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I had a rhinoplasty around a year and a half back....

I had a rhinoplasty around a year and a half back. I had a nose with long projection and round and a little bulbous tip. Also my tip was a hanging one. Wasn't satisfied with the previous plasty. So decided to go through one again. I'm scheduled for it in a week. Can't wait and I am so excited!!!!!!!


Not too bad, just looking for a bit of refinement? Good luck to you! I'm glad you don't have a botch job to work with.... hopefully you will recover beautifully :)
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Thank you! Yes, I'm looking for a more sharp and pointed tip. My op is due on 12.6.14 so would be posting post op photos soon!
Good luck.
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5 days to go!!

Hi! Just 5 days to go for my surgery. I'm so looking forward to it. But also I am super nervous. The cannula insertion for the glucose thingy irritates me the most. But as they say, pain is temporary pride is forever!! :D


I was suppose to have my primary rhino in May but really got to think. I honestly didn't like his before and after pictures. He didn't have a lot of pictures. I'm going to find a facial plastic surgeon and/or ENT. I wish you all the luck! Make sure you are 100% comfortable with doctor.
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Before you make the decision to see your surgeon. Look at his before and after pictures, and find out if he specialises in revision rhinoplasty and if he is an ENT surgeon as well as cosmetic. If you aren't happy with his gallery, and he doesn't specialise in revision, if he isn't an ENT, I can guarantee you, you won't be happy with the results.
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I agree

3 days post op !!

I'm 3 days post op. Had my surgery on Thursday. Already loving my new nose. I can see the difference inspite of the swelling. I'm so excited to see the results when the swelling wears off. Although the first day was very uncomfortable. The day of operation I remember I was actually pretty nervous in the morning. Couldn't even sleep properly the night before. But when I entered the operation theatre, the anesthesiologist inserted the IV cannula thingy. I was scared of the pain you go through invade they fail to find the vein in the first go. But fortunately she was sweet enough that she didn't hurt me at all. It was just like a little sting. And then I don't remember a thing. After that I woke up in the recovery room. My mom was waiting for me. And I was so uncomfortable. I couldn't breathe. My mouth was all dry. My throat was super sore. I literally counted the seconds as they passed that day. Even the night was pretty uncomfortable. Couldn't really sleep properly. And also I didn't eat a thing. But thankfully, the next morning my doctor removed the nasal packing and it was such a relief. Although removal of the packing is such a gross feeling. It doesn't hurt though but the feeling is miserable. It's like whole of your brain is being pulled out through your nostrils. But it just lasted for I guess 4-5 seconds. And then I could breathe a sigh of relief!!!! I immediately saw my nose in the mirror and I could see it's length already shortened!! And even the tip has been projected to an obtuse angle. I was them discharged and returned home. That night I slept like a baby! But thankfully FIFA has been a lot of help. So because of the thrill I haven't really been thinking about my nose. It's very comfortable now. No sleepless night. I even sleep in the afternoons. My cast has already been removed. Just the stitches left. They'll be taken off this Thursday. Can't wait for it. Oh, and the pictures that I'm posting might be a little gross cause the cast has been removed and the clots are practically visible. Anyway you'll see the difference I'm sure. :D and the bruising has been minimal. But there's a lot of swelling. Hopefully it will go away soon!


hey samayra93...i have also consulted dr kapoor but i am so confused...do you know about dr v d singh in chandigarh..he is more experienced and he has good before and after pics...and also are u gonna have another surgery with doctor kapoor in dec? can u plz post ur front pic ...thank you
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Looks good! :)
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Hey! Oh, did you get your surgery done? Would like to know your experience. Yes, you're right being comfortable with your choice is very important and I am happy I chose the right doctor. And do share your experience! :)

My doctor has explained me everything from the problems in my nose and how is he going to correct it. I can't wait for a beautified nose. But I am also nervous and a bit anxious.

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