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I have been following you ladies for a while on...

I have been following you ladies for a while on here, as I have been trying to make my decision on a breast augmentation. It has been the number one reason I finally made the appointment. My sister had her BA eight years ago, and told me then it was the worst pain of her life. So, needless to say, I have been terrified to even think about it for years. Well, here I am 30 years old, and just had my third little boy, 8 months ago. I breasted all three of my boys, and went from being a A cup, to while I Was nursing, a DD!!! So, as you can surely imagine, I am in desperate need of this! Well, my appointment is tomorrow at 9 am, and I am so excited and nervous! I have researched many surgeons in the area, and finally decided to go with a doctor that many of my friends have used for other plastic surgeries. So, wish me l jack and I'll let you know how tomorrow goes!

I am still trying to figure all of this out so...

I am still trying to figure all of this out so sorry if I am doing this all wrong! Lol. I have a question....I had my first consult today and the dr told me I May need a lift on one side. I'm not sure I really want to go thought with the lift as well. He said I may or may not notice after the implants were in....has anyone else gone through this?? I feel like I have a million things going through my mind.

Welcome to RealSelf! Lifts definitely entail more scarring, too. So, something to think about. Let us know what you decide to do!

My PS told me the same thing. I have scheduled an apt to speak with her though because I dont think I am going to go ahead with it. I have seen so many pictures of girls that look just like me that didnt have a lift and they look fine after their BA. Plus who is goign to see the small difference anyway?? Just me and my husband and he said he cant notice that one saggs more than the other anyway. Look at pics like I did online :-)
Ok, I will! I was kinda doing that today, and I see some woman whose breast look far worse than mine who only had the augmentation. I guess it also something that can be ficed if I decide against it and a year down the road just can't live with it. I'm in the same boat, my husband says the same, and I just want to be able to fill out my bra and wear nice shirts!

It's official! Paid for portion of surgery today,...

It's official! Paid for portion of surgery today, and it is scheduled for two weeks from this Thursday! I'm so nervous, and anxious. I have never had surgery, and I'm really worried about taking car of my baby after. Anyone else have a baby they had to take care of after surgery? My husband will be here for the first four days post surgery, then after that he is back to work and I'm on my own!!!
As for now I talked to PS and e decided to go with just the augmentation , and if it's something that bothers me then I can fix it later:) looks like my date may be April, 26! Sooo nervous!
WOW that is right around the corner! Very exciting :-)

Anyone have a baby to take care of after BA? My...

Anyone have a baby to take care of after BA? My son is almost 9 months old, and I was wondering how long it was until you could pick them up and care for them on your o wn, without help?

I am almost one week away from my surgery! I'm...

I am almost one week away from my surgery! I'm soooo nervous! Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and lay there thinking about it for over an hour! I'm so excited but the surgery and recovery have my nerves shot! I had my last per op appointment on Monday, and decided on 400cc under the muscle. I was planning on doing 300-350, but decided to go a bit larger , seeing as most people wished they would have! I hope I don't regret going a tad bit larger than I planned. So, I went to penny's yesterday and bought the zip front bra, that many of you suggested, as well as the button front pajamas:) today, I have to go find a travel pillow....I hate sleeping on my back! So the countdown begins! I cannot believe I am actually doing this! Never thought I would!!! 8 more days! Ahhh!

2 more days! So anxious!!! Have to be there at 10...

2 more days! So anxious!!! Have to be there at 10 ready for this to be over and healing beginning!

I did it!!!! I'm done! So excited and loving my...

I did it!!!! I'm done! So excited and loving my new boobs! Experience was amazing, and easy. I was so anxious,and it really was cake! I have very little pain yesterday, only bad thing was I hae been getting sick, and I'm pretty sure it's due tot the pain meds. I got 425cc on each side, and they look great. Surgery was yesterday, so today I feel a little sore,but nothing like I was expecting! Dr. Lee was awesome and his staff was amazing. They really calmed my nerves:) praying my healing process continues to go well!!
Everything went so great! Very little pain, worst part was the medications making me sick. I was only on them two days! At my sons baseball games two days later, and recovering wonderfully, three weeks out today!

It sounds like everything went great for you. Hooray!

All done! Yay! Love my new boobs!!!?
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