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After years of hating asymmetric face due to...

after years of hating asymmetric face due to deviated septum and a non-functional nose i finally decided to get it done. m 2 months post-op ...evrythng seems to be going fine but my only fear is for deviation to return !!!! i can say that for sm people it can be hard to accept the no face no matter how badly u wanted it..but things so get better for sure and there is no way i want to have my old nose back ever again :) i can breatheeeee for the first tym in my life and yeah it is a BIG DEAL for me...m clicking pictures regularly to evaluate changes that are taking place ..what do u think about the results?? is it going to bet any thinner or refined with time ????
i can safely say m a happy person now and no longer obsess about my nose !


great look beautiful with your new straight nose, I too am in India and looking for Revision. Can you tell me who was your can PM me.
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Completely gorgeous! Congratulations and thank you for your story!
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Sammy, I lived overseas near you for a couple years recently and can say you are one of the women I was in awe of, whose beauty was so open and fresh, with such feminine features! Your surgery absolutely enhanced your natural beauty, it shines! You are stunning, congratulations my friend!
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So..swelling is going slow..i cnt even...

so..swelling is going slow..i cnt even notice.. but my nose is getting slimmer and more defined noww !!! m the happiest !


beautiful :)
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I'm happy for you. Congrats!
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thanx foxy !! :)

slowly getting refined !

hello my nose friends!!
you all the so nice..i smtms wish we all cud see each othr n hav a little chat ! some of you are soooo sweettt that it makes my heart all warm from the inside :)
back to d nose business ,evryday m nose is getting more refined..losing swelling but at snails pace. good thing is tat after 3 months you kind of get bored of noticing your nose in the mirror all the tym, if all goes well you also forget that u ever had smthng done with ur nose. so it doesnt matter how much swelling has gone n blahh. i mean that we all get BORED wit d whole deal ! and m at a happy place today..i will let my picture speak for itself,yeah i made it black n white for some additional dramatic effect
:) lots of loveeee....!


Excellent result.
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thanx foxy !!! :)
haha you're so cute! Beautiful girl! So happy for you.
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