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I had protruding lower jaw which was somewhat...

I had protruding lower jaw which was somewhat bothered me in side view so i have planned to go for surgery, my dental surgeon told that i have under developed upper jaw so my upper jaw has to bring forward and the chin has to reduced, i thought since he is practiced dental surgeon he will make my face looks nice, but after the surgery i was fully disappointed that my face looks very bad, still am worrying about my face and i am afraid of resurgery that my may go eve bad, i cannot trust any doctor after this bad incident even my dental surgeon is not answering me properly so am in dilemma and i don't know what to do...
pls give me some suggestion.
Sorry to hear that you feel so upset about the outcome and as TwoPlusOne has said as one who does not know you , i actually cannot tell a major difference , but both your photos you look smart, at close inspection your upper lip looks more raised and this affects the nose but i have to say the difference is not having a negative impact at all , if anything your face looks more defined and with a more chiselled effect and thats not bad!! Obviously you have to bear in mind that even the slightert difference is always going to seem a hundred times more to ourselves, so go easy in yourself you really do look good in both and its your confidence that will make you seem down but definitely not your looks!
I'm so sorry that you are unhappy with the results of your procedure.  After 8 months, it is unlikely you are still swelling.  However, I must admit that, not knowing you, I cannot see any difference in your before and after pictures.  Is the difference that bothers you from the front, or from the side?  
Thanks for your concern on me, it is from front, mainly the nose has changed, the face become dull after the surgery and upper jaw is fully forward so it disturbs me to speak, because the lips gets stuck with the upper teeth...

previous side view profile of mine

my present side view profile

I know a lot of people say that you look way better without really paying attention to the change because they are being kind and it's not that noticeable upon first glance. But even though it seems subtle, I can totally understand that this change has left you upset - it's your face and when I really look closely, it does look different. I think the positives are that you have a more masculine looking face shape, but the negative is that your nose looks wider with flared nostrils. Overall, I don't think you look more or less attractive, just different. I think that getting a nose job if your nose is your primary concern would make you very handsome.
I think you look better now; before your protruding chin made you look angry. Now your face is more balanced. And the cost is very reasonable; in America it is like 20K and many people who paid that are still having a lot of nerve pain. Yet you look better, paid less, and report no complications. yaar i would say you got lucky!
You look like a handsome man to me, and if you would not frown and look angry you would look even nicer. I had this surgery one week ago. I spent a few months looking at youtube videos so I would know what to expect. It takes a long time to recover from this surgery. I try to be patient and notice every tiny little improvement.
Dr. Pradeep

Dr. Pradeep devadoss mds faculty of Meenakshi ammal dental college, maduravoyal Chennai. After I have narrated my problem he is not answering me properly.

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