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I had 1 Syringe of Juvederm injected in my lips! I...

I had 1 Syringe of Juvederm injected in my lips! I am on day 6 and they look great.. they were sore and swollen for the first 3 days. No bruising at all. She did mix in a little extra lydocane which helped greatly with the pain. Only the first 3 injections hurt the others I could barely feel.

1 Year & had it done again!

Love it Love it!
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Was it an immediate difference? I had juvaderm in my cheeks and I didn't get the full benefit until about the 12th day. I'm headed on vacation 3 days after my appointment (which is tomorrow).

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I'm having my lips done Tuesday, with the juvederm with lidocaine....did you have any topical numbing cream or anything?! My doctor said they don't use anything since it has the lidocaine in it but I'm so nervous it's going to be really painful!!!!!!
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Who did them? They look great!
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I Went to Dr. Short's South Office
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So glad you are loving your results!! Was this your first time doing any sort of injectable?

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