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After 2 years my face began to sag and actually...

After 2 years my face began to sag and actually looks worse than it did before the procedure. I wish I never had it done. I would have rather paid a few more dollars and gotten a procedure that works. It seemed expensive, but they assured me that the results would be life changing. I am left with scars around my ears, bald spots in my hairline and now I have jowls and sags that are worse than they ever were before the procedure. It's as if they loosened my skin so that gravity could pull it down and make it sag even more.


LittleB, just checking in with you to see how you are doing now. Did you get any help from LSL. I hope all is well with you. Best, C
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went on the site to see what results people get. I was dismayed to (read between the lines) see this carrying on. Yet some people seemed to have started the situation. Not that anyone has asked me but here goes-I am a nurse -and there are certain truths to medicine. 1.) the staff can make all the difference. I have had patients beg me to sty with them because they didn't want the staff coming on! I can only criticize the nurses-shame on them for not being the nurse their patients needed. EVERYONE deserves a good nurse. 2.) Whether or not we want to admit it-adverse reactions can & do happen. I have seen patients die of Tylenol (isn't that supposed to be relatively safe) I had the most severe type of gastric by-pass. I knew going in this was a last ditch effort and I DID NOT WANT to gain in back. But that ismy responsibility not my surgeons. Other nurses who have gone to him have gained all plus their weight back. I have seen new mothers DIE within the first 24 hrs after the birth of their child because of an amniotic embolism. Do we even worry about childbirth? We send new moms home within 24hrs. And they have had a pretty radical health event (if you look at the pathophy of childirth.) As an ED nurse for over 10 yrs. and could go on ad nauseum - The main point is there are alot of expections along the experience continum. Somebody has to be at the ends of the bell curve. 3.) I can tell you another surgeon may be hard presses to take you on as a pt. What todo if he doesn't excede or even meet your expectation. I think alot of MD's might be hesitant. 4,) Folks please be nice-I had the gastric bypass lost 150 pounds, had lasik eye surgery to get rid of the glasses. And I am thinking LSL. But oddly enouugh I heard about a hospitqal here in Cleveland, OH that they will do your type of surgery IF you promise to donate your skin to one of the 2 burn units in our area.!! The surg would be low or no cost. Now that is something that appeals to me. 4.) May you all take care. Live well and remember nothing is worse than death. There are ALOT of people who are in worse shape than you. At least you are on the right side of the grass. I have worked the burn unit-now that is a scar and how do you comfort a 6 yr old with full thickness burns get thru dressing changes?

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all good points! we all need to do homework and make smart choices! Thanks for the work you do to help other people!
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