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redo 5moths later..added a butt lift

I am 34 years old, 4 children youngest being at a...

i am 34 years old, 4 children youngest being at a year. and like most i have some left over skin and fat on my abs that wont go away. i am considering this surgery with some lipo. my questions are: when they lipo do they lipo the entire ab area including the upper abs? how long does the swelling last? by 6 weeks are people usually ready to get into regular clothes and swim suit? i am a avid exerciser and do P90x and insanity every day and i dont want to loose the results that i have gained from that in my lower and upper body. when could i expect to get back to that extreme exercise? thanks in advnace for all your inputs.

Ok...i am scheduled for 3/17/11, st patty's...

ok...i am scheduled for 3/17/11, st patty's day and i am irish...thats got to be good luck! i will be getting a tuck, a lift, and implants...mommy makeover...im not nervous, i am ready and wish it was here already. i want to be ready for bikini season in june or so and i can't wait. not sure anything could bum me out right now...

My big day is tomorrow, new boobies and tummy. my...

my big day is tomorrow, new boobies and tummy. my twin sister is getting her tummy today with the same dr. she can be the guinea pig...lol....so here's to the last day of the old me...cheers!

So i am 3 weeks out and i feel emotionally...

so i am 3 weeks out and i feel emotionally terrible. i look like i am 4 mons pregnant, just the thing that i wanted to get rid of. the wrinkles are gone but i am not any flatter. maybe tt are only go get rid of skin not so much to make you flat. but all that i have seen is flat...i am so disappointed...what you all think..

I am 5 weeks out and still looking like i need a...

i am 5 weeks out and still looking like i need a tt....i am so frusrated and just hope that its all swelling and not a botched job!

6 weeks still swollen or just bad tt job...let me ask you girls, after your tt, what happens to your ab skin when you are in a push up position...mine still hangs. is that normal?

Going to talk to ps tommorrow about a re-do...he...

going to talk to ps tommorrow about a re-do...he so missed the mark on my tt.


I had a floating bb tt in march. it was not...

i had a floating bb tt in march. it was not appropriate for me and the results were not what they should of been. i waited a very long 5 months to get a redo and then added the butt lift to it. i added the butt lift to ensure that i was as tight as i could be and to get rid of the excess around my hips. i didnt want to be dissatisfied again and go through the emotional stress again...so here are updated pics and i love it. i am only a week out but the difference is amazing...

Updated yesterday but not posting? any help?

updated yesterday but not posting? any help?

Just uploaded...good.

just uploaded...good.

More pics in new swim bottoms. garment imprints...

more pics in new swim bottoms. garment imprints on tummy and back.

2 week pic update...saw dr today, pulled a stich...

2 week pic update...saw dr today, pulled a stich but all is healing well and no infections. cant wait until bb will look better but no complaints...this was the best money i ever spent and feel so freeing..:)

I hit the third week mark...still sore somtimes...

i hit the third week mark...still sore somtimes but i think a lot of the soreness is the swell. the last two mornings i have woke up pretty non swollen but by then end of the day i feel it. but, its all part of the process. way happier with the results this time around.

Iam six weeks and dealing with swelling like all...

iam six weeks and dealing with swelling like all of you. not as bad as the first time but enough that i know i am swelling. i am not wearing a garment except to work out. dr said i can resume normal life, all looks good and there is no reason to baby things anymore. so i am back to P90X and Insanity and it feels good.

Its been 7 months since my last surgery. ...

its been 7 months since my last surgery. everything is going well, trying to tone more with my P90X1 and 2. I still swell by the end of the day and mu scar is still red on spots. but all this comes with the surgery.....enjoy
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Hey there, I am looking into revision too as I was not satisfied the first time, would love to see your photos.. where are they?
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Wow so there's still swelling at 7 months! : ( I'm 3 weeks PO today and was wondering when there was light at the end of the tunnel. You look great!
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the swelling is different for everyone...but yes, they say a year is the best for really knowing what you will look like.
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Hi Redhead,
You look amazing!
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Redhead94 : Did your PS have to reopen your incision line? You look great :-)

I am having a revision done too because my muscles above my BB have seperated and I look pregnant. I am seeing a doc in Evertt, WA in a couple weeks for consultation. He does the endoscopic procedure where he doenst have to open my incision line to fix my muscles. I am happy you are happy and have the results you deserve!!!
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Wow it looks painful and you look great!!! Very brave to do it twice!
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You look great! did the same doctor do both surgeries? The butt lift looks really painful....
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i did use the same surgeon....i took a risk that he would do it right this time. otherwise i would of had to pay another dr the full amount. the bl wasn't painful it was a breeze compared to MR and tt...:)
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Smoking mama!

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Love the lifted booty and new swimsuits!!   You look wonderful:)

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Wow! You are so brave to go through all of the surgery & recovery again & it looks like you are doing great already! You look awesome at 8 days post op, imagine how you will look next summer! Your muscles are so defined already. I had mine done 4/8 & I am so happy. I would do it again. Isn't it great to be so flat?!
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i just couldnt live with the way i looked when i knew it could be so much better. and actually watching your progression and seeing your bent over pics, i knew mine was not done right with all my skin still hanging off when i bent over. this one was so much easier since there was no mr, but 4 drains really sucked. and yes, even though i am swollen its a like a "flat" swollen. so different from last time....you look good as well.
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Good luck with your revision surgery,. Is the ps redoing the tt for free? Or did you go with a different dr? I cant imagine the frustration you must be feeling to have to go through the surgery again.
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thanks...we haven't discussed in detail yet. he says that he will only charge me the diff bt the modified and the full, which was about $500 but i would have to pay the other charges. but, for all the mental agony that i have been through, a wasted summer, depression and the fact that he should of picked the right surgery for me in the first place..and i could go on, lol....i think it should all be on him. what happene is he thought a floating bb tuck would be best. didnt give me an option of the full even though i questioned him many times of the diff. therefore i kept my original bb hole but it floated down just a little bit. which means nothing above the bb was pulled tight and really not alot below was pulled tight otherwise the bb would not be in the same place. so even though my lower skin is smooth its not flat and when i lean even a little bit to any side but especially over...there is still ugly skin that hangs.....it looks terrible...
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yes i will be getting a redo in nov or dec depending on schedules...i got a second opinion and he said even now he could do it and not leave me with a v-scar...so, i go back 8/3 to my ps to discuss dates, money, procedure, etc....
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Isn't that SO frustrating! I'm actually getting a second opinion today to see about a revision...Will update what he says. At least the recovery will be much easier with no muscle repair being done.
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thats true....hopefully the pain will be less since no mr this time. the biggest thing is the damn tubes...but whatelse can i do but suck it up and just wait until late fall...at least i will have the winter to recover...how is your v-scar looking and what are you doing to heal it?
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Either he sutured it down to the muscle or it has adhered. Since there's a lot of excess skin around it, it pulls in and I really don't like it...looks like a secondary labia :0/ I've been using Bio oil for about a month.
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Do let us know how this revision goes for you. 

We do have a Tummy Tuck Revision Community  and  I would love it if you would post your journey there. 


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Hey Redhead...Have you scheduled your re-do yet? If you can have a flat tummy, no skin and a vertical scar that is hidden, that is much better than not being pulled tight and having a lot of excess skin. I know you've asked about the vertical scar before... I wouldn't have an issue with it if I felt it was absolutely necessary.
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I wonder if this is gonna be a long term problem for me (swelling)I sure hope not
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How are you doing redhead? I am also experiencing swelling . . . or at least I hope it is and nothing else! I dont want another procedure done!! Just posted some pics. . . seems it fluctuates. Sucks!!
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swelling is still hanging around. i had one day of no swelling 2 weeks ago. havent seen flatness since. up and down is the name of tha game. if it wasnt that it was close to summer i wouldnt care as much ya know...winter hides all things!
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thanks booka......i am trying to keep upbeat about it. i see glimpses of what i think it will look like and then the minute i think about the word "swell" i swell....lol.....so day by day it is...your lookin good too!
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You're welcome. I know how it is, it's just we've waited so long for this and worked so hard for it that when we dont' see it, it's hard! I think your stomach will shrink and look really good. I took a good look at your 3 and 5 week pics and your 'pudge' is not fat, hell u didnt' have fat there before. All swelling. It's gonna leave. Unfortunately some of us swell longer than others.

And thanks, I can't wait to see what my belly looks like unwrapped, I too am trying to be optimistic that it'll be flat and no 'skin' will be loose.
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