It Works Ultimate Applicator Didn't Work- Indiana

My cousin is a distributor and gave me a pretty...

My cousin is a distributor and gave me a pretty good deal. I got 8 wraps and a bottle of defining gel. I wrapped a total of 6 times (3x on different body parts) and there was NO visual or measurable difference.
I did everything I was supposed to. Hot shower to open the pores, leaving them on over night, staying still so not to move them, wrapped tightly with glad plastic wrap, drank so much water I thought I would OD, no junk food, used defining gel in between applications, ect ect.
Super distraught I wasted all that money.

Since a week before Christmas, I have lost 6 inches around my navel and 8 inches, 3 inches below my navel. I could never remeasure where my consultant did. I have done 2 4pks and I do 1 wrap once a week. I also have the fight fighters which are pills that absorb carbs and fats from your food before being digested. I only use those if we go out to eat and have bigger portions with the appetizers and drinks. It says on the website to only use 1 wrap at a time. My stomach area is shrinking down (gained about 100 pounds when I blew out my knee and surgery) I had a "baby pouch" from the rapid weight gain. That is going away and firming up and then I'll move onto the next area. Do the 4pk series on 1 body area, apply 1 every 72 hours. Don't wrap to tight or the ingredients won't absorb into your skin. It's not one of those wraps that is supposed to make you sweat. I'm just a customer, don't sell any of those products but I am loving the results
I would ask do you drink diet soda? Anything wth aspartame? What body parts did you wrap? Artificial sweeteners will work against you. Thighs take about 7 wraps, very tough to get results. Tons of water is encouraged. We still recommend good diet. Full treatment is 4 wraps per body part.
Were you constipated after using them?
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