23 Yrs Young, 1 Child-- Ready to Feel Like ME Again..

Well, I've finally scheduled my consultation! ...

Well, I've finally scheduled my consultation! And lorrrrrd, am i more impatient than ever before! In fact, I may call the office tomorrow and push for an earlier date if possible. BA/BL is something I've known I've wanted/needed since even before baby. I have always suffered from ptosis as well as small breast w large nips. After baby however, my ptosis became much more pronounced, breast became larger, & nipples became smaller (not a bad thing) but much more "rugged." Up until recently, I was ok with my body and knew that with pregnancy comes body change. Unfortunately for me, it was change in all the worst ways. Stretch marks EVERYWHERE, severe ptosis, and deflated "C" cup boobs. Very disappointing. So that's a very summarized explanation as to why I've chosen to go through with BA/BL. My low self esteem brought on by my new and unimproved body, have brought me to a new, very scary, low.. I can no longer bare looking at myself in the nude, can't fill out any bras properly, and lets not even talk about the toll it's taken on my sexual relationship. My boyfriend of 8yrs hasn't been able to see or fell my chest since our baby was born... Over a year ago :( Extremely depressing to say the least (tear). Anyways, my consult is in a couple weeks and given that all goes well, I will schedule my procedure for ASAP! I have all the support I need physically and emotionally all within my boyfriend. He's actually a Registered Nurse so he'll be w me every step of the way :) Now, obviously I have many questions but a lot of them I'm saving for the doc. I was hoping however, to maybe get a little more background info on the financing process and how it all works..? My chosen facility does offer CareCredit. Will I be approved/disapproved at my consultation? Can I make payments to my PS office instead of financing? Any tips or advise when using lenders such as CareCredit? The works basically lol any and all info would be greatly appreciated! Also, I'm thinking I want 400cc-450cc memorygel mentor implants, moderate plus profile... Too big, too small? Right projection? Let me know what you think! Thanks :)
We used savings to pay for my surgery, but my husband did look into Care Credit just to see what it was all about. It's sort of like a credit card, so it's not associated with your PS's office. Care Credit pays your PS and you pay Care Credit back. Some offices may have their own payment plans, but most want the surgery paid in flu before they do the surgery. My husband said that there are a few different plans that you can choose from with Care Credit. There is an option where you pay a few payments rather than one lump sum. Then I think there's another option where you can pay smaller payments over a longer period of time. My husband looked into the "fine print" and he said that the interest rate jumps very high if you haven't paid it off in a short amount of time and/or if you miss one payment your interest rate goes very high. We ended up deciding to put the surgery on our credit card to get the points and then paid it off with savings. We didn't want to deal with interest rates making the surgery cost even more than it would have otherwise. The surgery coordinator didn't really go over Care Credit at my consultation. She just gave us a pamphlet and said we could look into it if we were interested. So it might be a good idea to go ahead and look into financing options before your appointment so you'll be prepared. Good luck with everything! I had my initial consultation in February and didn't have my surgery until June. It was torture waiting! I hope you're able to book your surgery soon! :)
http://www.carecredit.com/cardholder/financing_options.html Here's some information about Care Credit. Maybe some ladies who have used it will share their experiences.
Thanks so much for this! I actually applied for care credit earlier today and got approved for my full $6,500 (BF consigned lol)! However, I already have $3000 cash so the full amount won't be needed. I'm super skeptical of this lender though... I've read some pretty horrific stories of what seems to be an unfair situation. Basically if I'm late on a payment, or even THEY mess up the payment, my interest rate jumps to 26.9%! Woah! Really freaks me out.. I'm hoping that my PS office will work out an exclusive payment plan with me instead.. I've read in some reviews for his facility where they consider it when you already have a lump sum of cash... I sure hope so! Anywho, thanks again! I'm so ready!! Lol

Approved!... But is this a good thing? Lol

So I applied for carecredit and was approved in about 60 seconds flat lol I have really good credit, but am currently a stay at home mommy so I definitely DON'T have an income! Therefor, my bf consigned for me. (He's so good to me!) It was a very "odd" approval in that they never gave me any sort of information pertaining to the style of loan I was getting... (Interest free? Fixed rate? Nothing.) so, I called right away. They customer service rep informed me that it is in fact at my SURGEONS facilities discretion to offer me any promotional rates going on at the time.. Huh?! So basically, if my PS will allow me to make interest free payments for 18months then and only then will I be able to do so.. This didn't make much since to me since I thought I was dealing exclusively with carecredit and GM nice they are in fact the lenders.. Anyways, we'll see! We got approved for $6,500 but given that I already have half of that in cash, the full amount won't be needed. This will make my monthly payments around $200-$220. Not too shabby. Anyways! I also decided to give my PS office a call today to see if I could bump up that consult date ;) disappointingly, they said he was totally booked until then.. Boo! But it's ok, I can finally "see the light" and that's good enough for me... For now lol hoping to have these "girls" by late August 2014! Ill go ahead and add some "dream" pics.
I have 400cc mentor memory gel mod plus. I was very unsure of size. I think they are perfect for me. I am 5'4" 150 curvy/athletic build. Most women wish they had gone bigger, I do not :) I was worried 400cc wouldn't give me the full round augmented look I wanted but they do. I wax also a deflated C before surgery, but I'm twice your age :) yikes!
If your PS office has financing then maybe that will be a better way to go. Even most credit cards have better interest rates than that. An interest rate of 26.9% is crazy.
It's insulting is what it is! Lol that's how they make their money I guess... They get ya good, that's for sure! We're definitely seeing what other options we have.. Might be time to raise our credit limit on the card we already have. Ahhh! The struggle lol

Couple more dream pics

Totally just went and checked out your new boobs! Lol they look awesome! I want that exact shape but maybe just a bit bigger lol and haven't you heard? Age isn't nothing but a number!?! Lol Thanks for the comment!

Boob crazed!!!

I'm seriously obsessed! Lol morning, day, and night I'm glued to my phone or iPad looking at boobs! It really sucks having to wait it out especially when I'm such an impatient person.. Anyone whose had or has deformed breasts know what I'm talking about, especially if your finally able to have them fixed! Just a few more weeks then I get to schedule my procedure. I really hope I don't have to wait any longer than late August or early September. I may die if they give me an outrageous date months away lol ughhhh. Anywho, of course I have some more dream pics. Which reminds me... Did any of your doctors actually look at the pictures? Or will i look like a fool walking in with my collection of soft porn. hahaa
Congrats on starting your journey to pretty boobies! I have deformed breasts as well and definitely relate to the looking at boobs or researching 24/7 thing haha. I've been obsessed but can definitely say I'm well informed (; but good luck during your surgery I'm sure everything will go great! Just remember to keep your head up and remember why you did this!:)
Congrats on scheduling your consult! I'm impatient, too...which is why, even knowing I wouldn't be available to have my surgery until June 27, I still scheduled my consult about 5 months earlier, as soon as I decided I was ready. The waiting was driving me insane. At first, I think my husband was OK with me constantly handing him the computer, asking: OK, which boobs do you like? By the time surgery arrived, I think he was pretty sick of it though. All the pics I kept choosing were ones my PS had performed. I did supply a few others towards the end, along with a few "absolutely not" pics, and came to one just days before surgery and emailed that one to them...promising I'd stop sending them pics. The morning of surgery, I sat down with my PS and said, OK, I have my absolute wish, I have the pic on my phone. He opened my file and asked, it's this one, right? He had it printed out 8.5x11 and was bringing it into surgery. The 1st morning after surgery, when I went back to be unwrapped and get my post-surgery/sports bra, I got my 1st look and couldn't believe it; I was so happy with the results. I still can't believe I finally made it past my surgery date! The 1st week after, I kept waking up each morning thinking...oh, today is surgery. I guess I had been so focused in it for so long, it just seemed like it was never going to get here. Good luck on your journey!!
Good idea to bring in the "NOT" pics! Ill get started on those today lol and mannnn, does the waiting take its toll smh my boyfriend too is completely over it and ready for it to be done and over with lol hes always telling me to give it a rest.. But I cant! Lol so close yet so far away... ahhh!

Losing my optimism...

Up until a few days ago I was feeling really optimistic and excited for the next steps in BA/BL. But... I haven't even made it to the consult yet and I feel pretty down and unsure about the whole thing (because now I KNOW I'm serious about doing it). I know if all went well, and i got the results i wanted, that I'd feel great about my decision. Now, I'm feeling guilty about adding an expense and risking my health, and happiness for those around me (my family). Not to mention the healing process and the toll it'll have on my full-time working boyfriend. Blahhhh. Idk. Supposed to go for my consult on Friday. Ill try my best not to chicken out.. I really want this but the overall risk is hard to come to terms with...ugh :-/
Congrats to taking your first steps. I was like you as well. I kept swaying back and forth, should I, shouldn't I... And I had two months from consult to appointment to back out. It's a decision only you can make, but I would say definitely go to the consultation and look at the work the PS has done. It helped me to feel comfortable and reassure my decision that this was the doctor and the right decision for me. Good luck on your journey no matter what you decide!

Moving forward...

So I've decided to suck it up and go to the consultation. I'm still a bit sketchy of the whole thing, but it's information worth learning about I guess. I really am excited to even have BA/BL as an option, as many women can ever even consider it. It's just that these nerves are getting the best of me. BUT! I will go come hell or high water! If all goes well at the consult, and I'm confident/comfortable w the surgeon, ill hopefully be scheduling my consult for the next month or so! Don't wanna wait to long or I may just settle back into this funny looking body of mine lol
P.S. Adding a few more wish pics :)

Consultation info!

Sooo by some miracle I managed to drag myself to my consult w Dr. "Z!" I'm glad I did because I finally have a surgeons opinions. To start-- the waiting room in the office was very nice and clean. There were several different lounging areas with a flat screen tv. The "vibe" was very earthy/exotic, yet professional. Immediately after arriving the office clerk had me fill out new patient info and sign it. Then I sat, waiting very nervously. After about 10 mins I was called back to the examination room where I was given a hospital gown and told to undress. A short while later, Dr Z and his female assistant entered the room. My heart probably stopped for a few seconds as I was SO DAMN nervous lol He then introduced himself and asked what brought me in.. I told him what would soon be obvious. He then told me understands this is a nerve racking time for me and anyone that's ever been in this situation and at he would do his best at keeping me comfortable during the examination period. Then there it was "Open your gown and stand directly center if the black board" I about shit, but did anyways lol to my surprise it wasn't so bad, aside from my disgusting boob sweat everywhere smh I actually apologized for it and his response was that its completely normal especially when needing a lift due to the skin to skin contact. Still embarrassing but whatever, lets move on. After making all of his markings and assessing my pitiful situation, he gave me his recommendations which were:
1)Bilateral breast augmentation with a double crescent mastopexy.
2) 300cc-325cc Mentor silicone memory gel OVER the muscle... (WHAT?!)

Now, I will say that I was a bit disappointed with the size of implant he selected and I was a bit shocked at the idea of implants over the muscle... I just have heard that that's the "old" was of doing it and not with "new medicine". He did go on to say that with my substantial amount of breast tissue I'd have plenty of coverage, and his reason for going over the muscle is so that the implant can descend with the natural drop in my breasts over time.. He's the doc, not me so I trust his opinion. Just wasn't prepared for it. Lots of contemplation taking place this way! Any advice/input?

Testing the waters... Consult #2

So ive decided that I'm definitely going to schedule another consultation with a doctor a couple hrs away from home (Fort Wayne, IN) Initially I felt good about my consult with the previous surgeon, but after sleeping on it and picking my brain I decided that I needed a 2nd opinion. There's a ton of money involved in this procedure and I'm really wanting the "bang for my buck" but above all, quality craftsmanship. I'd also like to have a bit more say as to what size implant I will receive. I understand that the surgeon makes his recommendations based off of what he feels is safe and appropriate but the last doc literally left me w NO options aside from what he suggested.. It's MY body! It just sort of felt pre planned and like it was standard placement/sizing for his facility. Obviously, I'm probably wrong about that, I'm just speaking on how I felt about it. I think initially, I was so nervous and excited that I wasn't retaining the info he was communicating at the office. That's why when I got home, I started to become flooded with thought and honestly, a bit of disappointment. Everyone says you know when you know... Well I left there and DIDN'T know, so now I KNOW he's probably not the do for me lol ((Sigh)) I will say that this journey can get a bit tiresome and depressing but I'm trying really hard to stay positive! Happy thoughts!!!!
Good luck on your second consultation. I left my first consultation feeling so sure that my PS was going to be great. But if you didn't feel that way, it's smart to get a second opinion. I drive an hour and a half to get to my PS. He's worth the drive. :)
Also, take pictures with you of the results your hoping for, I wanted the round augmented look, but some want natural looking breasts.
I think a second opinion is a wise choice. And once you pick your dr. After you go home and think about things go have a second with him to clarify things...I did :) your right he is the dr, but it's your body. I decided on 400cc mentor memory gel, moderate profile. I initially wanted overs, but changed to unders after research about the pros and cons. Good luck on your journey.

Testing the waters cont... #3

So I'm going to schedule a third consultation with a top surgeon in Chicago as well.. Fort Wayne is 2hrs from my home city and I have a consult scheduled there, so I figured why not go to the big city as well?! Honestly, I'd be pretty foolish to travel and not go to one of the top surgeons for their areas, especially when it's the same distance as Ft. Wayne. They probably perform double, if not triple the amount of BL/BA when in comparison with a smaller city. If I'm not feeling confident with one of these surgeons after my apt., I may give this a rest for a bit. Don't get me wrong, I so desperately want this.. Honestly, it's just a depressing situation.. My self esteem is below "0" and the more I look and analyze the more sad I become. So! Lets hope I find "my guy" really soon! Lol
P.S. couple more wish pics to keep me and maybe you, motivated!
Thanks! Definitely going for a second opinion! Hell, maybe even a third! Lol

Matcha! Preparing my body..

I've recently decided that I'm going to give pure Matcha tea a try in preparation for my BL/BA. I haven't been the cleanest eater, I drink pop, and even worse... I'm a smoker (been smoke free for 3 weeks now!) So I felt a good, healthy detox was necessary. I've never been a coffee or tea drinker but given that this is supposed to be a miracle remedy for detox and energy, I figured why not? I have yet to even decide on a surgeon, so if the cleanse is in fact conflicting with the surgery, I will have plenty of time to release it from my system. I just want my body as clean and healthy as possible before taking in this procedure. Any surgery is serious, but I feel with a BL it's even more crucial to prep my body and skin. BL are know to have added complications, especially when healing and I'm counting on Matcha (amongst other things) to help out with the recovery phase.. Anywho, I've just purchased Pure Matcha Premium Ceremonial Grade by Pure Matcha along with my Matcha making utensils. I'm goin green y'all! Well semi-green anyways lol

Scheduled my Chicago consult! (#2)

So I've finally scheduled my Chicago consultation! It's a good thing I did because to be honest, I've been sort of putting it off.. Don't get me wrong, I KNOW that I want this, I've just really been stressin about it. Ahhhhh. Anyway, if all goes well I'm hoping to have my new "girls" in about 5 weeks! Seems like a stretch, but I know it'll come up fast.. Im pretty confident the doc ill see in Chicago is going to be the one, but then again you never know. Probably the one thing I'm sure of at this point, is that I WANT THEM! ;D
P.S. This surgeon has a 5 star rating on RealSelf.. Not too shabby, eh?
Good luck girl!!! Hope it all goes well!
Thanks! I'm sooo ready lol

Pre-Op body.. & another wish pic!

Here's a before pic in my pjs.. Still not feeling bold enough for the bare shots lol hopefully all goes well when I get my procedure and I'm not so damn embarrassed to show myself anymore lol ughh.
LOL. I know how you feel! The anticipation is killing me for my surgery day!!!

Big changes to my master plan..

Such an emotional roller coaster this can be! It has been rather stressful to say the least smh lol Anyways! It just got a lot more complicated, because now I've decided to travel for my procedure.. After soooo much researching and contemplation, I've decided to travel to FL for a Mommy Makeover. Ill be in some of the best hands the US has to offer (or so they say) . And the pricing is so competitive, I feel like it'd be a mistake not to go. His work is absolutely beautiful, and I'd be more than thrilled to have him work his magic on my mess. Originally, I was only planning to get a breast lift w implants, but given that a mommy makeover in Florida is 2/3 of the pice of just a BL in the Midwest, I jumped all over it! Honestly, I have many problem areas that needed some work but I was going to take my time and have the surgeries in a "series" but only because of cost. Now that I can get all that I wanted for an amazing price, with a top surgeon, I'm going to do it! Ill update when I have some details. Also posting some new inspiration photos :)
Good luck. Can't wait to see pictures. I am also from Chicago IL. :)

No longer updating this review...

Switched doctors & decided to start a new review! It's listed on my page :)
Where is your new review update?!

follow 2nd review on my pg..

For some reason the wrong review was updated as to what Dr I'm using. I will be going to Mel Ortega on October 8th for Bl/BA. That journey will be documented on my OTHER review. Not sure how I managed to get this all mixed up smh lol
@esummergirl, just click on LilLadies00 profile name and you'll be able to see her "other" review!
Mel Ortega

From what I hear, the plastic surgeon I may choose comes highly recomended and has a 4.7 rating on realself! We shall see lol

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