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Can't Wait for the New Me - Richton Park, IL

I'm turning 36 on 2/26 and I'm having a...

I'm turning 36 on 2/26 and I'm having a tummy tuck, lip of flanks and inner thighs done. I'm do excited and very nervous all at the same time. I have 3 daughters, 18, 14 and 10. I was married for 14 years to my high school sweetheart who I meet at 15 and needless to say It will be a year 3/9 that we have been divorced and 3 years in May we have been separated. I've wanted to get a Tummy Tuck done for about 5 years now cause my body has not been the same since Ive had my kids but never really could find the courage to do it. Well ladies it's been a long and rough road but I am grateful to say I'm slowly finding myself again and and made the decision to go for it and get my tummy tuck done. I figured with the new beginning of my new life I may as well have a new body to go along with it. I'll try to post pictures so you can see the before and after outcome once I get some help from my girls cause I'm not the greatest at uploading stuff but I'll be sure to get it done. Thanks to all you ladies for your post as well, they have truly been a motivation to me in this journey

Today I went in to see the Anethesiologist. She...

Today I went in to see the Anethesiologist. She checked my vitals and all looks well. She gave me some information about her and her staff. I'm glad I went in to see her because she made me feel a lot better about the surgery. Tomorrow I go in to make my payment and for my last consultation before my surgery date. I'm very excited but still can't shake being nervous as well. Ladies please keep me in your prayers. 6 more days left to go before my sugary date. I'll keep you posted.

Today I went in for my last pre op appointment...

Today I went in for my last pre op appointment before the surgery. I'm so excited only 5 more days left. My doctor took my before pictures and talked to me about what I expected from the surgery and my being nervous. He and his assistant made me feel very comfortable. Still a little nervous but waiting patiently for the new me :-)
Thanks ladies, I'm really excited and nervous. I really appreciate both of your encouraging words and will keep the post coming. I will also be following your journeys as well.
Treacy- good for you hun, doing this for you! It is nice to have older girls to help you after!!! My son is 11 and he says he will help, I have to be careful he was very freaked out with my surgery last year. I will be cheering you on, you are a few days before me!!
Good luck and prayers!
Treacy, I am so excited for you. A new body for your new life seems like a great idea. Can't wait to see the pictures. I'm so glad I have a teenager at home to help me with stuff like that also. She tries to teach me but after I mess up so many times she gently encourages me to go away and she does it herself.

Look forward to an update on your last consult before the big day.

Sending prayer, warm wishes, and positive thoughts your way!!

4 more days left to my surgery and Im so excited....

4 more days left to my surgery and Im so excited. Still nervous too but at least after my appointment with my PS and the anetesiologist this week I feel much better. Just really looking forward to the surgery being over and on to the recovery part of this process. I went out today and got my prescriptions filled and this antibacterial soap my PS told me to shower with from the neck down the night before and the morning of the operation. It's called Hibiclen (HBC) its suppose to help minimize the risk of infection. I also brought some Mederma gel which is suppose to help with healing the scar. Tomorrow I'm going on a cleaning spree in my home. I want everything to be in tip top shape when I get home from my surgery so I don't have much to worry about other then trying to rest and heal properly. Please ladies keep me in your prayers.

My oldest daughter came in from college today. She...

My oldest daughter came in from college today. She wanted to be here for my surgery and will be going back to school on Monday after the surgery is done. I'm getting more nervous as the days are getting closer. Every thing is pretty much done just a little more cleaning to do tomorrow and then I Plan to enjoy the rest of the weekend trying to relax and have a little fun especially for my birthday on Sunday with my favorite 3 ladies. Can't wait until it's all over.
Happy B-day enjoy the girls and relax, you are going to be fine!!!
Thanks bejewelme, I guess I can't sit still waiting for the big day but I do plan to spend sometime having a little fun this weekend especially for my birthday Sunday.
Yes enjoy your weekend too, dont just work til you drop make time to enjoy the kids and relax and get ready for the journey!!! Will be sending you prayers I am sure you will be chatting this weekend as you experience the range of emotions!!!One week for me!

So I finally got my pictures uploaded. I had a...

So I finally got my pictures uploaded. I had a great day today for my birthday today and Tomorrow is my big day. I have to be at the surgical center at 600am and the surgery is scheduled to start at 730am. Im so exicted and happy its finally here, now I can stop thinking about it all day. Im still a little nervous but know all will be fine and cant wait to get on with the healing process and to see the final outcome. Please keep me in yuor prayers ladies as my journey is really about to begin. I will keep you posted.
Treacy, wow what a great attitude you have starting this new journey. I am glad for you that your oldest daughter was able to come and be there for you while in surgery. Its also a good thing that your girls are older as that will help out alot with recovery. And I hope you enjoyed your birthday with your 3 girls :)
Sending many prayers and well wishes your way while you are in surgery and during recovery. Take care and get ready for your new body!
Thank you Bejewlme, I had a really good day today and its finally here tomorrow I should be a whole lot less stomach. lol

Hello ladies, first off thank all of you for your...

Hello ladies, first off thank all of you for your prayers and kind words. Today was a long eventful day to say the least. I got to the surgery center at 5:50am, my girls were on it and have been more the helpful today. After arrival, got checked in and changed into my hospital gown. The staff was friendly and my nurse was great. She got my IVs in and took my vitals and then the disappointment to find out that my blood count ( hibogloman levels) were very low due to my Anemia which I just learned I had today. My PS was not happy with this info and the fact that he thought this should have been checked way ahead of time as oppose to the day before the surgery. The normal blood count level is 14 and mine was at 8.5. After finding this out the doctor was to have my blood drawn for an accurate count cause this test was taken by my nurse from a sample through the IV. The lab technician didn't get in until 8am so now it's just time to wait to see if I could even have the surgery done at this point cause both my PS and anesthesiologist explained to me the risk of surgery and how it may impact the anesthesia. WOW, now I'm disappointed but suprisingly not nervous cause I love the fact that they were serious about the importance of all vital being fine before considering to operate. So, at 8am on the dot lab tech came in with the results and blood count is actually 9.5 as oppose to 8.5 and with this count though still not where it should be would theynwould ne able to complete the Tummy Tuck. Yea but could not do my lipo on flanks, arms and mideal thighs. My PS explained to me that lipo effects yup blood levels different and he couldn't do it with that blood count. He then gave me two options, 1) I could get my TT at no risk now and come back to 4-6 weeks to have lipo done after I had been treated for the low blood count concern and it had increased which gone advised would take about the 4-6 week timframe to do so. 2) Wait and get all procedures done at the same time in 4-6 weeks. Well ladies My decision, give me my TT now and I'll come back to get the lipo done later :-) Now we were on our way and on the way back to the operating room had some friendly conversation with PS and other staff and somewhere in between it all I was out and in recovery in what seemed like 5 minutes but had actually been about 4 hours. Woke up to my nurse who right away asked me if I needed anything and how was my pain on a scale of 1-10. Yes I needed water and ice chips, was very thirsty from not having anything to drink after midnight and my pain was about a 6. Was not happy with what I was feeling like at that time pain wise. She came back with my water and some pain meds to give me thru the IV and in about 30 minutes she came back to check me out again and I needed more water, very thirsty and my pain had went down from a 7 to maybe a 4. I was still in quite a bit of pain. She have me more pain med thru the IV and explained to me that bat that time I had been given the max pain meds. OMG please let the pain go away..... After about hour I was okay to go home and was ready to do so. Still in some pain but better than what it had been. It was very difficult to get in and out the car. When I got home called the PS right away to see how soon I could take the pain meds I had been proscribed. I'm doing ok now though still in some pain it's not as bad as it was earlier in the day and I am able to tolerate it. Kind of rough to go to bathroom and getting up and down from the couch, chair or bed. Don't really have much of an appetite either but had to make myself eat something to start on my antibiotics so had some yogurt and a half of fish sandwich a little later. Can't really sleep cause lying down is difficult at this point and I find that im more comfortable sitting up right although I don't know why. But ladies so far through what I am calling this very eventful day, I am pleased so far. I noticed as well as my girls that the jogging pants I wore into the center this morning looked totally different leaving this afternoon. My PS placed the incision very low and that's a great thing and even though I have not seem my stomach due to being wrapped up since I woke up in rocovery I can just tell things are better than what I started with. Can't forget to mention my 2 drains which is mot much of a bother to me except for being in the way wjen trying to use the bathroom. Drainging them has not been bad at all. I'll keep u ladies posted and post more pics before the week is over.
Hey Treacy, thanks for the update, good to hear that ur doing ok and that ur pain is manageable, I'm glad everything went well, continue to keep us posted
Oh hun that is scary about your blood count I think you did the right thing, get this done then go back, and get your blood counts up, sounds like you are happy with it and hopefully you were able to rest comfortably! Sending prayers!
Hope everything went well!!!!

Hello ladies, it's been a few days since my last...

Hello ladies, it's been a few days since my last update but I am now 3 days post op and doing pretty good. The first few days were the hardest trying to adjust to not being able to do anything. Having troubles sleeping good as you can tell it now being 4:47am. stuck to the couch and have not attempted to make it upstairs yet. Taking sponge baths cause I haven't been okayed to shower yet and that has been difficult to with this crazy garment I have on. The draining tubes still not bothering me, drain them as needed a few times a day and that works out well. My main concern has been this compression garment, it is so uncomfortable very tight and no matter what I do I can't position it to feel beter in it at all. The pain is not that bad anymore but it is serial there. Still can't stand straight up yet but did get up yesterday evening and today to do a little walking around downstairs. My oldest daughtervwent back to school after my surgery but I have been able to manage with my two youngest which are 14 and 10 with no problems. They habe been very supportive and helpful. I get tired easily but that could be cause I'm not resting well at night so I find myself taking naps throughout the day an hour or two hers and there. I havent seen my stomavh yet but have my first follow up appointment on friday 3/2 at 9:39am and i spoke eith my nurse yesterday that says if all looks well theyll change my garnent and remove the draining tubes. Overall ladies all is pretty good, I'll keep you posted and try to post new pictures asap.

Sorry for all the typos in my previous post. This...

Sorry for all the typos in my previous post. This iPad has a mind of it own and is always changing what I'm trying to say
Hey hun, I am glad you are getting by!!! My surgery is tomorrow and I am glad to read one that is not too bad! I am glad the kids are there to help you, I hope you can sleep at night, that will make it better for you! Keep on healing!

Today was my first post op appointment and all...

Today was my first post op appointment and all went well. My PS says I'm healing real well. Scar looks great and belly button looks good to and from what I could see all is fine. Still a Lot of swelling after he removed the bandages but I'm impressed. He gave me another compression garment to wear up to about 6 weeks post op he said. I can take a shower for the first time after my surgery starting today, yay....WOW, my stomach looks good already, no more muffin for me and I'm very excited about it. Still in pain although, he didn't remove the drains yet which are now starting to bother me a little bit with the stitches but it's bare-able so I won't complain. Needed a lot of help in and out of the car today and after being out for a few hours I was very exhausted and in a bit of pain as well. My girlfriend had the day off and came to take me to the doctor and to run a few arrons to the bank and to get another prescription filled for pain meds. Yes I still need those at this point but I'm only 4 days post op so I guess that's to be expected. My friend was so impressed although that she completed a consultation while there with me and hopefully she will be starting her TT journey in April. Good for her :-)
hey treacy, hope you are doing well. Thanks for the update it was very informative.
Thanks Suejohn, I try to give as much info about my experience as I am getting from each of you without writing a whole book. Lol
i won't mind reading a whole book..lol..i am going to be needing loads of books/magazines to read during my recovery!!! so write on girl!

Hello ladies, still having trouble sleeping all...

Hello ladies, still having trouble sleeping all through the night it now being 2:31am. I hope this faze hurry up and passes. I just can't get comfortable enough to sleep more than a few hours at a time for now. Starting to itch but from reading a lot of you ladies info itching is good cause it means healing so I'll take it. I know I said the first few days the drains weren't a bother at all but now OMG can they please hurry up and be removed. The stitches are really working on my nerves and they are now causing me to be uncomfortable as well. Yesterday was the first day I could take a shower but I'm not ready for that yet at this point, still in to much pain and discomfort. I'll stick to washing up for the next few days until hopefully some more of the discomfort leaves. A few days left on my antibiotics and my 2nd post op appointment with my PS scheduled for Monday 3/5 at 2:45pm , to see if the drains can be removed then. He says if I'm draining less than 30ML in each tube within 24hrs then we should be good to remove them but if I notice they are draining more than that as of Monday morning then to give him a call to reschedule the appt for Wed 3/7 instead. Please Lord don't let this be the case, I think once the drains and stitches are removed I'll feel much better and heal a little faster as well. Have to return to work Thurs 3/15 so I'm hoping this recovery process moves along smoothly and gradually. Talk to you ladies soon :-)

Hello ladies, today is 5 days post op for me and I...

Hello ladies, today is 5 days post op for me and I felt I had gotten up enough energy to take a shower for the first time with the help of my oldest daughter who is home from college on her spring break. Perfect timing, all went well and it felt so good but I did get tired very easily and it was straining so I only had about a good ten minutes to give it for today.

I have been having trouble with gas the last few days and have not had a bowel movement since the day of my surgery which was 6 days ago. This has caused my swollen to getting even worse. My stomach is extremely hard as well as my upper thighs, waist and virgina...that totally sucks and the discomfort is not nice at all. I called my PS on his cell and was very impressed that he picked and and gave me feedback right away on what to do. He told me to rest, elevating my legs higher than my stomach. He also said to send someone to get a laxative for the bowel movement and a pill for the gas. He told me to start to massage the stomach and place either cold or warm towels over my stomach as well and this would help also. He advised that I should be careful if I decided to use the warm towel cause my stomach was numb and had no feeling and if I placed a towel that was to hot on it, it could burn the skin....Thanks Doc for the immediate assistance on a saturday

One of my girlfriends came over today to visit. She had a TT done on July of last year and as i was sharing with her my problems, she told me that my gas and bowel movement issue was normal when a TT has been had and that she too had the same issue. She told me to get some "Dulcolax for the bowel movement and to get some 100% lemon juice and drink it in my water. She said to alsp get some dried up prunes and eat those and advised that oceanspray with be the better tasting ones to eat. I read ealier on someone eles comments to get some "GasX" for the gas and she agreed with the as well. She was a life saver as she gave me a compression garment she used when she has her TT done cause as you all know this has been a big complaint for me, the ones my doctor gave me has been so uncomftable and had me in pain in certain areas as well. The one she gave me wrapped around the stomach only and feels much better oppse to the ones my doctor provided which went in between the legs and had straps on them.

So I have taken m y shower, ate some rice, took my medicine and am now waiting to see of this gas will start to be relieved and if I can make a move to the bathroom sometime soon. Im still in a little pain but at this point, not near as much as I was going through the first few days but I am still taking my Vicodin faithfully for now. I have posted some pics for you guys that I had my daughter take for me today as well. My daughter was like mom, you and your new found freinds on that website are so funny posting naked pics of yourselves but I think its really cool you have others suppoorting you through this. lol.... I think things are looking pretty good considering the swelling and bloating Im having and my PS advised that within the next 3 months I will see much improvement as my stomach continues to go down. I am like Doc are you serious, my stomach is going to go down some more, yay me.....
Thanks B, and Suejohn....Im going to keep the post coming. I love this site and all of you ladies have made this journey a really good on for me.... tear, lol
I love reading your posts it makes me think it will get better
Hello Tracey I hope all goes well for you and I am so glad you are happy with your results..I wish you a speedy recovery. I am scheduled for Apr 26th

Hello ladies, it's 6 days post op and still no...

Hello ladies, it's 6 days post op and still no bowel movement and the gas has not subsided yet. Still in some pain but mostly from these 2 concerns along with this darn draining tubes and stitches. The good news is is that I am currently draining less than the 30 ML my PS told me I had to be in order to have the drains removed, so I'm really looking forward to my 2 post op appointment tomorrow. It's 7:12am now and I did sleep better last night than I have since my surgery but with all this gas, swelling, bloating and discomfort Im having I'm not to sure what kind of day it will be today. Please let the laxatives and gas x pills kick in soon, talk to you ladies later :-|
thanks ladies, ill post better pics soon. these were not all that good cause my daughter took them right befor my shower and thry have to much of my business on them and are to close up. ill have her try it again today or tomorrow
hey treacy, u are looking great, hope you get some relief soon from the gas and have a BM! Thanks for the pics...
Hey Treacy, I see u post some pics, u look good and yes u have a little swelling but once that goes down ur going to really love it! Keep us post beautiful!

Ok, ladies so after my post yesterday morning...

Ok, ladies so after my post yesterday morning things went all downhill. I was in so much pain I did not know what to do. I had even comtemplating going into the emrgency reoom later on in the evening. The gas and constipation was ridicilous.
I felt like I had surgery all over again. I sent my daughter out for stool softners and 2% milk to drink warm to help with the constipation and it was taking its sweet tiime working. I was also taking the Gas X and a bowel laxative and it was helping some but not enough. I literally had turned into another person cause I was under so much pain. My PS hsd told me to keep pressure on my stomach and continue to massage it while taking the medications I had gotton. None of this was working and I could not take it. I had taken all the pain pills I could have witout overdosing and thought I was going MAD. I literally went back and forth to the bathroom all day trying to move my bowels and sat on the toliet so long the circle was imprinted on my butt. I finally went at 1:30am and it took a while cause my bowelss were still not soft and I felt like my scar was about to burst open but it did give me some relief right after.I went again this morning and the stool softners had finally kicked so it was not difficult at that time and things are now back to normal.

Had my 2nd post op appointment today and my drains was removed. It was a little pinch and that was a good thing cause I had prepared for much worst especially considering my drains was coming from the from on my VJJ. I had told you before in another post that I had changed my compression garment to the one I got from my friend and my doctor said that was also a reason I was experiencing so much pain cause the garment he gave me alsp protect the VJ as well as oppose to the other one which just wrapped aroound and covered the stomach. WOW, ladies Ive learned to listen closely to the doctors orders. Best wiches to all of those who have upcoming surgeries :-)
Hello I'm new but maybe you can try smooth move tea, and try some arugula and no starches ...It may work it can't hurt...
Treacy I am where you were I have so much built up gas and pain from not going to the bathroom since Wed so I am at 6 days of no poop I even drank that liquid magnesium so I guess the next thing is enema or suppository I dont know what else to do but I gotta get rid of this it is killing me! I was sure it would work, I have been eating dried prunes and taking a stool softener and extra fiber and miralax everyday, this sucks! I am glad you went, I am sure the heavens opened and you heard the angels sing, cause I swear that is what I am waiting for! Ughghg

It's been a few days for me ladies, I haven't been...

It's been a few days for me ladies, I haven't been myself the past few days. I have to say Ive been sad and somewhat depressed. Although the pain is better, I'm still very swollen and can't get around and do things like normal. Though I have a lot of support and everyone around me has been great this process is definitely a mental one as well. I looked at myself in the mirror the other day and thought " how is it I look bigger now after the surgery then I did before the surgery" ugghhhh I can't take it.....I've cried several times just because I just don't feel or look like myself right now and I'm so not happy with that at all. I couldn't help but think maybe I made a bad decision with getting the TT done but everyone keeps telling me to give it time.... How much time do I need to give it before I feel self assured again....I'm so sad :-(
You look great! A lot of people go through what your feeling, just remember this to shall pass.
Thanks Cmans, nothing like hearing the word to put me right at ease....
Treacy36, there is nothing wrong with you. You look very good. I feel so bad to hear you say that your sad and might have made the wrong decision to get a tummy tuck. In case you don't realize your stomach looks much better now than before, plus it is smaller. Stop letting negativity get the best of you. Better days are ahead specially after the swelling goes down.

Hello ladies, it's been a rough few days but in...

Hello ladies, it's been a rough few days but in feeling better today and have promised myself to be patient and positive cause the best it yet to come. I'm still real swollen but am on my feet and getting around on my own a whole lot more. Its 11 days post op and I don't have much pain anymore unless I'm over extending myself then I tend to get exhausted quickly and start to hurt a little bit. At this point I'm completely off the pain pills until I over due it being on my feet in this case I may take one to calm the pain down but noticed it kerns the swelling up also so I really need to rest more and take it easier than I have been. Scar and belly button is itching quite a bit but thats due to the healing and it doesn't bother me at all. The stitches in my belly button are starting to come up which my PS says is normal and it do t hurt so thats good. Have my 3rd post op appointment scheduled for Monday 3/12 at 2pm, really looking forward to being able to get in the gym so I plan to ask my PS if maybe I can start some walking on the treadmill at a low speed for about 20 minutes 3-4 days a week at like week 3 or 4 which is closely approaching for me.
You look great!
I hope things are going well for you. Your day 5 pics are awesome. You can see a sleek new you starting to appear. Don't be discouraged. Healing takes time. Hope to see more pics soon. Happy healing.
Look great!!

Hello beautiful ladies, its been a while but Ive...

Hello beautiful ladies, its been a while but Ive been so busy since Ive been back at work since 2 weeks post op. I am now 9 weeks post op and all is going pretty good. Im getting around like normal before the surgery but at times im still moving in slow motion. Im still dealing with swelling really bad. My PS okayed me to stop wearing my compression garment but I still wear it most of the time. Just started to be able to sleep back on my side about a week ago. That was exhausting for me sleeping on my back all the time cause im a side sleeper. I noticed in the morning my stomach looks really good and flat but after a few hours of getting my day going the upper part of my belling is sticking out. I even went into my PS office a few times to ask him was something wrong? He continues to tell me this process takes time and everyone heals differently. He says my belly will continue to go down up to a year post op. He says my swelling is perfecly normal and that as time goes on I will continue to see a big difference. I truly already see a big difference but dealing with the constant swelling coming and going when ever its wants is a bit annoying. Im still sticking in there ladies and holding on. Really looking forward to the final results of getting up with a flat stomach daily and it stays that way :-) I will post new pics real soon.
How's it going?
Hey Treacy!
We are diffinitely going thru the same thing down to a T... Which is a pain but I will just have to wait...I would love to see some current pics!!??
Hi, I am scheduled to have surgery by the same doctor on June 11 and was wondering if you can can post some current pics of tummy tuck. My stomache is very similar to yours and I would like to see what it looks like now. Thanks
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