FULL TT/LIPO Hinsdale,IL (burbs) By Way of Chitown ! One of the Best Things I've Ever Done - Hinsdale, IL

After my second Child in 2000, I knew that I would...

after my second Child in 2000, I knew that I would dream of this Precedure. Especially looking as if I carried tripletts the entire time that I was pregnant.

I wasn't sure how I would be able to afford something like this but I'm taking the plunge because it's something that I'm doing for me.

I have been a pretty athletic woman for the past 6 years, working out 5 days per week with high cardio, weights, even now I'm addicted to Core Power Yoga (a more Cardio like Yoga)

Even with me wearing a size "10" on good days, i have this excess skin from pregnancy and up and down weightloss ranging between 20lbs give or take , I'm ready to just get this over with

I have filled prescriptions to take with me but I'm feeling uneasy about the office not calling me until Thursday or Friday to give me an exact Surgery time at the Dr's office on Saturday Morning. It's like I'm already going crazy here! ..

So many questions that I should've asked like will I be able to take a shower once I leave or should I begin using cream for my scar the day of my surgery? Just so many things are running through my mind.

I'm also having Morbid thoughts. What will happen if I don't wake up!!I have had my tonsils taken out but lets be real that was over 22 years ago.

I'm not sure what to expect other than I'm getting this done and PRAYING that I look as good as most of the members on this site.

I LOVE My DR So far, Each time I've been to his office, he's spent at least 1 hour with me each time I've seen him. Explaining everything from why he needs to lipo near my flanks to why Lipo just won't do for me.. Also he explained how to take my meds and the purpose of each.

Other than Soups, Jello, and during solid food day, anything that flies or swims would be sufficient.. What am I missing here ?

I will be uploading my Befores that he takes on Saturday as well as my afters.. I am Praying that I look Great!!

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I forgot to add that I will be getting a Tubal...

I forgot to add that I will be getting a Tubal Ligation from the Surgeon! something that I had never anticipated on getting but I couldn't imagine starting over with having children. My son, the youngest was born in 2000.


Thanks Farz!! I just went out and got "Granny Panties" ha ha .. and Juices from Whole foods. I'm praying all that goes well. I had to call the Doctors office and say "you know i've had a great 2nd consult with my fabulous DR but we're 2 days away from Surgery.. I've paid $1000's of dollars and no one has yet to contact me about what time to be there on Saturday.. is this normal"?? ... So after the office lady says it's normal, she just told me what to bring/do for Saturday and be there at 11am... surely i was called a snooty you know what but geesh!! I will be posting before pics tomorrow plus the ones that my DR Takes of me beforehand .. Hope it goes well! This is IT! I can't believe it after all of these years of waiting has finally come to 2 days..
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I am so excited for you. Another 4 more days to go, eh ?! Take it easy, positive thoughts and cant wait to see the pics ! Good luck you will do just great !
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Shannon and Pitsburgh I will make sure to let you know what I had wished that I had done before Saturday and hopefully you two can spare some time or a product etc.. Wish me Luck Ladies!! I'm Semi Excited and Freaking Scared! All I can imagine is wearing my little sundresses this summer Minus that little Muffin top that gets worse as our kids and our lives age :)
I'll be drinking to that !
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Today is day 2 post op. I still can't believer...

Today is day 2 post op. I still can't believer I did this finally but I can tell you that after A lot of draining, my stomach is sopoooooo incredibly Sore! I have photos of before and photos of my markings before I went into surgery. My dr took photos of right after but I would have to get them downstairs and that is something that I would Not do right now. I am constantly doped up on percesett and 800 mg and ibuprofen and only awake a little at a little at a time
thank goodness for ricola caught drops! Since also getting a tubal, I had to get the. Air tube down my throat leaving. Me with tons of mucus to cough up something that would leave you in soooooo much pain. Sorry holding something large does not help AT All! I've gone. Through a bag Full and it's been 24 hrs since. I've made it

You do not have an appetite but drinking pineapple juice and others will help. I just tried the acai juice from whole foods and it's delicious!

I am able to walk to my bathroom just fine and not humped over as bad as I read about on this site.
My husband, kids and mother have been extremely helpful waiting on me hands and feet. My dogs are also concerned and will walk behind me when I get out of the bed.

The wedge pillow at bed bath and beyond ($25.99) under my legs and another type at tjmaxx ($16) really help a lot!

I have to use my step exercise stool to get in the bed with.

To make matters worse, I believe that I'm starting my period .. Ugh!!

Will update more when I'm not drawsy


Thanks for taking the time to update! Take it easy and happy healing!
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katgirl, thanks for keeping us updated. Im glad you have good support and help. I have 10 days left til Im up Im trying to stay strong and fear free. shanon
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I'm Updating Now before my Valium Kicks in...

I'm Updating Now before my Valium Kicks in.

Well! I can NOT believe I did this! It finally is over! .. I went in on Saturday at 11am and didn't have my precedure until around 1pm only because my DR was finishing up a precedure before me. First off, I have to say. My Dr is a BAD AZZ!!! He knows womens bodies as if he was several in his past life! haha! when I first had my couple of 1.5 consultations, I had heard that he was going to do heavy lipo on my upper abs and lower abs.. Flanks etc . I had even asked about the back portion and he said that he wouldn't touch those. Well, After looking at this photo op thing that my husband brought home (that is posted) I've noticed that it says that he lipoed a little of my back and maybe put some in my butt.. perhap for a Vavavoom Hourglass look!! ..

I have to forwarn you now.
yesterday.. Day Tuesday was the WORST SUICIDAL DAY EVER!!!!!! .. I'm hoping if I ca help just 1 person by saying this, I will have done something good for the world!..

SO I have percocet.. the pain pills (Vicodin is a little less stronger) .. Well, I was popping those like candy (every 4 hours) and was told between those 4 hrs I could have ibuprofin or Extra Str Tylonol.. Well I had 600MG Ibuprofin so why not ? By day 2 .. Sunday, My stomach felt like 2 20 TON Steel Plates had hit my stomach and I was in no mood to chat with anyone! This is when I really was on my Meds!! Well.. Monday comes along.. I'm feeling full.. a sip or two here and there and im extremely full like WOW! No Meal and I'm already full? Little did I Know (Or should know being in the medical field but hey! I'm on the table now.. not observing) .. I'm getting constipated from those Meds!! .. Well by yesterday.. Day 4 day Post Op.. MY stomach Hurt like HELL!!! To the point of wanting to rush to the ER!! Take an Enima.. BEG for SOMETHINg. ANYTHING!!! Milk of Magnesia doesn't work.. Smooth Moove Tea. Not working either.. all you could hear was my Stomach Rumbling but nothing coming out!! My Surgeon got on the phone told me to go and get senecot plus he called in Callofax (I didn't pick it up) I took the double dose yesterday afternoon.. nothing happpen.. took the final 2 in the evening, Stomach was still rumbling.. nothing coming out so I took one of my Valium and PASSED OUT Praying that today I would see Sunshine!! .. Well guess what? I DID!!! I Made it through that HORRIFIC Time..
Get Sennecot.. and Make sure that you're drinking water and if you can do not take as much of those Horse Pills for as long as you can...

To make matters worse, I had the galls to start my Period Sunday Morning. Yes Day 1 Post op of my Surgery.. ohh and I tell ya.. i wear a 10-12 on most days.. This binder they tighten around you is sooo tight, I'm surprised I could move around.. I look at the size today and it's a size s/m.. HUH?? LOL.. Well.. It worked..

Going into the OR was really great!! the Nurse who's been doing this 30 years +.. a Russian Surgeon Assistant and my Fabulous Greek Surgeon who is EXTREMELY Patient with you were all in there. plus his Medical Assistant who handles paperwork plus just any other questions that you may be too embarassed to ask (IE.. what if i start my period .. and yes i did start it) .. we were all in there while they were strapping me down.. discussing why I only had 2 kids.. And I was told that although I had an Oxygen Mask on my nose.. i would be getting a Tube due to the fact that I was also getting a Tubal Ligation (something i wouldn't just op to do because I was bored.. 1 surgery is enough for me!)... Well after I said.. "My southern mom says don't have too many just in case you're stuck raising them yourself" The rest is history.. they didn't even say Goodnight! .. Hours later.. I was in the recovery room with my husband with these tight azz bandages on and my pants on..Like Dang.. thatsit! how long have I been sleep ? It was amazing!! They handed him instructions on how to drain the drains (They aren't that bad for him to do it.. for my mother throwing up from a weak stomach.. i guess they are lol).. but thats it..

They begin to feel tighter and tighter once that pain meds come out of you in that drain..

and PLEASE get yourself some RICOLA.. BAGS AND BAGS Of them.. LAWD YOU will Feel like Someone is STABBING YOU in the Stomach if you even THINK you're about to caugh!! you'd better Suck about 4 of those with Water in hand.. and make one of those cute little tiny caughs until yo ucan control it

holding a hard pillow etc DOES NOT HELP!!!! I'm sure that it sounds good but it doesn't work. I'm not going to lie.. IT DOES NOT WORK!!!!

I threw up twice.. Once from those ACaI Juice from whole foods and once from trying to eat a healthy choice meal on the 3rd day.. but honestly it could've been because I was soo stopped up from those days of MEDS!!!
Thank GOD for those Refills of Valium.. when you just want to Sleep all of this away!! DO IT!!

the Wedge pillow from BED BATH AND BEYOND PREPPED under my Legs and there is another similar at TJMAX on your back/neck to help you sleep really does help (with about 2 other pillows behind you) They help.. Forget reading, watching tv.. you will not want to do anything but sleep.. Going to Pee isn't bad at all (and trust me being on your period and can say that must be true) .. Going to do the other when constipated.. well you're just sitting there FOREVER And NOTHING HAPPENS.. N.O.T.H.I.N.G. ...Me being the Prissy Southern Girl never talked about stuff like this to my husband.. you know.. just so un lady like.. but this time I was telling him that he had 3 minutes to get to walkgreens and purchase everything on that isle (i'm sure he was embarassed at the checkout stand but he did it) ..

the Beautiful part is this!!

TODAY!! I GO for a Check out! In between Surgeries my Surgeon Came and Unwrapped me.. put some neosporin on where the Tubes come out ( AND YES THEY LOOK WEIRD AND SPOOKY Just don't look at them ) and maybe a little neosporin in a few other places.. but ohh my GOD!! he says that I have about 15 more lbs in the upper Ab portion that will be falling down..

The drains stay in you until they are below 30 cc's because if you take them out too soon.. you will be at the DR's office getting shots to drain it out every single day!!!! I have some granny panties but they are weren't that needed so just get about 3 pairs..

Try NOT TO LAUGH!! IT HURTSSSSS Like Hell!! so make little "ha ha ha's" if you can. We were out house hunting today and I fell asleep in the truck after my husband was driving for about 50 minutes.. only to tell my mom and I to wake up to see the house and we were like "Wow.. we got here quick.. he gave us this "really ?" look that made me laugh so hard but it hurt like hell..

when the bandages were taken off.. My Tummy looked SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Small. The paper scanned was from Saturday.. Surgery Day. I noticed that it says that he put some fat in my butt but i didn't know that He would be doing that.. nor that he did anything to my back.. either way.. I look FABULOUS!! The binder is back on until Monday then I'm moving into a binder that Zips on both sides and covers the crotch area.. ... I know that I'm rambling..
My Surgeon says plans on losing about another 5lbs per week after the drains come out (whoo hoo) and the Compression garment will be on for about 30 days.. I can hang with that.. He gave me this "riske" bikini cut so something tells me that Jackie Brown Pam Grier in her earlier Days better Watch Out!

PS..the best thing that you could ever want to look like is your Natural, best self.. no one else :) I'm wondering if that little fat transfer to my already bootylicious butt was to just help curve the waistline. Time will tell.


U go GIRL!!!
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Today was day 6 Post Op. I was able to do a little...

Today was day 6 Post Op. I was able to do a little shopping with my mother for about 2 hours and was able to eat a little lunch. I can tell my stomach is smaller as I could only eat 1/2 of my chicken sandwhich. The walking and shopping lasted about 2 hours and I'm awaiting to go to bed as I'm exhausted. This transition is so exciting but will be even more once the drains are removed. They are the worst. Not so bad Pain wise just annoying when you want to see the True Look of things. I have yet to DARE to take a Peek at anything. My homework is to purchase a binder that covers the crotch and zips on both sides (not the type to step into like shorts) any suggestions would be appreciated it.


Sounds like you are pretty active person and being immobile is keeping you down! I fear I will feel the same way with exercise and all! So what kind of clothes are you wearing? I wonder how long I will be in sweatpants and pjs? What does the compression garment look like...did the dr show you a pic or where to find it? You are so funny! lol! I don't blame you for wanting to go on a fabulous vacation after all of that! Hopefully you will get to go somewhere warm and show off that new tummy this summer! Glad you are feeling a little better!
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compression garment thingy is frustrating. No local stores carries the kind that we actually need but I just found a place online (I figured that I really needed to get fitted but I'm going to try my luck and spend my cold hard cash on a mystery garment!

My DR told me to get one that zips on both sides so i just googled and found this {edited}

right now i have my yoga pans on and a loose shirt. I've worn other stretchy pants and larger sweaters where you couldn't tell that I had the plastic tubes that I wish would magically vanish. I'll try to take a little pick of my stomach so far tonight. Something soooo weird looking.. from the low bikini line.. the lower part to almost the You know what part ? It's SWOLLEN and HUGE and HARD!!! ..it looks soo weird so LAWD get these drains out and I'll look normal haha!! Maybe I shouldn't take a pic of that.. something tells me that if my friends see me on this site I will die of old age never living this down by them LOL.. Stay tuned..xx

{Edited by Kirsty - Please do not link to third party sites}
So today is day 9 Post Op... as you can see, I'm not feeling the "omg I can't believe I did this" instead I'm feeling like When in the hell are these damn drains coming out let alone the sutures ?" ... I'm feeling heavy because my Daily Hot Core Power Yoga that I would do daily seems as if it was something that I did years ago which means that I feel heavy and If I thought about food, I've probably added 6lbs for each thought.

one of my drains appears to be just about empty but the other keepps running strong. I'm getting sick of laying on my back and can't even turn to my side. I want to put on a pair of jeans but I Can't due to the tubes but Lord Give me the Body to wear some hip huggers after all of this with a little defined blouse by spring and all of this bedresting stuff will be forgiven!

In the meantime, Its ok to be able to sleep more often. I'm usually working around the clock considering I'm self employed and me laying up house hunting for another home (Pres Obama, we may just end up being neighbors!!) is getting me pretty excited. I am going to calll around for this freaking Compression garment because I'm afraid of purchasing the wrong size then getting to the dr's office and hearing him say "sorry Kat, come back when you have the garment" leaving me to walk around with tubes even longer..NOT!!

My appetite has certainly come back but I am not eating a lot like i used to something I was told would happen.. Now.. If I could rid myself of these 14-15lbs of fluid inside of me.. add those little 5lbs per week that I was promised and we may be in business.. with who? i dont know..maybe I'll ask Donald Trump could I represent his Condo building and suddenly become Rich enough to get tweaked somewhere else! no worries, i am not the plastic goddess. this is my first elective surgery ever!! I may just take myself to Italy after all of this :) just a thought.
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Today is day 10 Post Op. As I wait for my Double...

Today is day 10 Post Op. As I wait for my Double side Zip "Special medical Grade Garment" that has cost me a whopping $85..I'm still in my White Binder but the next one will be worn for at least 30 days. The upper abs is still swollen with fluid and the darker marks are just Sticky Tape from the binder/wrapping from surgery. I am not doing the Shower thing "Sigh" because I wasn't instructed to. I am supposed to have these Exhausting Drains out when the cup measures less than 32 cc's within 24 hours but today is a little depression.. my Drain Measurement is 70cc's !! ugh!! It seems to be climbing instead of reducing.. am I ever going to let go of these DRAINS?? i still feel swollen but glad that i don't see any flabby mushroom skin.. that part is exciting! Well back to wrapping up tight! I need a perfect physique for this Hard earned cash! Lol.. one good thing, now that my appetite is back, you really do fill up fast since your stomach is smaller. looking forward to seeing what it will really look like once all of this swelling/fluid is gone. ..well stay tuned for next update.

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So I finally found the healing enhancement garment...

so I finally found the healing enhancement garment that I need to get but it was online and $85 bucks!! but! I hear it works Wanders and it's a nice compression to make sure that everything is Perfecto after wearing for the next several weeks. I promised to post the picture since we're not allowed to advertise..inbox me and i'll let you know where I found it

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Ha you are to funny! I will make sure I don't eat anything, lol! So how long will you be wearing the famous and expensive zip up binder?
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Hey there! I was told 1 month but i just cant imagine that after that month i will be able to wear anything that resembles a bikini but my doc swears i can after my shaper and the water pills that will hopefully let go of all of this. Now to me that would be a Miracle and i swear i will have No Problem being the Tummy Tuck Poster Child ha ha ha! So ill let you know how this episode plays out lol
Wow, that is awesome!!!! I can't wait to see those pics...hope you post them...in your bikini with your new tummy and booty!
Question for you? Were you ablet to wear bra/panties for surgery or did they make you go nude?

Today is day 12.. I STILL have these Drains in me!...

Today is day 12.. I STILL have these Drains in me! GOOD LAWD!!! It's supposed to measure under 30cc's .. I'm at 50 Now I'm ready to curse Creole Style .. This binder is ungly now.. If I can at least wear a CUTE ONE to go along with me wanting to just look Cute!! Good LAWD! .. in the meantime, I'm manifesting by Saturday these drains are out. I have noticed two things so far.. I really don't want to eat as much as I used to eat and I'm still fatigued and want to take 2 hour naps constantly .. this could be from me wanting to heal or me having a crash for not working out for the past 3 weeks.. choose my reason aye? My stomach is much smaller but I want to post a new pic on 15 day Post Op so that I'm not appearing obsessed with all of this (when secretly I am.. especially when my Mother today just said "Wow look at your coke bottle physique!! I can really tell!!" And this is coming from my Louisiana Momma who wouldn't have ever opted to do this but she's pondering October to have it done .. talk about me being an inspiration aye? LOL in the meantime my sister and my mother are going through the 1000's of clothing items that I purchase and some I have forgotten that I even had (and with tags).. I'm staring at 6 boxes for UPS Delivery to my sisters house (She can't WAIT FOR THIS STUFF!!) .. my mother even told her to just drive up to chicago from KC with empty boxes or suitcases LOL Seriously!.. I can't fit a lot of it already and now with this TT I had to let go of some of my priceless items that I've splurged on and would NEVER give away..did I say NEVER ?

In the meantime, out of the blue I get a catalog with these Bikini's.. I have NEVER received one of these specifically for swimwear.. wondering if they telepathically knew that I got a Tummy Tuck ..hmmmm.. LOL..

Look for more pics! Don't forget to continue to take your antibiotics.. I'm getting desperate now so I have my arnica gel and rubbing it below my boob area and a little below my belly button .. btw.. it's still NUMB and it feels weird to touch it! As long as it's Flat as a Door when it's all over with. Back to Praying that these 2 drains come out PUHLEEZ!!! Amen !


Katgirl, I really enjoy reading your blogs... and you look FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!! I too am taking the little sugar pills and bromaline. 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after. I go in today for another preop and next thursday @ 7:15am I get the surgery.

I will be a real good case for the DR ARTIST!
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hi there Phoenix! thanks!! Congrats on your date.. the day before you will certainly be like "OMG I can't believe this!!"
but also take those tips .. you don't want to be humpped over 2 days post op thinking that you were part of the 8% that said "NOT WORTH IT" lol.. Honestly you will be fine. My stomach is even smaller than the pics that I posted just a few days ago! I'm assuming that my Swealling is going down even more. It's soo weird to feel yourself reach over and actually not feel any flab or anything!! It's like A Miracle!! ALL of these years me carrying this mushroom flab around.. Just can't believe it. Trust me I will be Showing something Svelt come summer! i've already got my little dresses Lined up in a Nice little Row and some of them are SHEER!! LOL .. ok not that tacky but you get what I'm saying.. Those little Tank Tops here I come!! :) .. It's interesting that you're going for another preOp. I only did 1 consult.. then 1 visit but while I was there.. he just said lets just preOp you now and low and behold, the testing place was 1 floor up (bloodwork etc) .. The next time that I was there I was bringing my prescription meds in with me.

Make sure that you get several Scripts of Valium. No you will not get addicted and yes you will want to sleep away those first couple of days of misery!!
especially when your stomach is soooooooo incredibly sore! it's like that for maybe 4 days. I can actually Caugh and laugh right now and it feels ok :) Now thats a Miracle! those first few days it will feel as if you will always hurt to caugh but you heal pretty quickly.

I can't believe that I still have these drains in me!! My TT/Lipo was March 5th so Now I'm getting Ansy to the next part. Well I guess today was fine that I didn't get the drains out because my compression garment isn't here yet (hoping it arrives tomorrow as promised) I will be trying my best to get these things out on Saturday.. Puhleez!!! and I have a valium to take on my way to the visit (just in case there is some uncomfort multiplied by 1000 for me :smile:) .. keep us updated. If you have any questions please ask I want everyone to have a pleasant experience and learn from any of my mistakes !
You are to funny but you are so right.. he is a Male Dr and he has worked on someone from that show the biggest loser! He is all about business and is very serious about what he does but I would never trust my body to anyone else... so when people are like you are driving three hours away for your surgery and I am like yea, have to go back up to Philly for the only surgeon that I trust... My husband said he is jealous of the dr because he gets to look at boobs all day, lol! Yea, if I could be buck naked and have a baby then I can do anything, lol!
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WHOO HOOO 13 Day Post Op! I called because my I...

WHOO HOOO 13 Day Post Op! I called because my I was beginning to ITCH Down there with these Drains and all and low and behold, I was told to come in to get them out!! SO Out to the office I went!! .. I had the stitches taken out and also took the enhancement 2 zip garment that I got in the mail right on time!

To describe what the Drains being taken out feels like.. Well imagine one of those Ridged Straws in a Drink at an amusement park ? Well you lay on the table and take a deep breathe in and when you exhale you feel him pull I don't know how long that tube is but it feels PRETTY DAMN LONG!!" IT doesn't hurt but just feels like EW !! .. then it's over.. nothing else.. He put that Special healing Tape over the drain holes plus gauzes plus Bandages and I see a little bandage where the top lipo happened ! Took the Stiches out..those hurt on the side a little but so glad that they are out. I'm showing my Pics.. I got a Prescription for Water Pills plus Potassium Pills and will return in 1 week. HE says that I should be losing about 5lbs per week. Unfortunately I'm not that photogenic (in my opinion) but I look heavier than I am in person but anyhoo.. Sharing my Experience so far! .. PS.. didn't need a Valium after all but I did take 2 Alieve before I left the house .. just in case. I'm a scardy Kat

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Kat you must look hell a good to be an inspire your mom to think about a TT! I can't wait to see your 15 day post op pics!!!! That is so crazy that you just got a bikini catalog! But awesome because you will be looking through there picking out itsy bitsy bikinis to wear and looking damn good in them! When do you think your drains will come out? Hmm..so you are on antibiotics? My dr didn't send me a prescription for that.... he sent me percoset and oxycoden and a package of vitamins in the mail and supplements to take.
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Hey Katgirl! I'm already saying "OMG I can't believe I am doing this!" When I spoke to the surgical nurse yesterday (they tested me for nicotine!) I expressed my concern about the drains... she has been thru 4 procedures with this dr. He had to fixed TWO botched breast jobs on her, then did a lipo with TT and then did her thighs. She says they are nothing. They use ones with thin tubes that come out easily. I hope so! She also said they will make sure I have lots of drugs. I just want to sleep the first week away...

It seems you haven't made any mistakes - your attitude is wonderful and that's what my PS says, just keep a positive attitude and that will help more than anything with the healing. I'm lucky that way - usually a happy girl, and I keep looking at the carrot dangling in front of me! And yes, pray a lot.

I will post before and afters.

keep in touch!
hey there! Just got home and have some pics to Share! WhootWhooot!! now if this is how i Look and I'm swollen.. haven't had a water pill or anything!! I can only imagine what I'm gonna look like when I get 3 more weeks in.. SOO NOW I See why the MEN Were Gawking AT Target before my mom and I came home today! LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL... I'm serious!! My mother just kept saying "Did you see those men looking then turned their heads when you looked up? " My husband better WATCH OUT! Haha! No we're Faithful till the end..

So 16 Days ago I had my Full TT/ Upper/lower/flank...

So 16 Days ago I had my Full TT/ Upper/lower/flank Lipo plus Tubal. My drains came out only a few days ago and I've been wearing my compression garment Most of 24 hrs per day. As I sit here this morning, I'm taking the guts (literally) to Not have it on for the past 30 Minutes. I only take it off during showers and maybe 4 minutes to STARE at how far I've come in only 2 Weeks! Unbelievable! Today my Stomach is feeling extremely TIGHT! and the swelling is beginning to go away "down there" I wear those typical panty Girdles, Plus this compression garment and since my DR wrapped the white binder around me, I wear that on top! Yes. I'm working hard at this! .. I've been taking Vitamin E Gel capsuls, b-12's that dissolve under my tongue for energy (Lawdd I haven't worked out in 1 month and Im beginning to feel it), I'm on Water and Potassium Prescription Pills. I'm praying that I lose some of those 5lbs per week as promised as I haven't been able to work out and I'm feeling quite heavy although my night gowns are extremely loose these days. Can't believe that my muscles were moved back towards the center of my stomach (they stretch to the sides after kids did you know this ?)

Well until Next Time!


GOOD LAWD right when I thought that I was about to feel like FOXY BROWN walking down the street, I can honestly say that today My Stomach is SORE AND TIGHTTTTTTT!!! Sore and Tight to the point of the feeling of 10lbs sqaure bricks just sitting on my abs all day and i'm just sore and tired (tummy area) .. my lower ab area. or pubic area seems to be "unswealling" so i'm a little sore "Down there" to .. I had both girdles on today but I quickly took the white binder of! Heck i've had it on all night/ all day. In the meantime I'll keep you posted! Tried on a HOT HOT HOT Dress today with 4" pumps today and WOW!! My stomach was like Boom Boom POW!!!! My mother was just like GOOD LORD Girl!!! ..so I'm thinking this Tummy Tuck was the PERFECT Decision! If you can just make it through that 2nd day or 3rd day and take those tips .. you'll be fine.

PS.. Still no desire for SEX Yet.. I'm just keeping it real.. my husband says that he can't believe he's suffering but!! today when I had this little clingy tunic he stood back and said WOW!!! Look at your Side Profile! Looking forward to feeling into my plethara of those 2 piece Matchy Undies Sets that i haven't had on (with tags) hoping one day for a miracle one day :)
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Hi Katgirl,Thank-you for your posting and updates You look great! Congrat! I'm currently looking for a PS in my area. I'm 5Ft0in 140 size 7/8 Wow! most of my weight is my 6mo looking tummy and my butt and thighs. I have 6 children 1-14years. and I work out 6 days a week for 30mins. I love my curves,just need a TT, lipo-flanks,little on upper back under bra strap,and little off the back of the arms. I just want to look good in my clothes. I will keep you posted.
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please do!! I had said that I would need my arms sucked out ! Especially at 37 but you may not need all of that and the surgeon doesn't do too much at once. I started talking about everything that I wanted (how about a new body ?) and he just said "First thing first" and he's right.. once you get that slim upper/lower tummy and sides.. everything else just looks GOOD! So.. He did heavy lipo upper/lower/ side flanks and around my hips in the lower back area (although I have no marks there) and he sculpted my hourglass like figure. I may not need the arms after all, once i'm back into my routine of yoga, those downward dogs and Chaturunga's really tone them!.. You want Au Natural look anyway :) I'm sure you will look PERFECT! ... thanks for keeping in touch! let me know when things are changing for you

Went to my 20 Day Post Op today! Funny how Time...

Went to my 20 Day Post Op today! Funny how Time will fly once those Dreadful Drains are out. The past 3 weeks have just flown by! I've gotten clearence to begin jogging again and even doing light weights etc so that I can firm up my lets/arms before summer!! I'm thrilled with my results so far and i'm still slimming up!

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Wow you look so good! I took a picture of your before and after just to show my PS this is what look I'm looking for lol. Did your PS lipo your back and flanks 1st than TT? I'm scheduled to go May 25, I'm so neverous cause my period will be on the 3rd day of my period ugh, I called the dr and left a message. Any ways you look awesome and your post are great!
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thanks so much! Well i'll let you on a little secret.. I did start my period on day 3 of my surgery!! ugh! it wasn't bad at all and I was practically standing straight (perhaps due to me being pretty flexable due to all of the hot yoga/jogging that Ive done for years leading up to this) I didn't get lipo on my back however I did get some upper/lower and side flanks I think my PS just implimented whatever he needed to do to make me look FAB! he's really good, he can look at you and quickly say what you need with a quick glance. do not be nervous! I was nervous as well and all I can remember was explaining why I was getting my tubes tied after 2 kids and the 2 drs, assistant and the nurse were talking about why they only had 1 or 2 kids.. and laughing about it. They didn't even say count to 5.. good night or anything LOL.. you'll be fine. Just know that 2 weeks after your body has just about bounced back! .. make sure that you inquire about the lipo where needed.. I find it interesting that if you're getting a full TT that you don't get lipo along with it, it's almost necessary and you can tell those who did not get it. My stomach was super Flat leaving out of the Office on Surgery day. Me wearing the big white binder was for my stomach to adhere to the muscles and also a great place where they attached both of my drains with paper clips so that they weren't hanging everywhere. By day 4 i was walking in the grocerystore with a sweatshirt on and no one even knew that i had drains under me. As well as other loose fitting regular shirts. Also inquire about 2 drains. not sure why some are only getting 1. You should leave out of there with a big white binder.. then after drains come out you wear a compression MEDICAL GRADE garment.. it really does pay off. I'm still wearing those type of Garments but i have purchased one of the girddle panties with the eye hooks all the way up to my upper abs and it's working well just so that I'll have a change :).. Keep us posted !! nothing to be worried about even with the PMS.. you'll see it's not as bad as it sounds.. if you want to know something BAD! read and make sure that you do NOT do what I did by day 3 and thats popping those Stuff you up Pain pills if you don't have to.. it's like a Suicidal Death Threat that your body is giving you haha
Wow so sorry to hear...keep moving forward & it will work out
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Hi thanks a lot for all the good info my big day is may 19th i am a wreck i also will be order a compression garment.but i am concern about how to size.your pic are awesome i luv them our stomach look the same but i am much taller then you 5'10. I am not as curvy as you are i more shape like straight up an down.
Pray for me a easy recover.
My PS will be doing some Lipo with full TT .If i was good with this computer stuff i would luv to post some before an after pic

tummie new
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Hi I hope your doing well and healing quickly!! I saw your picture of the binder you are using and wondering how you like it? I was going to buy that same one for myself so I can use after the first three or four weeks of recovery. Is it comfortable and does it compress enough to limit swelling? And did you buy it according to the measurements you were before surgery? thanks for the help and hope your feeling well..=)
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hi there YES!! it's a Great compression garment. if you order to your specifications, it will be perfect! Of course you will find it a bit loose when after a couple of weeks because you will lose some weight once your swelling goes down. I stll have some swelling so I have purchased another one from TJMAXX/ Marshalls and will post a pic! I would certainly get the medical grade first. IT makes a difference :). .. Take the measurements, if have questions call them .. they are a husband and wife distributer and they are extremely helpful. Also they will certainly get it to you ASAP.
Hope this helps

Well i'm back to working out but many are...

well i'm back to working out but many are asking where are these girddles coming from. I purchased the medical grade online at healingenhancements and the latest pics are girddles purchased at marshalls and tjmaxx. they are holding up pretty well and i love how they go up to the upper torso. .. they come in black and this light beige. Since they are only $14.99.. I have a few and they are helping with the reduction of swelling "quickly"
my tummy is almost flat! I will update soon
PS.. today I tried on a Form fitting dress that Zips on the side.. Va va va Voom!!


You look great!!!
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You look awsome. Can you give me your doctor info. Can you send or post new pictures?
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Hi GloRay, I did post Dr K's info up. I'm not posting anymore photos on this board but my physique is still in tact just as you see in the AFTER photos :) so things are still looking great. I still feel fantastic.. good luck with your TT.. i'm sure you'll love your new look! xx
Dr. Katsaros

All I can say is go and spend 1 hour with this man! he will explain why you do and do not need certain things for your body! He doesn't need your money. trust me!! he is the CREM Da La Crem and he doesn't need all of that Fancy Advertisement! I can see that his face isn't even on this site... .. I had my precedure in hindsdale but chicagolandcosmetics.com will give you a glimpse of who he is.

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