Laser Lipo of Chin and Tumescent Lipo in Axillary Underarm Area... 3 Days Post Op and No Regrets!

Its day three after I had laser lipo of my chin!...

Its day three after I had laser lipo of my chin! (yes its gone I only have one now!!) and underarm area (not arm but where bra overhang is in axillary area). I have not regretted my decision for a single moment.

The pain was uncomfortable the first couple of days but nothing extreme and usually when I moved. I could notice results under chin almost right away, though I wore a mild compression garment for 2 days and now wear a light one when I am at home.

The underarms were probably the most painful area (though not unbearable). I had major bruising under one arm that is starting to heal already and some swelling is still their but after one day of heavy pain meds I switched to half doses day two and then down to Tylenol 3. Today I did not even need any pain meds at all!

My bandages were removed from chin yesturday and it was incredible NO BRUISING at all! The laser lipo is incredible, i have one tiny incision with one stitch under my chin still in and some swelling still (the pain reminds me of bruising or how you might feel after a fall and your body is sore). It does feel different like a pulling sensation of the skin, even now it feels like my skin is "tight"..but the results are amazing already despite a small lump and swelling under left arm (which hopefully will subside in the next week or two?

I would definately recommend..if you are fairly young (I am 41) and have good skin tone the chin laser lipo was astonishing.. (will post pics soon).

I was able to go to school to pick my daughter up today and resume light housework..Not near as bad as I thought it would be!! Even if my swelling didnt go down and change results I would be thrilled with results as they are.

Updated on April 23, 2010:

Today is my 6th day post-op and I am feeling great. Havent needed any pain med since day two, not even ibuprofen. I had this done along with lipo of underarms (bra hangover) tissue which was removed using tumescent lipo. I am already thrilled with results and recovery has been great. Pain was more discomfort then "pain". I have no bruising AT ALL on chin (underarm was pretty heavy bruising and still very tender in a few areas).. I only needed strong pain meds for first day, then switched to tylenol 3 on day two and havent needed anything since (one time ibuprofen). It was not near as bad as I expected. I was sore (especially underarm area)and skin feels very "tight" afterwards. Bandages were removed on day two by physician and to my surprise no bruising, even then.

I could notice immediate improvement though I am still swollen and have one stitch in my chin. So far I am thrilled with results (still waiting for underarm area to settle). Pics posted below..actually the first photo does not even show the extent of the double chin (it was even worse than photo..I was actually trying not to show it in before pic). I will try to post more photos as swelling subsides and of underarm area (still a few lumps, that is a very tough area to keep wrapped). I still wear a light chin wrap when I am home. I go to doctor this morning for another appointment. My underarm lipo only had a couple small incisions (no stitches).

If you are considering laser lipo of the chin I would definately go for it! Pain is minimal (discomfort and feeling "tight" in chin and neck and soreness when touched but nothing severe. Medicine takes care of it well and results can be seen right away. I had quite a double chin and was apprehensive about extra skin being left but laser lipo also uses something to tighten skin after it is removed I believe. Also it would depend on your age and skin elasticity (I am 41 yrs old). Anyways if anyone has any questions feel free to ask!

(Cost above included laser lipo of chin and neck and also lipo under both arms where I had the bra overhang.)

You look great! Can you provide dr name and contact info?

hello nomorebigbe I was wondering if the arms lipo was worth it. I hate my arms since my teens. I'm turning 40 and they get bigger. I'm not generally big I actually have a nice body overall except my arms are disproportionate. what do you think?
Actually, it was not my arms that I had lipo done on it was more underarm armpit area where bra overhang was. I am no expert on this but from what I have seen it is a larger incision that needs to be made to lipo arms and that it is more difficult to achieve even results. I have always been broad shoulders and very muscular in the arm area and have considered it but had seen large incisions (perhaps their are new ways or alternatives now?) so I would guess it would depend on the degree you have to be removed and weighing if the possible scarring is worth it or (worse) then your arms. I wish there was a way to lipo upper arm with minimal scarring I would probably have it done it has always bothered me. I did notice by getting some of the axillary (underarm) fat liposuctioned I have for the firt time began wearing tank tops more (I never did before) it accentuates the chest area more and makes me feel more proportioned or that I am not "hanging out" from my bra with underarm spillage.

Its been 17 months since I had this procedure. I...

Its been 17 months since I had this procedure. I am thrilled with the results from the chin. Having just a few oz. of fat removed from the chin really does make you appear much younger (from what I am told). The pain was minimal and fat is gone for good it takes a long time for the tightness to go away but it doesnt hurt just feels a little tight. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Their is literally no scar with the laser liposuction of the chin. I only had like 2 stitches when it was done and I can not see any visable scar at all from it. Results were basically 2 I had some swelling but still looked incredibly flat (and would have been happy even if that was my final result) but it did take some time for tightness to go away but it was never very painful only a little strange feeling or discomfort first couple days.
Dr Demetrios Katsaros

He took great care in explaining procedure and options to me. Spent over an hour with me during initial consultation and was very caring and knowledgeable.

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