felt the pain was very controlled and at no time did I feel in terrible pain. Good luck to you on your surgery. I think you will be thrilled with your results, seriously I took a year to get the courage up for the surgery and I am so glad I did it. As far as the pain pump Im not sure, I know they help with pain alot, I had one after c section and it worked well. I am not sure how mobile they are.Also, make sure you have some kind of recliner to sit in the first few days. I spent most of my time in one and it really helped me getting up and down and being able to elevate feet and dangle them.
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You look great! Glad it went so well for u! I'm having mine In feb.
I see you had the pain pump, would you do
That again or just have the pain pills?
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Thank you! I feel great, it is so nice to be able to button pants up and wear shirts I never could wear because of stomach roll. I also have noticed (its now been 9 months) that I have much greater endurance for cardio excercises. Before I could hardly run (which I have wanted to do but my body just could not handle it from where the excess fat was located it was rough on breathing) and now I can jog and even run, which I did in my teens. I am still pretty paranoid though that the fat will come back, and find myself grabbing at times or maybe looking in the mirror to much to make sure its still flat.I don't want to waste this chance to start over and keep my body as healthy as I can.
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You look fabulous....what a difference.
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I've been Meaning to call you!! LOVE Dr. Kasaros!! I went to see him yesterday for my 20 day post op! I told him how Fabulous you're looking and he just smiled! Don't you love how much time he takes to speak to you? He never rushes you EVER!!:) You are just too cute now! thanks for your help
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I've also been thinking about you! Sounds like you are doing well!! Feel free to call me any time I'd love to see how your doing and I'm sure your looking fabulous. Are are your tubes removed and the worst is over I am sure! Yes Dr K is wonderful...love him!
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Did u have a vertical & horizontal scar? Look great!
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Thanks! Do you mean from C section scar? No my scar was lower scar (horizontal) on my tummy. Tummy tuck removes c section scar and is a bit lower. Had lots of stretch marks before and major muscle (fascia) seperation before surgery on top half of umbilicus that doesnt show up well in before picture here but seriously it was way out their like Winnie the Pooh belly kind of (lol) before muscles were repaired.
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I am hope to be getting a TT/breast lift on june 1st. I wanted to do a Breat Cancer 2 day walk 2.5 months post op. What do you think? I would have to start walking before to get ready for it. I walk but nothing like that. 26 miles the first day. what do you think?

I one other question did any one have a pain pump? my PS said he would use this?
I love all this info on this web site. I am VERY nervouse but this helps to talk it out.
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Hello, I am not sure about the recovery for the breast lift but as far as the tummy tuck, right now I am almost 3 months post-op and to be honest I don't think I could do 26 miles (probably not ever..lol). I still have some soreness in muscles, nothing excruciating however if I do to much I become sore and actually want to go home and put my compression garment on and still do when I clean house or strenous activity. After a few hours of standing I get a little sore. HOnestly, I think that would be pushing it. I have foolishly done a few things I know I shouldn't have (was given clearance to excercise but no "twisting").. however anything that involved jumping seems to hurt. I shoveled snow after this blizzard we had a couple weeks back and lifted something heavy at a store and both times I paid for it dearly and had pain I know was directly caused from overdoing it. Phycially I have so much energy and want to run, jump on the trampoline and other aerobic type workouts but it still seems to hurt and so I had to taper back on that. It is mostly the upper muscles that will be sore not so much the insicion or lower stomach at all. When I do to much or even walk alot my stomach becomes rock hard and at that point I did have some spasms when I would overdo it. Ask your doctor but still do listen to your body and don't try to finish the walk if your hurting it will only set you back to full recovery. The TT, I still would do it again in a heartbeat and have not had a single moment (even post op) that I regretted my decision. Just take your pain meds as directed and don't try to be a hero and wait for them to wear off and you will be fine. In regards to pain pump I never had one! My physician left a local anesthesia inside my abdominal incision and let it drain out slowly with the drains, I felt no pain at my incision almost at all for a very long time (weeks!)! I had more soreness in muscles on top than anything and Vicodan took care of the pain along with valium to help with muscle spasms. I have had a pain pump after c-sections in the past and they were the "bomb'..though honestly I did not feel the need for any more pain medication at any time after TT. Best of luck to you and I'm sure you will look wonderful keep us posted with pictures!!:)
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WOW!! LOOKIN GOOD!!! Glad to hear all went well!! Thanks for posting pics and sharing your story!
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I'm using the Same DR March 5. I hope that I'm looking just as Fab.. I'm Scared You know what "Less" LOL.. Thanks for any updates! Did you do anything to prepare ? I ask because we're down to 3 weeks, I thought that I was supposed to be doing Something (IE.. taking Iron Pills.. or Detoxing my body) I have no idea so I can't pretend that I do. the REceptionist just says that I will be getting a call 4 days or so before. Like thats it? :) you look terrific!
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I had the same surgery (plus umbilical hernia repair) on Oct. 15, so I am about a month ahead of you in the healing process. I know the recovery process is lengthy. I still have swelling as well, and it is mostly above the incision line. I feel like the lipo was much more invasive than the tummy tuck. I still am tender and sore where that was done (hips and flank area) and feel like it is a little swollen in those spots too. My p.s. told me that I will see improvement for months. I still wear my "girdle" because I feel more comfortable with it on. I would definately talk to your dr., but my guess is that your body is healing and that most of the swelling will resolve itself within the next 3-4 months. Good luck!
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I have just one problem that is concerning me now. My love handle areas on both sides of hips are swollen given a big of a strange appearance. Both sides were "drained" (by needle aspiration via ultrasound) during my last office visit two weeks ago and were flat when I left the office. I am not scheduled for another visit for a week but am hoping this is just fluid accumulation but not sure if this area can be "drained" at such a later time after surgery or if this is just swelling that will subside. It was great after I left office. I have been trying to wear my support girdle more to help smooth this out. Is this common? This area is right above the incision on or near my hip bones and one side is visibly more swollen then the other. Any suggestions or has anyone had this experience? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!
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Big babies can just destroy your abs. :( They're worth it, I guess. :) I'm glad you were able to do this for yourself though, and that you had such a positive experience. You really got out there and did a lot soon after surgery. Much more than most women.

Thanks so much for posting on RealSelf. I'm looking forward to seeing your before and after photos.

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