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I got a reduction rhinoplasty on the 4th of...

i got a reduction rhinoplasty on the 4th of january.basically he made my nose small but i still feel that my nose looks ugly.i just wanted to get my nostril reduced and cartilage reducted and removal of my hump but he also said that my nose was drooping so he need to to uplift the tip.can anyone look at the pic provided and answer my question below.i am going to get my nostril and columella fixed on the the 26 march

is the before pics better or after pics?
can i go for the revision rhinoplasty?
Did the surgeon stuff my nose up?
what will happen when i get revision rhinoplasty 3 months post op?

for surgeons
give ideas which i can explain to to my doctor to improve my nose?

hey plz share yr docs name n who are u considering for revision?
from india and looking for rhinoplasty IN india- any suggestions? any body in mumbai/delhi? something i fear worse than a ugly nose is - a readily recognizable artificial nose. any references are welcome.
Hi Sam12 , I am also planning for nose job. Could you please share your doctor's name in India ? Thanks

have had 4 surgery and still unhappy with results/

Hi,me too need revision and i never comeback have surgery with Dt who botch my nose you know because revision surgery much complex when primary.So if your Dr cant good work with primary surgery his make your nose looks worse after revision!
Your nose still looks too large for your face. Maybe it appears larger due to swelling. It is generally recommended that a revision rhinoplasty be performed at least one year after the primary rhinoplastry, when all swelling has gone down an the final result can be accurately judged.
nah there no sweliing there bro that want have archived from 4 surgeries and going for my 5 op.so upset
Name not provided


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