6weeks post op:)

I am a 33 yr old mother of 4, my oldest being 13,...

I am a 33 yr old mother of 4, my oldest being 13, and my youngest being 3 yr old twins! I am scheduled for a tummy tuck( i think no muscle repair will be done), and a breast aug, with a lift on Feb 29th!! I have always struggled with my weight even a little before kids, but gained 60 lbs with my 1st baby. I have been on a very long journey of losing weight, and after having all my children, I am now at a comfortable weight of 141 lbs, and i am 5’ 9.

The problem now is my body is not equaling up to how fit and beautiful I feel on the inside! I am obsessed over this “twin skin” and have been considering this since soon after the twins were born! I can not wait, but it seems like now that its officially booked, i wish i would have done it sooner! I feel like its years away! So now all I do is think about it and worry! Too much time to get more terrified!

This website looked like a great place to gain some encouragement and support, because it sure is surprising how many mixed feelings I have been receiving from family and friends when I tell them my news! I am confident enough with my decision though, that I dont really let it bother me, but it is good to know I am not alone in this process:) When it gets closer I will post some pics! Thanks!

Ok, I have just booked a $255 flight for my...

Ok, I have just booked a $255 flight for my mother-in-law to come stay for 3 weeks to help out with the kids post-op! It's getting more " real" now!! Now I pray it goes off without a hitch;) 5 more weeks from now!!!! Yay:)

So I posted these pictures, but yuck....wouldn't...

So I posted these pictures, but yuck....wouldn't mind taking some of them off now...how do I do that?

Wow 4 weeks from now I will be finally getting...

Wow 4 weeks from now I will be finally getting ready for the big day:) I still feel I have an eternity to wait, but I also am starting to feel overwhelmed with all I want to get done before! My husband asked if I'll still be obsessed with this website and all of my researching after the surgery! LOL I just can't help it. I want to feel prepared:)

Today I'm feeling EXTREMELY guilty! I feel I need...

Today I'm feeling EXTREMELY guilty! I feel I need this surgery, so it isn't changing my decision, plus I already put down my deposit so I'd loose some money if I cancelled anyway, but we just had some car problems that came up and I feel horrible being a huge part of our financial stress right now:( ! I'm so ready to get of this roller coaster of emotion!! I just pray it will all be worth it!:)

Oh my, 2 weeks from today:) everyday is a...

Oh my, 2 weeks from today:) everyday is a different emotion, but today is more panic...I feel overwhelmed with all I want to get done before, but I just can't bring myself to do much! Go figure?! I have my pre op with my PS on Monday so Im super excited for that! Hope you are all doing well in your journeys:)

Oh boy am I overwhelmed! So I had my pre op today....

Oh boy am I overwhelmed! So I had my pre op today. I feel good but I am now having to make the final decision between saline or silicone....looking for feedback girls? I originally thought saline, but he seems to think silicone would be a good choice also. He does both and said with me being thin( which was weird to hear since I've never felt thin) but he said since I'm thin my odds of ripple are good. Granted not right away, but still pretty likely. So now I'm worried about making the wrong decision, but yet I feel I really cant go wrong. I feel like what's meant to be will be so if I'm meant to have problems it'll happen either way....or at least that's what I tell myself to feel better! Lol so other than that I feel good. OH, he did say he IS going to do muscle repair, which in the consult appt he did t think he would, but if I'm going thru all this I want it don tight so I'm ok with that :) and I just told my 13 yr old daughter( about the TT not the BA) and she seemed to handle it well . So Wednesday is my blood work so please pray that is all good so I can get this over with! I'm ready:) well kind of hahaha hope you are all doing well on your journeys!

It is getting REAL hard to keep my motivation to...

It is getting REAL hard to keep my motivation to workout when I am only days away....anyone else feel the same? I'm doing it, but not as happy to be doing it hahahah Had my blood work done yesterday so I'm just praying that went well so we can get this show on the road :)

Just finished my last workout for weeks:( bitter...

Just finished my last workout for weeks:( bitter sweet I guess. It was a good one though, the max interval insanity....love/hate it:) today is my last day to get everything done because tomorrow I work all day till 10 p.m! Anxiety is super high but getting so excited! Off to do my errands....hope everyone is doing well today!

OK girls! I am less than 24 hrs away from the new...

OK girls! I am less than 24 hrs away from the new me! I'm just trying to spend some time with the twins before I have to go to work for the rest of the day! Then come home and shower and finish packing my bag since I'll be going straight to my moms house to heal for a few days before I come back home! I'm going to miss my kids so much, but I don't want them to see me in major pain! Now just need an official surgery time and it will all be over soon. Mixed emotions of course, but please keep me in your thoughts and prayers and good luck to all my fellow real self friends on your journeys! I'll post as soon as I feel up to it:)

Alright ladies, I 1 st want to say thank you for...

Alright ladies, I 1 st want to say thank you for all the prayers and well wishes. I really appreciate this site and all you girls. I don't know where to begin....well Im not feeling up to too much detail, hopefully tomorrow, but it only took 3 hrs! He said it went well but can't tell anything yet....I only have one drain in my tummy. I'd say my boobs hurt the most....more the chest, not incision. Also the drain site burns a bit. Hoping that's normal. I actually have to go for my 1st post op tomorrow so I'm kind of dreading the drive but excited to know what he has to say. Oh, I didn't get a chance to talk to him after surgery because I had TERRIBLE uncontrollable shakes from anesthesia! It was probably one of the worst parts, not painful nessisarily, but scary cuz I had no control. Anyway, I'd say the pain is so far, better than what I though. Definitely painful, but manageable thus far. I'm sure tomorrow will be worse, hipefully not tho! So I've been home for about 4 hrs and pain level is about a 4-5! So thanks again and I'll try to post more tomorrow after my appointment.

Post op day 1! It has been almost 24 hrs since...

Post op day 1! It has been almost 24 hrs since I've been home from surgery and I am still very happy with my experience so far! I had my 1st post op with surgeon today and he seemed to be happy with how everything looks. He called me a " tough one" so I guess he thinks I'm doing well too:) I got to see everything for the 1 st time and it was hard cuz I was laying down, but I'm loving it so far. There r some areas on my tummy incision that r pretty puffy but he assures me that will go down? I also am telling myself not to judge yet since we r only 24 hrs out from surgery. I'll give it some time:) it seems like my BB is great to, still have gauze on all incisions but he said I can shower tonight already and take all the gauze off!!! Wow I was surprised with that. I'll of course still wear the binder, but they said I don't need it real tight? I'm a little nervous about the shower, but if he says it's ok, then I'm trusting that. My boobs seem like they are going to be great. I ended up with 325 cc mentor silicone and I can't wait to heal:) I'm still on Vicodin, but feeling like I could stretch a bit longer in between doses...I'd say I have more discomfort than pain thus far. The worst parts are still getting up but he said I can use my chest muscles, which I didn't think I could but my abs hurt more if I move the wrong way....still trying to master that. Ay ideas are welcomed. Oh and one HUGE peice of advice that goes along with this subject is ladies make sure if u r doing both your chest and tummy at the same time......WORK you legs as much as u can before sugary cuz I think that has been a huge help for me!!! Oh and I have been sleeping well actually. I'm a back sleeper anyway but if it weren't for having to pee every 2 hrs from all this darn water, I'd sleep even better, but I get up, go pee, get settled and am able to get right back to sleep....so far. I keep saying I don't want to say how well I'm doing, cuz I'm afraid I'll jinx myself, but i guess I really just expected far worse. I am pleasantly surprised and I just pray it continues:) hope all of u ladies r recovering well and this too shall pass. :) I'll try to get a pic after my shower to post but if not as soon as I can I'll get one up!

Post op day 2! Had a rough start this morning cuz...

Post op day 2! Had a rough start this morning cuz I didn't get up thru the night so I was pretty stiff, also didn't do pain med overnight, but once I got moving felt better. I also took my 1 st shower. My mother is an angel. I mean she was a trooper with helping me change my dressings and cleaning everything helping me put ointment on the incisions. I could not have done it without help so I suggest no one attempts that alone! I'm still saying the worst part thus far is this damn drain. It sucks. Not as painful as I'd say Just annoying! I did get emotional when I was getting undressed for the shower...partly cuz things felt weird and also cuz I'm not to sure about the tummy incision. It's pretty lumpy and pleated looking and there's no tape on it...I took a pic but can't find a way to upload it being on my iPad! PS seems to think itll be fine so I'm trying not to panic yet! So not much else I guess....just trying to keep positive and heal:) hope u r all doing great!

Moving right along! Has my 1 st BM today which is...

Moving right along! Has my 1 st BM today which is always a relief haha! Just been doing extra strength Tylenol today, might do Vicodin at night though. Other than that not much to report. Just been sitting around, no visitors today so took a nap and watched some t.v which I NEVER have time to do in my normal life. All in all doing good. I still can't wait to get this drain out. I have a weird feeling inside that is either the muscle repair or the drain, not sure, but I hate this thing! It's really been the worst part so far still! I hope those that are having a tough recovery feel better soon! Take it moment by moment and remember this too shall pass! It will get better! Next post op Monday, can't wait!

Post op day 5! Ahhhhhhh I am so happy to be...

Post op day 5!
Ahhhhhhh I am so happy to be able to pee w/ out having to worry about yanking on that stupid drain! It did hurt a bit as he was getting it ready to be removed, but the actual removal was just a weird sensation, but no pain. Yay for that! Have been pretty darn emotional theses days! Sounds like its normal, and I do have my period also, but man this sucks. So many emotions.....my brain tells me it's all good but I just feel sad sometimes! Still would say its worth it, but just having some moments! I guess I've been super lucky with not dealing with much pain since surgery so this must be where my challenge might be! Ugh oh well. I got out for my check up today so that was nice. What a difference from the last car ride there which was less than 24 hrs post op to today at 5 days! Ah bumps and railroad tracks didn't really bother me:) other than that just trying to keep taking it easy. Have my 1 st visitor ( besides family) today so looking forward to reconnecting to the outside world! Hope everyone is feeling good today:)

Day 9 post op! Feeling pretty emotional! Last...

Day 9 post op!
Feeling pretty emotional! Last night was my 1st night back at home and thrown into the mother, wife, runner of household...it was mentally and physically exhausting and i feel lucky that i didnt have to handle all of this until this point in my recovery! i feel for all of you that have no choice and have littler ones than my 3&1/2 yr old twins!! Took my !st shower last night with absolutely no help and it was good but i broke down when i looked at the pics i had taken. i look like i have a hole in my left breast and i just thought at this point id be happier with the incisions....ugh My PS didnt seem concerned about any of it, but i go back on monday to get the rest of my stitches out so hopefully he can reassure me! i mean i can see the potential but its really hard to see past all the frankenstein marks:(! hope all my real self freinds are having an easier time!happy healing to us all and good luck to those that are nearing their big days:)!

2 weeks post op! Just got out of the shower and...

2 weeks post op!
Just got out of the shower and was taking my pictures and doing my massage when I felt a hard lump by a place that was bruised since surgery on my right breast! I'm freaking out and tried calling my PS but they aren't in until tomorrow:( until then I panic!! I knew this was too good to be true!

So yesterday night was officially the 2 week mark,...

So yesterday night was officially the 2 week mark, but anywho...feeling better today. Although I have to say I'm jumping on the swell hell train. Lol I feel like I still look pregnant but in a different way. I am just going to be patient and remind myself that beside the swelling I'm also not working out, so it's got to get better. I do feel like a body of mush already though everywhere else from not working out. Yuck, it makes me wish I did lipo:( oh well. We r our worst critics. Oh and one more thing...I kind of wish I went a smidge larger on my boobs. I love them and I am a runner and do intense workouts with lots of jumping so that was the main reason I went with what the PS recommended, but I wouldn't have minded them a smidge bigger. Nothing that makes me sad or regretful, just a thought. So other than that I'm trying to prepare myself for going back to work next week which I'm dreading. I'll be constantly on my feet and having to pretend I feel great. The thought even exhausts me LOL. I'm sure the swelling will increase even more, yay. Ok, well although this sounds like I'm not happy, I actually am, but I am normal and have my concerns or small problems too;) hope everyone is doing well and having good recoveries. Those of you that are preparing for your upcoming day, try to focus on the prize, it'll be over before u know it :)

3 weeks post op and feeling like im still on this...

3 weeks post op and feeling like im still on this darn rollercoaster! Feeling kind of frustrated. Overall still feeling good physically. Back to work and although its tough, not as bad as i thought it would be! So thats the positive. Liking my boobs in tank tops, another good...BUT... still have an incision in my boob that my PS seems to think is just fine, but just isnt healing like the rest! Feeling like i look pregnant, which im praying is swelling, but just not sure, and feeling like everywhere else on my body, especially my butt, hips and thighs are growing by the seconds since i cant work out! As much as im trying to be decent with what i eat, i know i could be more strict! So thats where Im at at 3 weeks. Hopefully by week 4 Ill be feeling better about my body:( Hate to sound so pathetic, but just trying to keep it “real” LOL praying for those having their MM and those who are in their healing process.

26 days post op today and i titled this update...

26 days post op today and i titled this update thoughts because i saw my PS today for a very brief check up and i wanted your thoughts on something he said.....he said i should be fine without my binder AND sports bra!!!! He said i can go bra shopping AND i should be fine with underwire?! Although I appreciate that answer....im worried due to contradicting things I have read on here. Has anyone else been told this so soon in recovery? If so were you fine?
Well i was so excited that i thought i would test it...i had a 45 min drive home and had to make a stop for some groceries. So i was without it(binder) for about 2 hours!! At 1st it felt very strange! But by the time i got home it was feeling better and i dont feel i was any more swollen, which surprised me since i was walking around at store! I did however put it back on more just until i heard some feedback....i should trust his word, i know, but it seems too good to be true! LOL
Oh, and i had a trouble spot on the T section of my BL incision, this morning it was actually bleeding, just wasnt healing right, so he put some nitrate something on it today and said it should be fine now.....i sure hope so cuz im ready to start loving my new body already?!!! I go back in 1 week again to make sure its healed.
Since he gave me the green light to bra shop....i did LOL kinda...i want to go to VS to get measured, but until then here is a pic of the new set i got at walmart on clearance (woohoo) to get me by until i get to VS:)!! hope everyone is having a good day:)

4 weeks:) I don't want to jinx anything, but I...

4 weeks:) I don't want to jinx anything, but I feel I'm at a good turning point. I have had a great recovery as far as the physical aspect but the mental aspect has been my challenge! I have been frustrated with not feeling that my expectations were met. I feel still like I look pregnant because my bottom section bumps out, but isn't soft like its swelling...I'm guessing it's just me and my body contour? Ugh anyway I'm trying to focus on the fact that I'd still rather have this with the scarring over what I had before. I think it took me awhile to realize this though. Before I had this done my expectations were simple....I just didn't want utters anymore and I wanted my boobs re inflated, not huge, natural and normal....well I got what I asked for, but then through recovery I would think wow I should have done lipo if I was under the knife anyway, or wow maybe I should have gone bigger on the boobies! It's the perfectionist in me.....after the fact, and after spending all that money I really think I would be on cloud 9 with my results. So my expectations changed too late haha sounds weird I'm sure, but that's how it is. Oh, and I also wanted natural before surgery....I didn't want ppl to notice anyting....until I got back to work and no one noticed anything hahahahaha crazy, i know girls!! Haha So to go back to positive ;)..... I am starting to accept and love my new body. I notice that on the days where my scars r looking good, and the swelling is not bad, I tend to be super happy and feel better. So now I'm trying to wean myself off of all garments....wish me luck. I figure I'm going to swell when this thing isn't on me, no matter when it finally comes off. So y not start now:) I'm ready to get back to normal....
One more thing.....what is everyone doing for scar therapy? I seem to be hearing the most positive feedback for the silicone sheets......any thought? I'm sick of having to lube up with lotions cuz then I need to put gauze on so it doesn't goop up my bra and underwear.....
Thanks for all the support and happy healing to everyone. I still can say even after all of this, that I'd do it over again in a heart beat!!

Ahhh 6 weeks! Ive been waiting for this milestone...

Ahhh 6 weeks! Ive been waiting for this milestone for what seems like an eternity!!! So glad im here, and feeling good. Only main complaints right now are that i have excess fat to work off....actually 2 pounds lighter than pre surgery, but i think with not working out, all the fat from my belly went to my hips, but and thighs!!! Today was my 1st official workout since pre surgery! Took it easy but it was still tough. More because I lost all my endurance, which amazes me,but i didn’t feel any pain which i was happy about. So the other thing im not happy about is the spot on my left breast where the t incision meets is not healed yet!! i have been bugging my PS the entire recovery about this spot and it still is not fully closed. Still bleeds a bit and oozes. It isn’t infected, just gross and not closing. Well I have now found 2 stitches in the past 2 weeks that were hidden in there....2 different times!!! That was a little discouraging that I found BOTH and there was another one in my nipple i also found that they missed earlier in my recovery!! So hoping that since all the stitches are hopefully finally removed, this damn thing will heal!!! Oh, and i have rolls still above my BB and i didnt realize that would still be there....thought it was swelling, but PS says its just me...uh great:( Oh and one more thing...haha my BB kind of pokes out a bit on the top part and hoping that will eventually tuck in, but not sure!
Now for the positive..... Im finallly starting to feel more normal! Going to go to VS this weekend and get sized and buy a bra since i have been cleared for awhile to wear any bra i want YAY for that!! Also am garment free except for overnight, and thats by my choice, not PS! I feel fine without it, and its nice not having all of that crap on underneath my regular clothes. So when I get dressed and go out i feel more “normal”. Now trying to figure out scar therapy...tried an expensive cream from PS, tried mederma, tried scar guard LOL even just neosporin......thinking im going to just order silicone sheets. Heard good things.....any opinions on that are welcome:) Dont mind spending the money on something that i know will work! So I think thats it for now:) Hope everyone is doing well and loving their new bodies. Anyone coming up on their surgeries....good luck and it will all be worth it!:)
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You look great. Can I get your doctor name? I am from IL and looking for a dr. Thanks for sharing
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Redhot you're looking great! It looks like in your recent pics that your incision is shorter than right after surgery! I've been using the sheets for about a month now and scars are completely flat--my ps said that studies have shown it get best results vs other treatments. I'm just waiting for mine to lighten up. Yesterday morning I woke up with completely flat stomach and the area above my bb looked better so I'm hoping down the road it will be that way. We just have to hang in there. I do still have the loose skin when I sit or bend over though :(
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you look great! I havent gone toVS yet..I hope to after my 12 week apt. Now that all the swelling is down..and my BB sticks out on top too. I told my husband it looks like its pouting only upside down. My PS is going to do a free in office revision on that in a week or two. just one of thoes things I think when the belly had strech marks above the BB so much that it is not uncommon to have a slight revision.and the breast ...did it heal? I used a butterfly bandage on mine and it worked..the slight swelling just kept on preventing the healing..just a thought.. but you look FABULOUS!!
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I bet it was nice to finally get to work out. You have such a flat tummy!! wooohoooooo!
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Wow you look amazing!!! Your belly is so tiny! I hope my stomach looks as good as yours!
ps. I have not had my surgery yet, but I have also heard really good things about the silicone strips. Good luck :)
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ok, so I have really been working my legs!!! can't hardly walk todad..lol.. Im so encouraged and excited to see how well your doing! thanks for all the info
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I worked out pre surgery as well Mel. PO I dont have to use any medical aids. the hardest thing for me is getting out of bed.
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I am 6 weeks tomorrow in some ways it seems so quick and in others like a lifetime, I am trying to remember life pre TT. I agree with the silicone strips they do help, I put mine on today I need to take pics I am doing an area with them and an area with cocoa butter and an area with scarguard, I really am not too concerned with my scars so figure I will experiment, LOL You look fabulous, you are nice and flat! You really are REDHOT!!!!
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Congrats on hitting the 6 week milestone! I am not that far behind you. I will come upon that milestone this coming Monday. Woo hoo!! As for scar treatment, your best bet is to move forward with the silicone sheets. I have been using the sheets for almost 2 weeks and so far I feel like it is making a difference. Let's make that scar go AWAY!! :-)
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The funny thing is that I haven't had any pain up until this point, either. Only slight discomfort. This week my boobs started this scratchy/sandy feeling--almost like there was sand between the implant and the inside of the pocket. Now that's kind of quit and morphed into a really heavy/tender feeling. No shooting pain. This is pretty much all the time--whole boob. I'm also feeling extra tight in my abdomen this week--lots of pulling. Maybe nerves are regenerating? Who knows...

I'm feeling ok. REALLY tired. I go back to see Doc tomorrow (3 week anniversary). Swelling has thankfully gone down. After he pulled that third drain I was worried. It took a day and there was a noticeable difference in my swelling. It's still there, just not quite as much, I think. I look forward to taking a break from this garment. I thank my lucky stars it isn't 90 degrees outside, anyway. ;)

Thanks for your information. As always it makes me smile and feel better. You DO look phenomenal. Make sure you are good to yourself. I know, easy to say hard to do. HUG! (But not too tight) :D
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Hi betty! Thank you so much! I know we are our own worst critics, but Its just taken me a little longer than others to feel great about my results! Im coming around hahaha I've been following your journey and it sounds like you are having a pretty decent recovery, I'm so glad to read that:)!
As far as pain....I never really had any pain...more like discomfort. Like I did a really hard chest workout....I have heard other say that they do have more shooting pains, and it sounds like that would be from nerves reconnecting, I think. I still get some discomfort now when my kids lean on me, or if someone hugs me too tight. I'm a hugger and the girls at work didn't know I got this done and my 1 st day back one of the girls came and squeezed me so tight....I wanted to scream but I just did inside LOL too funny....anyway I hope that gets better....I'd say it will most likely be short lived. Is it shooting pains or consistent pain? All over or in one area? As far as my garment....my PS said I could stop wearing them all at 4&1/2 weeks so I started by just 1/2 day without and then the next day a few hours more and by the 3 rd day I went without all day! It was weird, and the 1 st day I was more sore by the end of the day, but only the 1 st day....I do it at night more for my metal state and its more comfortable to move around from back to side during night with it on....or at least I assume cuz I haven't tried it without yet hahaha I have heard different things about the garments, but I figured I'd just trust my PS and see how I felt...I don't swell any more or less without it and I like feeling more normal without it. How are you feeling? How is your swelling?
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Madame you look amazing. My goal is to look this good.

A few questions:
Can you tell me if you had any, what kind of boob pain you felt/still feel? Did you gradually stop wearing your garment on your own? And how did you start doing it?
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I think your boobs look perfect. I think I may have gone to big because they are so tight, but that maybe because of the lift.
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thanks ladies!!! i'm getting to work on that now!
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Hi there redhot.. All of your stories are so helpful. Im going to a consultation on 4/23... Im so excited and nervous.. I was wondering what all you did to work your legs prior to surgery? You said you though it really helped.. Anything I can do to get better prepared, im willing to do? Thanks
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Hey Mel! So excited for you! You will feel so much better after you get in for the consultation. I know I sure did! As far as my legs, I was doing alot of running pre surgery, and I also so the insanity dvd's that require ALOT of squats, and jumping! I think the combo is what helped, but a few weeks befor ei made sure I really worked hard At those squats. "dig deep" is what the guy says on the DVD as corny as it sounded that's what I did with those squats hahahah I'm ready to get back to working out! Good luck and please keep me posted...I'd love to hear how your consult goes:)
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Amen to Redhot's comment on the legs. If you work your legs out before the surgery you won't need the raised toilet seat (among other things) :) I did the same thing as Redhot, running & circuit training) It's all in the legs! Work 'em good :)
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Yes yes yes!! I third that. Squats, lunges and more squats! Made all the difference in the world!
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It is inspiring to read about your recovery. Gives those of us in line a lil hope! Glad to hear that you are doing so good. Here to a continued uneventful recovery!!
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I agree that the lower belly will eventually go down. If I don't wear my binder, my belly swells up the same way even with spanx on. Where's that fast forward button again?!?

Even with the swelling you look incredible :)

My dr didn't recommend anything in particular for the scars. Right now I'm using bio oil to massage them. Love the smell of it!!

Glad things are going well!
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Glad to hear you are doing well. As for the lower belly bump, I have the same thing. My PS says that will eventually go down. Don't stress it. I also read someone else's story on the swelling and she indicated that was the last part that goes away. Be patient (I should follow my own advice).

I have heard lots of positive feedback on the silicon sheets. I ordered mine last week and hope to get them soon. That is what I will be using. I also bought Mederma because I heard so many great things about it. Good luck with everything and let's get that scar removed :-)
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Thanks BE! Yes u r right we will only improve. I think I'll feel even better when I can get back to my workouts! I hate working out, but I need it for my mental state so I'm ready to get back and balance out some of these calories!!! Ugh how is work going? Hope u r well:)
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Red- I am glad to read such a positive post it has been hard, honestly you look super, you didnt need lipo and more work even at one month you are far from your final look, you will only improve as time goes on. It is way worth it, even as crappy as my recovery was I know its going to be like childbirth I will look at this new belly and forget all this pain and mental anguish I am going through!
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