Tummy Tuck Nightmare - Indiana, IN

I had a TT and breast lift because after having...

I had a TT and breast lift because after having two kids I hated my stomach and saggy boobs. I'm 36 years old, never been a smoker and have no history of any medical diseases. I weighed 155 before my surgery. I was really nervous as I have never had surgery before. Now I'm feeling depressed as I have had skin issues as my PS described it. I think my girdle they put in after surgery was too tight. I am 4 weeks PO and really wish I would've accepted the way I looked before. I see my PO once a week, she is very kind and tells me to stay positive but the outcome for me right now doesn't look to promising. I am uploading pictures and I hope someone can give me good news.
Hello worriedmommy, just wondering if you are doing better and if your wound healed to your satisfaction. Hope you are doing well.
Sorry to read about this- hope you received the care you needed by now. My prayers are with you worriedmommy.
My PS has been taking real good care of me. I still have wound but it is a lot smaller now and I just stopped wound vac. I'm doing wet to dry dressing now. Hopefully in two weeks wound will be completely closed
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