Tummy Tuck 2 1/2 Years Later ~Still Lovin' the Flat Side @ age 55 in Indiana

I'm 52 years old. 5ft 11in 135 pounds. Had my...

I'm 52 years old. 5ft 11in 135 pounds. Had my first child at age 16. All my stretched skin is from that pregnancy. Just the way i carried him. All out in the front Had my second at age 20 and third at 29. First two I gained less than 25 pounds but the last one I gained 55-60 pounds. Was back to my pre pregnacy weight within 3 months.

My stomach has looked like a road map since age 16. But now I have a muffin top. That's why I want this tt. Smooth stomach and no muffin top. I had my pre op appointment January 31. Started my vitamins on the 3rd. Now just waiting for the day.

Surgery date has changed to Feb. 27th.

surgery date has changed to Feb. 27th.
The 27th is almost here. I'm excited but also a bundle of nerves. I'm more afraid of the surgery part than the healing part. I've been taking the vitamins given to me for longer than expected because of my date being changed. I start the bromelain tomorrow. I've been exercising hard since the first of January and eating healthy. Hoping this helps. Over the weekend I have a job assessment which is added stess. I also plan on cleaning, cooking and getting my recovery area all set up. I'll try to check in before we leave. Have to be there at 7:15 am surgery is for 8.
I'm excited and very nervous. With reading comments on this website I now realize that it's a normal feeling. Wish I could post some pictures but I only have an iPhone at the moment and can't. Thank you for your comment. I'm going to need some support to get through this.

Say bye bye to that muffin top!   You are going to love the new you!!

Keep posting your updates for us and also some before and after pictures if you have them.   How exciting the 27 th will be here quickly.  


Total cost is $9500 with lipo to the flanks.

Total cost is $9500 with lipo to the flanks.

Just a few hours till surgery. I have had a very...

Just a few hours till surgery. I have had a very relaxed calm feeling all day. Surprising since I have been a nervous reck. I have been very busy doing all the last minutes things. Now that I'm just sitting here I feel some nerves coming on. I probably won't sleep much if any. It's 10:30 pm and will leave at 6:15. Surgery is for 8am. So glad I have found this website. I feel like I know what to expect now. I'll post tomorrow if I can. If not in a few days. Oh I just realized I put my height as 5' 11". I'm actually 5' 8".

I did it. Home amd resting. Actually not feeling...

I did it. Home amd resting. Actually not feeling to bad. Having some discomfort like pulling tightness in the stomach. PS told hubby muscle was repaired from top to bottom. Surgery was 3 hours. I woke up actually feeling pretty alert. Had to wait little over an hour for the epidural to wear off. Need to nap now.

Hurray!!   Your home and doing well.  Now your job is to stay medicated and rest.  And keep up on the fluids!


One day post op. Little more pain today. Feel it...

One day post op. Little more pain today. Feel it the most when I get up to go to the bathroom. Also had to get in and out of the car and make a long walk going to my post op appointment. PS says I can shower but I'm not ready yet. No one sees me but my hubby. Only people I told besides my husband is my daughter who has thought about getting a tummy tuck but is to scared and my sister in law. She had her breast done at the same place. They took off my bandages today. The garment stays on and the tubes come out next Tuesday. :(
Was hopeing sooner since there really hasn't been much drainage. Maybe if it really slows down I'll call and get lucky. Yesterday I woke up from surgery at 11. Didn't
fall back to sleep till 6:30. That when I did 2 pain pulls. Slept till 7 am. Haven't been back to sleep yet today. It's 12:30. Started eating lighter foods yesterday. Little more today. Overall doing good except for getting up and down. I really try to use my arms and legs. That does help.

Day 2 post op. Sleep at night had been really good...

Day 2 post op. Sleep at night had been really good just not in the daytime. I was never one who could nap in the day anyways. Yesterday I was feeling a burning pinching around the belly button and lower right stomach muscle. Today I woke up feeling pinching and tighness in the incision. Yesterday my back was killing me. I had exercised to straighten it and it didn't matter. This morning it does feel better. I think my hips from the lipo more than the stomach did. Will post later how my day went.

I have tried to change to "Worth...

I have tried to change to "Worth It"
several times but for some reason it won't update.
Definely worth it!!
Liddysue. I had 3 kids and never had an epidural. It was an option. I was told that it helped with the pain that day. I also had the drug in iv to keep me asleep instead of the gas. He said everyone does better with these two options. I didn't feel slot of pain the day of surgery. Yesterday day 1 post op. it hurt to get in and out of chair and back hurt. Today my hips are very
tender from the lipo. if I'm sitting still my stomach don't hurt at all. I'm still doing 1 pain pill every 4 hours.
I know you're excited! So happy you are done! Rest up and keep us posted!
Thanks Houston6328. Love your southern most
pic. My son and daughter in law live there. Just glad the surgery is done. I was more scare of that then the healing part.

Day 3 post op. When I'm just sitting in the...

Day 3 post op. When I'm just sitting in the chair getting up only to use
the bathroom I feel great. Hubby just gave me my first bath. That wore me out. I couldn't wait to get back to my chair. Although it does feel good
I have decided no more baths till these tubes are out. They are a pain. He also put my new binder on which feels so much tighter than the one I just took off. Now I wish I could have a bowel movement. Since I have been eating pretty good since the day of surgery I feel bloated. My hips are yellow in color which I guess is good. They feel like they are black and blue.
If those are options for me - I don't know about them yet. Guess I'll find out in the morning!!!

Make sure that you don't push yourself.  I know it's hard to be down but this is all temporary.  Soon you will be off and running the full 2000 MPH woman's schedule again.


Day 4 post op. Yesterday after the shower I...

Day 4 post op. Yesterday after the shower I swelled a little. I took a pain pill an hour before them in afternoon I took an iburprofen in the afternoon. Later to realized I was told to take only acetaminophen. At bed I took one cephalexin to help me sleep. I'm going to take the acetaminophen in the day and the cephalexin only at bed. Back feels better and I'm standing more straight today. Definenty feeling the tightness in my stomach today. I continue to put ice packs on my back and my incision. I get up every hour to go to the bathroom, get ice packs or go to the kitchen. Been drinking alot. Water, pineapple juice and coconut water. My drains haven't been putting out much since day 2. They are scheduled to come out on Tuesday. Can't do alot without getting tired. Usually by heart tells me time to go back to the chair. Yay! Had a bowel movement this morning. Ended up doing 2 stool softners yesterday then used a suppository to help it along. That feels so much better!!

Oops. Picked up the wrong bottle. The cephalexin...

Oops. Picked up the wrong bottle. The cephalexin is my antibiotics. I'm taking oxycodone for pain.
I was there Tuesday less than 24 hours after surgery. I told my husband that I probably scared the women in the waiting room. They probably changed their minds. I looked like hell, hunched over and felt like I was going to get sick. The car ride made me nauseous. I was literally shaking when I got there before surgery. Never been so scare in my life. Had my kids natually. Only other surgery was a d&c in 2008. The things they say helps ease the nerves. You are in very good hands. Best of luck!
Hey there, looking good!! Happy healing :) Who knows we might bump into each other in the surgery center for after care and not know it ,lol
Hi ckul, good to see ur doing well, sound like ur healing pretty good, continue to keep us posted!

Day 6 post op. Yesterday my back was really...

Day 6 post op. Yesterday my back was really hurting. Not sure if that's from the epidural lipo or being hunched over. Continue to ice 20 min on 1 hour off. Otherwise a pretty good day.
Today woke up feeling good then a had a coughing spell. Oh my god. That burned so bad it made me break a sweat and shake. Thought I was going to pass out. That caused blood in one of my drainage tubes to turn very dark. Never had it that color before. Called PS he said that happens if irritation occurs just to make sure hose doen't plug up. Back is feeling better but still hunched over. Up walking often. Not much drainage. Can't wait till they come out Tuesday. Hopefully!
Lol, I don't think you scared anybody :) I am not looking forward to the car ride for my first preop, but I have surgery on Friday and don't go until Monday, so I have a few days. I have never had surgery either, so I have no idea what to expect! Thank goodness for this site! Take care

Day 8 post op. Yesterday my daughter came over...

Day 8 post op. Yesterday my daughter came over after work to help me with a shower. I don't think i could of gotton into the binder by myself I washed my hair in the sink by myself. That didn't work out to well. Sprayed water all over. Hard to bend over. Still hunched and my back is the only thing that bothers me only when I'm on my feet. Belly has some wierd feelings going on but I would think that is normal healing. Have my second post op appointment this morning. Hoping the drains come out. I went to sleep last night without the pain meds. I do plan to take one before my appointment this morning just in case it hurts when the drains come out. :-(

Yay!! The drains are out. That was a strange...

Yay!! The drains are out. That was a strange feeling. Like a snake moving around. Nurse just kept telling me to breath, like when your in labor. Also removed the stitches from my new belly button. My lower back still hurts when walking so PS made an appointment for a free back massage next week before I see him again. Can't wait for that! He also said I should be up moving around which I have been all along. Just no exercise or lifting over 5 pounds.
Thanks mommy of triplets. That post op pic was just 23 hours after surgery so a liitle grose. Good luck at your appointment tomorrow. I was given vitamins and a couple other supplements to take for swelling. I would highly recommend coconut water to help keep you hydrated and balance your electrolytes. Also protein drinks. PS made me stop mine about a week before surgery because I realized it had chai seeds in it with is like an omega 3. No omega 3 supplements 2 weeks before surgery. Started it again after surgery.
Your tummy is looking great already! Congrats! Keep us posted :)

Day 9 post op. Been a stressful day. So no sleep...

Day 9 post op. Been a stressful day. So no sleep and cant eat. I was able to relax and rest my eyes for a couple hours after being a wake 35 1/2 hours. After resting I got up and had a bowl of fresh veggies and a glass of lemon water. I also took my first shower by myself. My back feels so much better today. Pain not completely gone but alot better. Also standing almost straight. Ps says I can drive. I'm out in the booneys there no short drive. So I'm not sure if I'm ready yet. Getting better each day.
Poor thing CKUL :(
Why did this happen now? Had you seen it coming before or did the surgery have anything to do with it. My heart aches for you.
Actually I can't believe how much better it feels since the drains came out yesterday morning. I'm feeling horrible but has nothing to do with surgery. I haven't ate or slept in over 24 hours. Been married 23 years and well I got the news any wife would dread. It wasn't the best time for him to tell me. I hope it doesn't effect my healing to much. Good luck Friday. You will do great!!
Wow! I am so sorry! You sure didn't need that right now. You're not the 1st one on this sight that this happened to a few days after TT. U look amazing tho! I can't believe the difference! I hope things get better for u soon!

Day 10 post op. Trying to focus on me now. Tried...

Day 10 post op. Trying to focus on me now. Tried on a pair of pre op jeans today. They were a pair that were a little loose on me. Went on no problems but tighter than before surgery. I could even tell in them that my thighs are a little swollen. But that felt good. Didn't leave on long because they bothered my incision. Lots of funny feelings going on in my tummy today. Hoping they are all normal healing feelings. Never felt it like this before Got out of the house today. Lawyer visit with my daughter. That was nice. I'm stuck in this house all day by myself. Everyday I can do more and more. I did ice my flanks and lower back a few times today because they are still swollen but not as sore as they were. With everything going on in my life right now I ended up telling more people about my tummy tuck. They all seem excited for me!
I have heard him called every name in the books the last few days. I have decided he's not worth it to me now. Time to take care of me. Hell look at all those politicians in the news that cheat. My husband and I were just disgusting that now to long ago. Umm wonder what he was thinking during that conversation. Your not adding any stress
to me but I'm sorry if I gave you stress.
Liddysue my husband was the same way. And still is when he's here. He had to take care of things I can't do still. He says he still cares for me and lives me but not in love with me. He's only been seeing her he says 2 months. Valentines was unreal. Nicest restaurant in town and had roses delivered for our table centerpiece which I brought home. He agreed to this tt as long as it was only for him. It just all makes no sense to me. Don't let what happens to some of us make you doubt your husband. There are some truly honest guys out there.
Boy I need to start proof reading my posts. He needs to take care of some things. He still loves me.

Post op day 11. I started swelling late yesterday...

Post op day 11. I started swelling late yesterday and today the swelling was horrible. So tight. PS said I over did it the last 2 days for where I'm at in healing. Today I went to visit my mother in law at the hospital. Long walk and stood by her bed for over an hour. Was told to sit with legs up and ice belly 20 on 1 hour off. Where my right drainage tube was taken out started leaking alot after doing that. Then it felt better. It has leaked everyday except yesterday. Was told that was normal. It will do that if I overdue it. Feeling better and want to do more but my body isn't ready yet.

Darn swelling:(   

Yes your body will scream at you when you have done too much.  At that point all you can do is kick your feel up and ice.  It's all frustrating but will come to an end.  This is a recovery that can't be rushed at all.  Slow baby steps and stay positive.

You will get there!

Thanks for sharing your story and reminding us to take it slow. Why is it so hard for us women to sit and do nothing? Geez... I think this is the hardest part. By the way, it looks like you are going to have some great results. Congrats!

Had my 2 week post op appointment yesterday. First...

Had my 2 week post op appointment yesterday. First had a target massage on my back. She said there was alot of tension in it. Felt great and I get another one next week. Yay! I examined by belly button really close yesterday and it looks straight when I'm sitting. Must of been the way I was standing that made it off centered. Ended up not saying anything to ps. I do not see him again until week 6 unless there's a problem. Everythings healing very nice. He just wants me standing straighter. When I feel my muscles pull and pinch I tend to hunch over a little because I'm afraid I might hurt or damage something. He told me that I won't. My day was extremely busy yesterday with my appointments plus spending about 10 at the hospital. My 90 year old mother in law had surgery. I was surprised that I didn't swell. I did go to sit back on a couch and wasn't back far enough and oh that hurt. Then I did tighten up and swell. That happened at 8 pm so didn't have to deal with it long before bed. I weighed 138 day of surgery. Down to 127. I'm 5'8" so little under weight. Trying to eat but it have to force it. The added stress in my life is slowing getting better. My husband told me he wanted to reconcile. We will be going to counseling to get us both through this.

OMG ladies check out Ckul's 3 week post op picture.  Now that is one sexy tummy..sheesh!

You should be so happy with these results and so quickly.  WOW

Oh my lord you look amazing!!! You don't even look swollen at all and your belly button is gorgeous!!
Thank you. If I do too much or after I eat my belly tightens and swells. Horrible feeling. Do you get that? My flanks are also very swollen. Sounds like you are healing well. Can't wait till April 10th. My 6 week po appointment.

3weeks post op. Went for another target back...

3weeks post op. Went for another target back massages today. That was wonderful. Also went shopping for a new bathing suit. I tried on several and almost cried. Everything looked good. I haven't wore a two piece since I was 15. I am totally back to myself. My belly will tighten up if I over eat. Can only eat small meals. Trying to put the weight back on I lost but so far no luck. My flanks are tender when I first wake up. I ice them which makes them feel better. Still taking vitamedica multi vitamins. Also still doing arnica. Drinking alot of water and coconut water. The next 3 weeks are going to be the toughest for me because I have all this energy and feel great. But I am only allowed to walk and can't lift anything more than 5 pounds till week 6. I'm allowed now to no longer wear the binder but I'm not completely comfortable without it. I ordered a waist nipper to try. Last night I slept in the bed. I have also been laying on my tummy when I lay out in the sun. Next week I go for my scar treatment. New pic is 3 weeks post op.
Lilgigi.... Funny you say that I'm a strong woman. That's exactly what the marriage therapist said to me yesterday. And he knows nothing about the tummy tuck yet. He said that because I told him I was so mad the first week after my husband told I couldn't cry. I had to be strong so I could heal.

4 weeks post op. Went this morning for my...

4 weeks post op. Went this morning for my lymphatic massage to my tummy. Also had laser treatment on my scar. Both women told me that I'm healing very well and that my scar will be very hard to see when it's all healed. I was so excited to hear that. One said the it will be a very faint white line. It's a super thin line. I started wearing the silicone sheeting on Thursday. I only take it off to shower. I was toldtoday to start massaging the scar twice a day. Put on a few pounds this week. Yay! I'm able to set a little more but still no wheres near as much as before surgery. Things between my husband and I have been so much better since seeing the marriage therapist last week. We are schulduled to see him once a week till we get this worked out. One of my husbands homework assignments was he had to call "her" while I listened to tell her no more contact!! My homework. To trust him. Kinda hard to do but I'm trying!! Love love love my new midsection. My stomach doesn't swell to often anymore but my flanks hurt and swell mainly in the morning from me sleeping on my sides. I continue to ice several times a day flanks and belly. Also still doing the arnica.

I'm able to "eat" a little more. Not...

I'm able to "eat" a little more. Not "set" stupid auto correct on this phone.
Thanks for checking on me sweetness. Things are getting better each day ... the tummy tuck and the hubby!!
Ckul, I'm just checkin up on you. So glad things are getting better for you. You look awesome. And your right you BB doesn't look off centered now. It definitely must have been the position you were in or angle of the shot. I'm also happy to hear your hubby came to his senses. Many prayers to you. Happy healing.
Thank you specialkay. I am very happy that everything is healing good. I have always exercised, ate very healthy and done alot of supplements. I think that has helped with my healing. I think a target massage is just a massage in a target area. Which was my back. Week 1 it was killing me. Once tubes came out it started feeling better for some reason. Today was my first lympathic massage on my tummy.

5 weeks post op. This week is the first that...

5 weeks post op. This week is the first that I'm not sitting as much so I'm also not icing as much. Still not doing as much as I feel like doing. My flanks still tingle and are tender. I ice them along with the stomach about 3 times a day. Then I massage them along with inscion scar. My back also hurts occasionally. Before surgery I never had back pain. I hope that goes away! Yesterday and today I remove the CG for the day and sleep in it. Feels like I swell more with it off. I know I need to get use to not wearing it. Sunday my husband and I went for a ride on the Harley. I wore the CG and the waist nipper. I also sat on a throw pillow. Everything felt good. It's been nice around here on and off for the last 3 weeks. I needed that ride!! I have been eating much better and the weight I lost is coming back on. Yay!! My 6 week po appointment is next Tuesday. So excited!!! I know I can't jump into everything I did before but at least I can start taking baby steps to get there. Will post 6 week pics next week.
You look Fantastic!!!!
Thank you!!
Glad to hear all is well. It is so nice to resume to normal activities. Good for you. You are looking great! Love the bathing suit pic.

6 week post op. Went to PS today. Everything is...

6 week post op. Went to PS today. Everything is looking good and he told me
I can start working out. I needed to listen to my body and not overdue it. I can also work my stomach. My flanks are still very swollen. He said that will eventually go away. I need to continue to wear the silicone sheets until my next appointment which will be in 6 weeks. 3 months post op. He said to make sure the scar is covered when tanning. Can use the silicone sheets or at least 25 sunscreen. No more binder. He said I was done with those. So excited to start working out I came home and worked out for about an hour. I was so ready to get started and it felt great. I did swell a little from the workout but wasn't to bad. I'm very happy with the results so far. I will be much happier when these flanks calm down!!
After my appointment I went to victoria secrets to try on some swimsuits. That green bottom was to low for me. I ordered a mid rise. Kim will be posting that pic along with some other 6 week po pics soon.

Thank you. The centre pc is great. I would recommend to anyone. I don't know Dr Downs. My sister in law had him for her breast augmentation and talked highly of him. Good luck to you.
I am actually waiting for insurance for Dr. Downs to approve or deny me. I am looking to get TT and flanks done. Anything else I should know,l ol your photos are amazing...Congratulations

Can't believe it's been six months! Life has been...

Can't believe it's been six months! Life has been wonderful. With the help of a super great therapist my husband and I are so in love. We will be celebrating our 25th in a year. Now on the tummy tuck. I LOVE my new tummy!!
At 6 weeks I was told that my scar looked really good. He looked at me and could see I like to tan so he just reminded me how important it is to protect the scars for the first year. I was given the okay to workout. went right home and did just that. My stomach hurt so I waited another 3-4 weeks before working the abs. They still hurt but I just pushed through it.
I still swell after my workout which I do 5-6 days a week and on the Harley, hitting thoughs bumps I guess. It's no wheres near what it was before but its still there. At my 6 week appointment I was told that some have swelling uo to a year. Guess that's me. But I'm a very active person. Always have been.
My right flank still hurts on and off. I think that may be from working out that area.
When I went to buy my first 2 piece for the first time in 36-37 years it brought tears to my eyes. Everything looked good on me.
All the deep stretch marks that where above my belly button are now on the side of it. He had told me I would still have some. I'll take these anyday over what I had before.
I feel like my inner thighs look worse than they did before surgery. I work the hell out of them and that wrinkle appearence is still there. There is muscle when I flex but can't seem to get them to look smooth. I'm down from 138 pounds pre op to 130 pounds now.
I'm very happy with my results and would do it again in a heartbeat. I read online somewhere that a woman that has a tummy tuck has alot of courage. Yeap very true!! I was one of those who kept thinking should I cancel cause I was so scared. I had never had any kind of surgery in my life. I am so glad I didn't chicken out!!!!
Thanks Specialkay. I'm happy!! Hope with all my hard work I will look even better at one year post op.
You look great! Congrats on your results!

Wow!! Can't believe a year has passed since having...

Wow!! Can't believe a year has passed since having my tummy tuck. A year ago at this moment I was laying on the table knocked out. Life is fabulous .. with my wonderful loving husband and my new self-confidence. Before I didn't feel comfortable letting my husband see me nude...Now ... NO PROBLEMS!!
I have been exercising regularly since I was given the ok to do so. My weight has been sticking around 130 give or take a couple of pounds. When I get down to128 I begin to worry. I was told by the PC that losing 10 pound or more after surgery can affect the tummy tuck. I had some really deep stretch marks which when the skin was pulled down are still there as you can see in pics. I'll take those anyday or what I had. Also the scar from my old belly button has a darker appearence. I went back to let the surgeon look at it a couple of weeks ago. There is nothing he can do to fix it. He said it may fade out some more yet. There's an indentation in that area because there was no fat behind the old belly button. He believes that's what is making it look darker. That area was still scabed over when I has the laser treatment. I wish I would of went back and had that area done again when the scab fell off. Laser won't help it now. Anyways I'm still happy with my results!!! My husband calls me a 20 something model. Guess he's liking the results too!!
My fiance and I own a Harley and love to ride. I have not been on the bike as of yet but plan to at my 3 month mark. I read that you swelled after riding at 6 months. Any advice?
I swelled up until just recently. It became less and less but was still there mostly after exercise and over eating. Ice ice ice. I just kept icing. We had an extremely warm spring last year and my first bike ride was at 7 weeks. I have a comfortable seat but still added a pillow. I still swelled. Unfortunately I just had to deal with it. I thought it would never go away but it did. Maybe you will be a lucky one that only swells for 3-6 months. My PC said that was the average. We rode almost 2800 miles in 8 days last July. I was swelled all the time but that wasn't stopping me.
Forgot to tell tell you even though I wrote it in the update above, I had the CG and the waist nipper on together when I rode on the Harley. Think I wore those till sometime in May.

2 Years Post-Op .. Still Looking Good & Loving it at age 54 in Indiana

These last 2 years have flew by. Doesn't seem like it was 2 years ago today I had my tummy tuck. I still exercise at least 4 days a week. Sometime more. I've put on a few pounds over the last year. I'm now back to the weight I was at before surgery. Seems like the swelling on and off lasted a very long time after surgery but eventually went away. Then sometime in January it returned. I notice it more after my workouts. I hadn't been working my abs for a few weeks because I was starting to think I did something. To put my mind at ease I went to see the surgeon last week. He said nothing was wrong and the swelling will sometimes happen and to ice it when it does and to work my abs. Wish I didn't have the swelling but I'll take it over what I had before the tummy tuck. It's great no longer having that muffin top!

Still lovin being on the flat side at 54 in Indiana

Wow what a difference 6-7 pounds weight gain made on my mid section as I look at the pics from last year to this year.

2 1/2 years later ..

I thought I would add a picture since I was having some swelling going on at my 2 year post. I've found that certain foods cause my stomach to swell so I'm really trying to avoid them. Also if I over work my abs they will swell some. It does take a lot to do that though. Stomach looks the best first thing in the morning .. Flat as a pancake!!


Thanks for posting. I will be 53 in October and I am 20 months post op and still healing. I have the same issues of swelling some times and food baby syndrome if I eat too much or certain foods. I still have numbness along the scar, but it is getting lighter and even unnoticeable in some spots. It is good to be able to connect to your healing journey. You look great! Tummy tuck isn't an easy surgery at any age, but I am very happy I did it.
Two and a half years post op I still occasionally pull something on the left side of my belly button doing my ab workout. It usually causes some swelling. It was a long journey healing completely. Looking back at it I would do it all over again. I love my new tummy .. So much better looking than before!!
And thank you for the compliment .. You look great too!
South Bend Plastic Surgeon

Dr's name is Patrick Joseph Viscardi. I was so scared going into this but knew I wanted it so bad. Everyone at the centre pc put all my fears at ease. Surgery was just a few days ago but so far all I have been through before during and after surgery I would not think twice about doing it all over again. I called so many times asking questions before surgery and my call was always returned. Great Doctor and staff!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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