Incredible Results from Hyaluronidase Injections

My  juvaderm injections under my eyes was a...

my  juvaderm injections under my eyes was a horrible experience.  It left bags i didn't have.  The new doctor i went to totally resolved the situation with two hyauronidase treatments.  what a relief. after the first injection, one eye was totally resolved, however i did have to go back for one more injection under the other eye. my eyes look great.  the doctor who did the juvaderm was very unprofessional and difficult to deal with. i am very thankful i found this new doctor who resolved this nightmare for me.

After hyauronidase treatments, was juvaderm completely disoved, or justs reduced and evened up surface? And, how fast did you recover?
Could you tell me who the Dr was that did your hylase injections? I just had restylane injections in my tear troughs that are very uneven. Left eye has a small bag and right eye I can see the strip of filler. I could live with right eye results but def. Not the left.
Could you tell me how the procedure was done. Was it one injection or several on each eye?I have an appointment to have this done and I'm trying to prepare mentally since I almost passed out when I had the filler injected. Many thanks!!
Dr. Robert Glassgold

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