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Hello All , Had the feeling of writing this review...

Hello All ,
Had the feeling of writing this review of my treatment for acne scars. To begin with let me tell you my history of treatments for my acne scar. I had very bad scars on both of my cheeks which are mainly icepick and boxscars. I had all sort of procedure done for my scars. starting from microdermabrasion,dermarollar , excision and then subsicion and punch graft, but nothing gave me improvements to my scars. Though subsicion and fat grafting helped it to look a little better. Trying all these now I had one option for my scars left and that is laser. I already has session of deep/active fx last year and here also I was not satisfied. May be there were a little improvement but I could not see because I was seeking more improvements and also I am seeing myself daily in the mirror, but I didnt stop. I again had a session of fractional co2 laser from another derm who assured me that this time I will definitely see some improvements.
I had this procedure done tomorrow and still in the phase of healing. The scars already looking shallower but that can be because of the tightening of the outer skil which burned and is likely to peel of in next few days. The doctor went aggressively to the places where I has deeper scars and with less frequency to other parts to remove the uneven pigmentation. The face is looking like shit at the moment. I forgot to mention that this time I had PRP before laser as well cause my derm said laser with PRP works the best.
I will post some of my pictures if you want. Now please guys wish me luck as I have tried everything for my scars over last 2 years to see very very minimum improvements so this is what I hoping for my last option.

right and left cheek

Dr Pradeep Kumari

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I did not have punch graft. I went for dermabrasion.
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Your type of scars is suitable to treat with punch grafting. Dermabrasion will make it worse.
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First I dont know english very well...but I will try to understand you.....the toughest scars to remove is ice pick scars right? But you can remove 100% any scars belive me...without any surgery or needles...now I will give u a list of products for morning to evening and night care....some products are indian but not very hard to findout outside india.... Here comes the items and procedure.... 1. Clean and clear blackhead removal scrub (in the morning) 2. Patanjali aleovera gel( after scrub) 3. Spf 50+ sun screen (if u will go outside then) 4. Clean and clear acne control face wash or foaming face wash (wash your face again in the evening) 5 . Retin a 5% at night thin layer before going to bed (do it regularly) Continue this procedure for 1 year or six month thoughest to. Thoughest scars will be remo removed
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are you sure you had punch graft done? Base on your picture, i dont see any graft.
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i had fraction laser as well looked fabulous while iwas swollen up , went right back to normal after. i swear the doctors and all these treatments are a scam to make money and play off our mis fortune and insecurities, shame on them. the only thing that worked really well for me was dermal fillers (restlyn ) but as always went away after like 2 months cost $ 800.00. tried artecol but its hard to find a doctor to do it, so iwent with the first one i found and he was old and he sucked at injections. now looking for someone who is good and can see to fix what the old blind guy did. honestly if you want some improvement buy yourself a dermal roller and a home microdembrasion (pmd) and be consistant use bio oil after and a vit C serum, after a few months it starts to work and you will see improvements. frax laser ect is a scam in my opinion
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I has esthelis once... But it didn't work for me.. It helped a few scars to filk ,but overall improvement was not as good as u would wish...I have numerous small icepick which my PS said won't benefit from filler..
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I was wondering if punch grafting...means skin from behind ear to replace tiny but deep icepick scars. I mean that at least makes sense to me, cause I have lost faith on my collagen production....I just stopped and not starting again after doing all sort of things. Now rather leaving it for them and waiting I was thinking to have skin grafting. Anybody have this technique for icepick scars please update. Your help here would be helpful.
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Hi asked my Dr about this Punch Graft procedure and she said she would not do it for me because It's replacing one scar with another. She said my face may not heal when they stitch the new skin on. I have to say 16 days after my plasma procedure it is looking better my scars are not as deep. I still have a few ice pic scars and red marks like freckles from old scars but at least even 30/ better is good for me. I was thinking about doing Juvederm filler in a small amount on the ice pick scars? Have you ever tried that?
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Wow it looks a lot better! Thank you for sharing and so happy the treatment worked for you. You will have to keep us posted.
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Welcome, thank you so much for sharing your story! You have certainly tried your share of treatments, so fingers crossed this was the one! Would love to see photos, please post some :)

Look forward to your updates!

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Hello All , Sorry for my late feedback..but I must say I was little too early on commenting on my results for acne scars treatment.It's been 15 days now since my treatment and my scars are back and I am not able to see any major differences. Though my derm asked me to wait 2 months to see improvements. These makes the same story as with the other treatment I had. I am dissapointed. May be I had light laser for my scars wihch are deep. Next month I am again visiting my derm to have another round of PRP only. There I am going to discuss about this. Thanks friends. I will keep you updated allthrough.
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Oh that stinks! It's great when we are still swollen I guess. I'm on 10 days after my plasma and my scars are back too, maybe only 30/ less noticeable. Sad feel like for the last ten days ice been couped up and not being able to leave the house for nothing. Best of luck on your next treatment.I will keep my fingers crossed for you
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Thanks for your update, sorry to hear you're not seeing much of a difference but as you were told it can take up to 2 months to see the full results, hang in there and we will stay tuned for your updates. 

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Thank you!
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