1yr and two months

I have had two csections my babies are 12 months...

I have had two csections my babies are 12 months and 3 weeks apart i got my biggest with my first baby which was 174lbs my second i delivered at 164 but i lost the weight extremely fast and now I am left with no boobs and a lot sagging skin and a mothers apron. I am not a big person and I feel kinda of weird to get the tummy tuck since I only weigh 113lbs but i cant get rid of this skin or the mothers apron and my boobs will not come back from my knees LOL! I am scared...but i cant live with the way I look now I will post pics soon

I am so nervous about doing this because you cant...

I am so nervous about doing this because you cant take it back after you do it. I wish I could put it back without the surgery.

Ok now that I have a minute from the babies I can...

Ok now that I have a minute from the babies I can possibly update a little. My DH and I had to go through AI to get pregnant with our first child and it failed the first time so we said we would try again and we did conceive so during the pregnancy we talked about what we will do after we have our child well both of us waiting until we were in our 30's to have children didn't really think we could have children on our own so we didn't use protectiona and ended up getting pregnant 3 months after having our first baby so my body never went back to its normal self. Then after the second one I got back to my pre fertility meds and first baby body which is 113. So I have a lot of skin and I need muscle repair is what the PS has told me and he also said I didn't need a lift that he could achieve the look with just implants which is great since it saves us money which I do feel guilty about spending since this is going all on me and we could pay off our car with it. My husband is behind me all the way with it he says it is my decision either way he just wants me to be happy with myself. Neither one of us knew what to expect about having kids would do to your body..I know that sounds naive but seriously think about it does anyone really tell you I mean I had sisters who had babies but they never came out and said you know since I had babies my boobs deflated or my skin is saggy no one tells you this (i'm thinking about writing a book about the stuff no one tells you about having babies even the pregnancy book don't say...

Well enough about that I will be getting the breast Augmentation with it and we haven't set a cc but I did like the 500cc under the muscle high profile silcone implant but not really sure about the cc size I didn't get pics at the PS office. I want to be at least a D cup.

I am scared about the tummy tuck scar. I do not scar that bad if you can see my csection scar it is not that bad and I just had a baby in July and that pics was taken in september. I will post more pics since I am smaller than that now. Them pics was taken to see if the mothers apron was getting smaller which it was not I was just losing weight every where else.

I go see my PS for my pre-op appt on Dec 16th which that I think they will tell me everything that I need to know I hope and I have a few questions to ask as well. I really need to write them down since I have the worst memory ever but I blame it on being so busy.

This does really help to talk about it I am still really nervous that my surgery is only about 5 wks away. I can't believe I am that close to having my new body. I just want to start the healing process so I can get to normal.

Well it is getting closer and I do not know what...

Well it is getting closer and I do not know what to think about all this i go in for my pre op 12/16 Ahh!! I wish it was here and done so I can heal and be me again

My Pre op is tomorrow I am so nervous I hope I...

My Pre op is tomorrow I am so nervous I hope I remember what I want to ask the PS I hope I remember to bring the list to ask. I just want to be around for my daughters.

Ok so I went for my pre op appt. yesterday and I...

Ok so I went for my pre op appt. yesterday and I feel so much better even though there was a lot of you need this and that. I guess I was thinking for as much as I am paying they should provide at least the gauze that I will need. I am still not sure of what all I need I will have to go through my book they gave me and make my own list but I pretty much think I have it.

3x8 gauze

paper tape



sports bra

sweat suit one I can zip up instead of pull over my head

dial soap

vit E and I think a multi vit (not sure about that one so if any knows please let me know)

stool softner

anything else that I have left off please comment.

I am going with 500cc high profile silicone smooth under the muscle boobs! I think they are going to be huge my husband is please with them LOL!! I wish the rest of the people in my family were more supportive well at least my sister is but my other one is not she thinks I should accept my body and so does my mother but I think my mother is more worried for the risk reason than me changing she should be use to me changing because once I put my mind to something I do it no turning back. update more later crying babies

My surgery is getting closer I am so excited and...

My surgery is getting closer I am so excited and nervous. I have gotten all of my prescriptions not sure when to start taking them....

I also been wondering if anyone has had any...

I also been wondering if anyone has had any problems out of people from work only certain people know from work and I am scared to tell my plant manager what I am taking off from and I am scared of the reaction when I come back. I don't think people will understand I am doing this for me...I am almost certain I will get negative comments from the women there I work with a bunch of people that still think they are in high school instead of focusing on the job.

Got a little scared today after speaking to my mom...

Got a little scared today after speaking to my mom she dont want me to do it she has had 5 babies and not thats she is old fashioned bc she has her belly button pierced she just thinks something bad will happen and I have two little babies to take care of so she put fear back in my head today after it was gone from talking to the ps on the 16th she said well I just dont think it is worth the risk and my dh husband made a point to me is and it is true that I would regret not doing this for the rest of my life if I don't do it. Also my mom made a comment that well your still young you can do it. I guess she thinks I should live with the way I look (I have even showed her what I look like with out clothes gross) she had all her babies vaginally so she don't have that overlap just a pudge now my momma is not big she only weighs 105 but she just don't see how I feel about myself. I guess she thinks I dont have any more sexy years left well I want to be sexy into my 60's and damn it I will! The only thing that bothers me is I don't want to die I love my family dearly the love I have for my daughters consumes me and I know it does for everyone here but I have to stop and I guess be a little selfish because if I am not happy with myself even if it is just physical it brings my whole family down and I know my whole family will enjoy this because I will have a happier outlook about myself not that I am not happy I truely am and God has blessed me in more ways than I can count and I thank him everyday for everything he has given me. I know I will be happier sexier everything will be better. This site makes a world of difference just being able to say what you are feeling makes you feel better. Thanks for who ever made this. Merry Christmas everyone Happy Healing!

Ok so I am 6 days away if you count the day of my...

ok so I am 6 days away if you count the day of my surgery. I have had so many mixed emotions but they clear when I look in the mirror. I just want to be around for my girls and hubby. I don't want to do anything to jeopardize that. The love I have for my daughters consumes me and I can not imagine them growing up without me, this worries me...but I can't think like that...On different thoughts I am so excited about having a flat tummy and boobs. I remember a time when I had boobs it was nice. The day is drawing closer I really would love to know what I am going to look like....Update more later thanks ladies for listening.

I have so many different emotions going on right now

I have so many different emotions going on right now

I am going to go into my surgery so bloated I...

I am going to go into my surgery so bloated I really don't know my right weight..Since I had to stop taking my BC I have started my period and I am super bloated plus I haven't been drinking enough water I have been retaining..On another note besides my husband my sister is the only people that are supportive of me doing this...It sucks I want to talk to them about it and can't bc all I get is negative feedback. Ok so I don't have to do this and yes I guess we all can live like this but WHY do I have to when I can change it. Do I have to be depressed about how I look? NO i mean HEll NO! All I want is for them to be there for me

Okay so I am wondering if most of you women went...

Okay so I am wondering if most of you women went through the same feelings and emotions as I am and which I know you all have since I have read your posts and comments...I am torn that I could leave my children motherless and then I think why am I acting so crazy I have had two csections that I could have lost my life with. My husband tells me that I don't have to do this and I know I don't He loves me just the way I am he just wants me to be happy and he knows that I am not happy with the way I looked that is why he is okay with me spending 13g to look and feel better. I need some help

I didn't think it would ever get here I had to...

I didn't think it would ever get here I had to reschedule once because of work and I was like it is never going to get here well it's tomorrow. I am so anxious and nervous. I hope I don't pass out when they are marking me up I do my surgical scrub tonight and put on my transderm patch it is really going to be here...say bye to the flat boobies and flabby belly and hello to swelling lol and then flat tummy and boobies!!! I Love my girls and my hubby..prayers for my daughters I love you Savannah and Isabella! I love you John!

I am pretty calm right now which is weird...but...

I am pretty calm right now which is weird...but this transderm patch i don't like the feeling it is giving me I feel like I am off balance. I wish I could drink some water my mouth is so dry and I am starving right now which I knew I would be since I can't have anything lol. Wish me luck ladies!

Pretty drugged up right now but the pain in my...

pretty drugged up right now but the pain in my muscles hurt more than the incision right now. I can deal with that. I have been saying some crazy ass..poor husband..we are having a hard time keeping up with the meds and we have written it down.LOL! I can't believe i was so scared until the day came and then i was just like come on lets do this! I want to thank all the ladies everytime I was freaking out you ladies cheered me and gave me the confidence to do this. I hold a dear spot in my heart for everyone of you! this time I will say I love you ladies! Happy Healing. Even though we have never meet I found some new friends. I will post pics as soon as I can i am in a full body suit to my news and don't know how really to take it off let alone put it back on and neither does my husband. When I was doing the drains he was like I am not sure I can do that but he went into the bathroom when I did it and was a trooper! I love him and I miss my girls they are at there Aunts until my post op appt tomorrow morning...Do you think I can have coffee? I hope so. oneof my nurses named Diane was my Angel the other ladie was very sweet too but didn't speak much so I am not sure about here. My dr told me I am going to look HOT and Fantastic gotta love your ps!

Update I can stand straight up. I feel like I...

I can stand straight up. I feel like I have done 100 crunches. I got to look at them today but no pics. my face is red i think from the muscle relaxer.

Weight before surgery 119.8(which is water or I would be down to 113 need to pick up my water intake)
after surgery with everything on CG,ace bandages, sweat pants, sweat shirt that zips weight was 118.2. I don't want to gain too much weight and does anyone know how much you can gain or lose before it messes up your tummy tuck?

Went for my follow up this morning and was very...

Went for my follow up this morning and was very late and the ladies were not mad at all. I didn't want to be late but the bridge was backed up and then my dear husband took the wrong exit twice so we had to go a very long way but I got to see everything just no pics. I will try again tonight when I clean my wound which I don't think I will be able to get the cg back on with the foam??? I wonder how long i have to wear it with the foam. The nurses keep saying how little my waist was and that I was going to love the results when I healed. The only thing I didn't like is I think I seen a suture coming out and i hope it don't get bigger and the nurse said she was not going to remove it so I hope everything is alright with it. I can't wait to get these nasty bulbs out they burn and the band they have over the cg is bothering me enough that i want to take it off. I noticed this morning my face was flush the nurse told me it was from the pain meds but I have them before and it has never done that I think it was the muscle relaxer or antibotic one of them you can't go out in the sun..

I wish I could get these drain tubes out and these...

I wish I could get these drain tubes out and these sponges that are under my CG. I think I ate too much today but for some reason I was starving..

Ok I go back to the PS on Tuesday at 11 but I need...

ok I go back to the PS on Tuesday at 11 but I need someone to go with me bc they will remove the drain and I dont have anyone my husband has got to go back to work and I am afraid it will hurt so bad that I won't be able to drive.

I really would love to take this CG off I have foam under it not sure y but it itches like crazy right now.

I still haven't had a bm but I don't feel like I have to go so should I worry about it or not?

Also when should I start taking my BC again not really sure about that since i am taking antibotics it wouldn't work anyways not that my hubby and me are having sex no way! lol

My drains are barely draining anything i hope they take both out

Ok so I believe I found out what was leaking it...

ok so I believe I found out what was leaking it was not my incision I think but it was the pain pump site I guess it was leaking from there if it still keeps on leaking I will call him back and see what they say about it. So I took the pain pump out and put a gauze over the site. It had two lines to it and one of them didn't hurt at all the other one I felt it and it didn't feel good...keep you updated.

I am itchy and my insicion wasn't leaking it was...

I am itchy and my insicion wasn't leaking it was my pain pump. If I said that already sorry just a little loopy right now. trying to stay on top of this pain

Ok.. I am so aggravated right now... I want these...

ok.. I am so aggravated right now... I want these drains out they are barely producing anything and I am swelling which I don't like and I weigh more than I did when I went in which I knew I would..I hate having to wait which I knew I would but come on. This morning I was going through the emotions of y did I do this to myself but I have to think positive and know that it will change it just going to take time (suck)I have so much air in my stomach it hurts so I know what my 6 month old is screaming about when she has gas. My stomach is so numb that I cant feel it to push. I having a burning sensation on the top of my left breast which is my muscle and I have another burning sensation right above my pubic area which is a muscle. so if I walk it pulls and burns and if I twist a certain way that burns too. Sorry about ranting but I want it done!!!! I want to take this garment off I need to take this garment off. I hate sleeping with it on I feel like I can't move or someone is laying on me GRRR!! I think they should give you happy pills too with your pain pills. Right now I need them.

Ok I woke up with a terrible headache and it has...

ok I woke up with a terrible headache and it has to be from the pain meds so I am not taking them anymore I am just going to stick with advil. I don't feel good I feel like I have no energy and everytime I take my cg off to clean my incisions I get sick I just want this to be over. I feel so swollen that I am going to burst

I go see my PS today hopefully they will take the...

I go see my PS today hopefully they will take the drains out but I am worried I started running a 102.8 fever last night even though it has went down this morning it is still a fever of 101.0. I feel terrible and this is the first day my husband had to go back to work and I have the kids.

Well they didn't take the drain out yesterday. but...

well they didn't take the drain out yesterday. but when i called today they took one out today ran a fever all day yesterday but it finally broke and I feel better today. I still have to take care of my girls bc my hubby has to work. no one said anything about the burning they have i have some serious burning in my lower abs ps says it is from the muscle tightening and lipo

Ok feel much better today have not taken any pain...

ok feel much better today have not taken any pain meds just advils. still swollen but my fault have been drinking cokes and dont really know why bc I dont drink them and have been eating everything in site. but i hope I go tomorrow to get the second drain out I dont want to work on Monday with this in my hip. my boobs have started to drop. I just want to get back to me. I hate this CG and I have to wear it for another 2 wks ugh!!! I will burn it when I am done lol

I know i have swelling but really i weigh 5lbs...

i know i have swelling but really i weigh 5lbs more than before surgery is it swelling or weigh gain also i could fit in these pants weighing the same so y not now!! Plastic surgery messes with ur head i did not want to pull out my bigger clothes i guess im glad i didnt throw them away i dont want to go back to work looking bigger well except for my boobs lol not my waist!! took a pain pill last night wont take one tonight could not fall asleep after that. ok when is ok to have sex? i know we just come off of surgery but i am still human..

The second drain came out today! I want to say to...

the second drain came out today! I want to say to all the lovely ladies on here THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! I LOVE YOU GALS REALLY I AM ON NO MEDS LOL SO IT IS ME TALKING I WOULD NOT MADE IT THRU IF IT WASNT FOR THIS COMMUNITY!! I mean I had my husband and sister but they had no idea on how I really felt but you ladies did and it helps. I feel so much better. I feel like I am living at my ps office I get to go next wk to have my stitches removed from bb and then on the 30th but what can you do work will just have to deal with it (i love the new found confidence I have he he) Love ya ladies Happy Healing

Okay I told my hubby this afternoon why did I have...

okay I told my hubby this afternoon why did I have the tummy tuck if I am still going to have a pooch I was thinner before so I am hoping it is just swelling it better be just swelling I will take a pic later and post. I had a flap but I guess after the flap was removed and everything tighten I have a pooch from my uterus being stretched not sure but will ask PS when I see him but I dont really like this not sure anymore I will have to have some patience and see what the future will hold...

I wish the healing was done with but work sucks...

I wish the healing was done with but work sucks never get a break and I sure dont get one at home!! You just do it!!1 I need to update with pics still very round. start scar treatment friday

Ok 15 days po so today I went to the PS today to...

ok 15 days po so today I went to the PS today to have bb stitches removed and to start scar treatment which I had to buy Hybrisil and that is not cheap...I am posting pics not too happy with the left side or right side for that matter but they say it is swelling and sutures and it will go down so lets wait. Also I have this major burning in my right boob sometimes I don't want to move my arm bc of it so they told me that they didn't think it was anything but nerves and muscles and I believe it I mean the same pain was in my groin area from lipo but it has already went away this is worse and is lasting longer but it feels the same so fingers crossed it too will go away. I am posting pics but it is after working all day so the swelling to me is bad. Happy healing ladies

Well lets try this again I just updated and it...

Well lets try this again I just updated and it didn't go through. I have been working 10hr days and then working when I go home got little ones that don't stop for you to heal I am pretty much pain free except when I am bending down too much I get this pain/burn to the left of my bb that side seems to swell alot and I really don't like these love handles I can handle the one on the right but the left is much bigger and you think as much as you pay they would fix that for free but yeah right. Don't really care for my bb I liked mine before it was small and now I look like it is the size of a nickel. Hope everyone is great!

Ok went and seen my PS today. I'm not in the best...

ok went and seen my PS today. I'm not in the best of moods I am getting ready to start and am cramping like crazy and the swelling needs to go away I mean enough is enough but on the other hand I just wanted to smack my PS I mean I am happy with my results but I was asking a couple questions and he just seemed like I was complaining and I wasn't I wanted information since he is the dr but it just seem like he wanted to cover his ass well Buddy I spent 13g on this I have the right to ask. I asked him if my nipples were going to come up anymore and he tells me well you were droopy before and that didn't answer me I mean your the one who said I didn't need a lift and then I asked about my left side and he said I didn't do anything about the love handles and I had to tell him no I am talking about the difference in the front and he said I can show you how you were different before well no shit I know I am different on the sides but he could have made it flatter than it is I mean he is the DR. but all in all it was good just didn't like his bed side manner today which maybe he had an off day to and we just rubbed the wrong way. they took some sutures that were popping through the skin out which hurt but was ok. glad they are gone they were bothersome. he also gave me a breast band which feels really good and got onto me about not wearing my binder over my cg but the damn thing was so loose up top it wasn't even on me up there so he told me to cut it. I wore all this stuff before the surgeries to hide everything and to try to push it back into place but I didn't expect to pay all that money to still be wearing them. I want out of my fat suit and into a swim suit ha ha no patience huh I don't have time to be patient right now bring on the beautiful body I am done with recovering lets go! I hope everyone is feeling great today and happy healing (p.s. I really do like my PS)

Here I am a month out. The swelling is almost all...

Here I am a month out. The swelling is almost all gone is except on my left side and right and my sternum. I really wish I would have went bigger with the boobs but my husband says no they are big enough. I wish I could have gotten to keep my little bb but I guess the one I got is fine. Oh ladies when you check into the MM see about lipo on the flanks bc I am thinking about maybe getting my love handles removed if I can't work them off. I feel like I can do anything now even though I have practically been doing it since day 3 but much slower. My skin is a little sore and I one little pain left but my period is screwed from having to stop my BC and start it again after so it is much longer right now. Oh I almost forgot be prepared to live in you GC I can't wait until tomorrow so I only have to wear it 12hr instead of 24 which I am not sure if I will be able to take the 12 I am so done with wearing it and it is too loose I do not feel like it is doing anything for me anymore I told the dr that and he still says wear it but when it is wrinkling up and it is a full GC that goes over my shoulders with bra straps and down to my knees but around my waist and it is baggy so why wear it i thought it was suppose to compress well whatever tomorrow is it. I told my hubby that I will be his hooter girl tomorrow for the super bowl. I do not regret any of this and I am so glad that mothers apron is gone Yeah for the new body now when is this scar going to go down and not be so prominent. the redness has went away for the most part of it but it is still dark and lumpy I have been rubbing it and putting Hybrsil on it which feels good and it is starting to itch on the left side just a little but I am going to have to buy some high panties and bikinis bc it is not as low as I thought even though it is at the top of my pubic hair I think that is bc he pulled that part up a little. I am thinking about getting a tattoo to cover it when I can since mine wear removed when I had this done.....Happy Healing ladies I will update pics hopefully tomorrow

What the hell why wouldn't the PS tell me that you...

what the hell why wouldn't the PS tell me that you know when I do this you need to think about after you will have more noticable love handles. I didn't even think of that I thought that would be gone too! UGH!!

I mean I love my results but I feel like I am not...

I mean I love my results but I feel like I am not even from the bottom of the cut to above it if that makes any sense like the lower half is smaller and then it gets bigger

Ok so I hate my left side and my luv handles are...

ok so I hate my left side and my luv handles are getting bigger by the day. I am not happy with the scar it is way too high. Over all though I am glad i done it I love my boobs and the flat tummy. I need to go on a diet I am gaining weight I have gained 7lbs I think it is because i have not been keeping up with my water and started drinking sodas again so i must stop this or my back will be fat. sorry havent been on in awhile but work is crazy 10hr days 6 dys a wk plus the babies have been sick and so have i.

My skin still hurts and some days I feel like I have torn some muscles bc it still can burn and my 8 month old kills me when she is won't sit still and she thinks i am her play mat but what can you do... I missed my 2 month check up bc everyone was sick with the flu, strep and pink eye all at once.

Sorry I haven't been on in awhile but been busy...

Sorry I haven't been on in awhile but been busy with the babies...I still feel numbness and have some muscle pain but for the most part everything is fine. I have to reschedule my 6 month appt and I think I need lipo on my right flank but if I am doing one I am going to do the other I think the ps needs to fix my left side it still has a little flap which I think i will be charged the knock out meds and I am not sure why i will be charged that since it should have been done right the first time around.

It has been a very long time since I have been on...

it has been a very long time since I have been on here. I am so glad I done this procedure. I wish I would have done lipo on my flanks but didn't know that they would be so prominent after the surgery. my ps said fat would go else where and it has but I am working on that. I also wish I would have went bigger on my boobs. Ladies out there if your thinking of doing your boobs with your tummy tuck then go the next cc up. I wish I did. The only thing with the surgery I wish the scar was lower but I really dont see how the ps could have went lower bc it is already in my pubic line. It is just these damn low rider jeans.my stomach is flat and that is what I wanted is to get that flap off. I am bigger now then before the surgery sure it is the boobs lol!
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Your pics look good from last year. My breasts are very similar to yours pre-op. since the implants dropped, do your nipples sit very low? I also am not getting a lift.
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Yeah I think my nipples sit low that is why I wish I would have went bigger besides them being bigger
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There must be something with left sides, I am 5 weeks post op and my left side looks as loke it is going to sag a bit. My left breast also has not dropped as much as my right breast. Please keep me posted
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I like your attitude.

I have a saying: "Just because I'm in pain, doesn't mean I have to be one".

I'm a single mom, 3 kids, and self employed with 2 locations...I understand busy. That's why I asked, cause me PS said 3 weeks off, and that is virtually impossible for me to do.

Thanks again.
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the way I look at it if you can have kids you can do this but you have to have the mindset too. If your one to lay around then maybe you do need more time but if you are the one who doesn't stop or can't stop bc the world you live in will stop then you can do it just know your limits. Be safe and comfortable and know when to say ok I can't do nomore and rest
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I took a week off and that was it I think what hurt the most is the PS went under the muscles for the implants the tummy tuck was nothing for me I think bc of my csections. If your a doer then you can probably do it.
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Your tummy is so F-L-A-T!!
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If you checkout the lipo reviews there is a girl who got a HUGE tattoo to cover her scar
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It seems that you went back to work awfully soon. My doc said to schedule 3 weeks off (I can only take 2 1/2). My surgery date is the 29th - and I'm terrified.

I see other people report fatigue or exhaustion for a long time afterwards. Are you finding this? You seem to be doing an awful lot between work and home.

I'm wondering if some of the fatigue is due to the meds or if it happens to everyone healing.

Feel better soon.
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I think it is natural to be terrified but also everyone heals different. I was fatigued before the surgery I have two small babies LOL I am not fatigued anymore from the surgery actually I do not really have any pain from it my skin is still sore from the swelling. I am just a doer I do not like to stop in fact I can't stop I don't have the time to stop I have to do my job and I have to be a mom there is no buts about it. I think that has helped me heal instead of sitting around waiting to heal I just kept going and slowed down when I knew I did too much but you know your body and what you can do better than anyone else. I could have went back to work after two days of having my 2nd daughter and that was a csection. I am glad I don't get a break in that sense bc I don't want an excuse to waller in my own self pity that I hurt or ache I sucked it up and done it and I feel great now (besides the menstral cramps) but everyone gets exhausted after working all day and taking care of your family we just had an extra into it so manage it the best your body can handle I feel I do more than others and always have not everyone can. I stopped my meds a wk after and only took advil I take only my vit e now nothing else. Hope your healing well!
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Sorry you a bit grumpy. I hope that you feel better soon and your dr will be more receptive to your questions next visit. I will be one to question every little thing so I hope my dr will be open to my questioning him or it's a headlock for him!! But on the plus side you look fabulous!
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Wow...I think your pics looks great. It is amazing what 24 days does for the scar. Thanks for sharing.
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I had surgery around the same time as you... I went to my PS on Weds and pointed out that my left side seems way more swollen than the right, he said that was normal and pointed out other parts of me that are swollen, ie love handles, that he said will continue to go away over time. I hope he is right! I noticed a pooch on me last night and was very upset, I didnt wear my garment all day and I think that is why? Today I woke up looking and feeling better:) One day at a time i guess...
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Have you tried just Tylenol or Advil? Might help some.. I know that burning feeling it can get bad! I bet with time it will go away. I'm doing pretty good. Better each day. Looking forward to being completely healed!
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the burn finally went away!!
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I think you look great! Your incision is very straight and small and healing well... Are you feeling ok? I have really bad burning in both my boobs! When I haven't taken pain meds it gets really intense. Mostly it's in the crease at the bottom of my boob, which isn't even where the incision is. You're still healing and my ps said I will have some burning and shooting pains for up to 6 mos or a year where my nerves are reconnecting and stuff like that.
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yeah it is in the bottom of my boob. but sometimes it hurts so bad I don't want to move but I can't take the pain meds they make me sick...how are you doing
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That pooch will go away! It's def swelling ! Looking at your pics I am almost 100% sure ! From experience I can usually tell difference ! And yours def looks like swelling . If you look at my
Pics specifically the one w the bulge you can see its only one side and it look soft. Your so early your gonna be flat !
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That sucks. Are you keeping your garment on at work? I find mine kind of itchy but I wear it all day anyway. When I don't wear it I get swollen even
From doing nothing...
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yeah i have my cg on all day i am just on my feet a lot.
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We had surgery the same day! Glad its over with right! You look fantastic and I hope your swelling gets better:)
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thanks I need to update pics but with working and two small babies it is hard. I will do it this weekend though if I don't work. and the swelling is worse than before since i am working
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how r you feeling?? hows the pooch?? probably should swelling ! i was so swollen ! it takes time hun! dont worry
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