Abdomen worked great, inelner thighs had NO results!

I had my lower abdomen done with a large...

I had my lower abdomen done with a large applicator. The initial suction part was uncomfortable and almost felt like it was hard to get a good breath since it was intensily sucking my abdomen. Once the cooling was on, i never felt cold. Instead, it was a light burning sensation. After about 15 minutes i was fairly comfortable and kept myself distracted by talking on my cell. Once the applicator was taken off the release of suction felt very strange, and my stomach was hard,numb and red in that area. They massaged it out and that was uncomfortable feeling, but it made the stomach flatten back out again. Several hours later redness was gone.

Today my stomach is still numb feeling and sensitive to touch. It is swollen and makes me look larger in that area. From what i have read the swelling is temporary, so hopefully that will reduce soon. I am very anxious for results over the next few months . I am only 5"4 and 125 lbs, but have had 3 kids and hope to reduce this area :) Overall, i would do this again at this point, and if this works, i hope that i can get my inner thigh area done when approved.

Thanks for the updates, ravenandtim. I'll be following your review; I hope you get great results! :)

Thanks for the update! Glad to hear you're feeling better! I ended up going back to the doctor today, as I haven't slept in 3 nights. It feels like I'm getting stung by a wasp 24/7 in all different areas of my abdomen. She said I was extremely swollen and prescribed some oral steroids and some Vicodin (which I HATE). I hope by my day 10 I'm feeling better, too.

Keep us posted!!
Made it to day 10 now and today has been the easiest day so far. Still some numbness but no pain and wearing my jeans comfortably! I have read many others reviews and am quite shocked at how many have said their pain was so bad. Everyone has diff pain tolerance but this is def no comparison to a surgical procedure. And anytime u have something done like this everyone should prepare for some discomfort. I think the online info rightfully tells you the side effects of the pins and needles feelings and numbness, etc.

I'm hoping to see results still soon to determine how well this really works for my body! I wish more people would review after 4 months on here so we could have the full result to consider!

Day 14 and feel great! I havent had any pain or...

Day 14 and feel great! I havent had any pain or tingling in the past 4 days! Wearing normal clothes and just started working out yesterday! Overall very satisfied with the experience I have had and now just waiting for results!
I am dissapointed in the facility because they didn't schedule a follow up or call me afterwards. Plus I had one tech start my
Procedure and then a different one come in and finish it.

Day 21.... No residual problems, feels normal...

Day 21.... No residual problems, feels normal again. I have noticed an my husband has noticed just past 2 days that my stomach is already a little flatter! I think this is going to work! I have already scheduled my next treatment to do my inner thighs (if I have enough to fit in applicator)! Very excited and anxious for full results!
How are you feeling now???
Much better, actually.. Thanks.. Still a bit bloated, but the pain is gone. I have intermittent itching, but it's not bothersome. Now, I can honestly say that IF I get good results it will have been worth it. Waiting to see...

One month pictures today and very noticeable...

One month pictures today and very noticeable changes. I tried to upload but this websites picture uploaders is grayed out so I can't post.

Just had inner thighs done Tuesday. I have had...

Just had inner thighs done Tuesday. I have had zero side effects and honestly can't even tell it's been done. Little worried I won't get good results since i had such diff after results with abdomen. Anyone else had this happen too..?

Photo Update

I am 11 days out and can hardly sleep. My bloating got worse after the first week instead of getting better. I have intermittent sharp pains in my abdomin (the area I had treated) as well. Underwear hurts! I always thought I had a pretty high thresh hold for pain but this sucks. I have an extra inch around my stomach from swelling. I finally took a vicodin last night so I could sleep, per one of the other comments and that was nice. I tried some lidocain lotion but that seemed to almost burn once the numbness wore off. I certainly hope I get some kind of good results from all this pain and would also like to hear from someone that is a little farther out from the proceedure. I was very happy to find this site and read that I wasn't alone with what I was going through though. Thank you to all that have posted!

Just had 2 month follow up for abdomen today and...

Just had 2 month follow up for abdomen today and great results. Still no changes in my thighs yet an it's been 1 month.
yes, it would be great if that were the case. I am still trying to determine if this procedure is truly worth it and you experienced and brave ladies tell the real truth!! thanks for your imput.

Today I had 2 month inner thigh pics Amd no...

Today I had 2 month inner thigh pics Amd no changes! Needless to say I am very bummed after spending so mum money Amd being told that this is not a guaranteed result. Then tHey said it takes longer but my stomach was working after 3 weeks so not sure I buy into that! Anyone else have small device used Amd seen results later
Than 2 months??
how did it all turn out for you guys??
hope good results?
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