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I've been struggling to lose weight from my lower...

I've been struggling to lose weight from my lower half ever since puberty and have been largely unsuccessful. When I do lose weight, it goes from my face and upper body. I dropped 15 pounds but it didn't show on my lower half, I still had my saddle bags, still had big calves etc. I did however, have a tiny face which made me look sick so I gained a couple pounds back to fill out my face. Exercise also hasn't done much to my lower half, I played field hockey in high school and rode horses-nothing I did made a difference to my saddle bags so here I am hoping I can finally get somewhat of a proportionate body and feel confidant enough to wear shorts now and again! I've learned not to expect perfection just improvement which I will try to remind myself of throughout this journey.

(By the way, I am 23, 5'5" and 135 lbs- thought I...

(By the way, I am 23, 5'5" and 135 lbs- thought I probably should include that!)

So, I had my pre-op today and everything is set for my surgery on Friday morning!! I'm super excited and glad I finally committed. I've been thinking about this forever it seems. I'm having my flanks, lower abdomen, inner and outer thighs, lateral buttocks, and inner knees done. It sounds like a lot and now that I've just typed all that out seems like this will be kind of a struggle to recover from but from all the reviews here it sounds like it's doable :) I'm nervous but more so just want to get it done! I have just been taking iron tablets and my doc recommended I take some constipation medication as well coz many of his patients complain of constipation (because of the iron tablets mainly.) I will also have to take an antibiotic tomorrow and on the morning of the surgery just to prevent infection. My doc also gave me a prescription for percocet and told me to take it when needed after the surgery to feel comfortable. I've got the house cleaned so I won't have to do anything for the days following the surgery and plan on doing a bit of cooking and last minute shopping tomorrow to get ready.

Hopefully it won't be bad but I'll keep you guys posted and I'll get some pics up soon too!

So today is day 2 and I feel much better. I'll...

So today is day 2 and I feel much better. I'll tell you what happened:
Day 1
Got into the clinic at 715ish and had a pregnancy test plus IV put in and was marked up. Then I was told that the drugs they gave me would make me feel like I was drunk/tipsy. And they weren't kidding, the drugs took effect almost immediately and the nurse had to help me into a different room where I laid down on a bed and that's all I can remember. I woke up at about 11 and felt good just really needed to pee. I was told they removed 4300cc's of fat and the Doc let me know that it was good (am really hoping it will be when I'm done recovering). I had some help putting my clothes back on but really I was fine, walked to the car and got home alright. I was told not to take any pain meds until 6 that evening so I just ate a banana and went to sleep. I was leaking a lot out of one side but not at all from the other (I had one stitch in each incision) I was soaked by the time I got up and changed my pants. So one side was a lot more swollen than the other. My doc called me that evening around 7 and asked if all was alright which was nice and I asked him about the leaking on one side and he said it wasn't a problem, that I would urinate it out over the next day. Which yup, I've been doing! In the evening I was a little dizzy and couldn't stay upright for too long or I would hear the blood beating inside my ears and my head would feel hot so I had to lay back down. I did minimal moving around because of this just to go to the bathroom and let the dogs out. I drank a lot and ate a protein bar and some biscuits but that's about it. I didn't feel nauseous just stiff and sore until I took my percocet and slept. The night was ok, I just got up to go to the bathroom but managed to sleep for a while. I wasn't able to change position though.

Day 2
I felt much better today, waking up was rough though. I got up veeerrrrry slowly to use the bathroom and decided to take a percocet which helped immensely. After that, I could walk around the house slowly coz my thighs were a bit tender and even went outside to check the mail. I made myself a little microwaved lunch which I ate slowly coz I didn't want to puke it all up but it went fine. I walked a little more during the day and didn't feel as dizzy as yesterday. I did have to sit down periodically though, but I managed to do a little laundry. Today my back is a little sore and my knees are reaaalllly swollen, I've been trying to elevate them using pillows but they are still swollen. I have not removed my garment yet as my doc told me to wait for 48hours and then I can have a shower and wash my garment so tomorrow that's what I'll do. I am kinda scared to remove it coz of the warnings that if I do it too quickly I might get dizzy/faint so I'll have to remove it sitting down and very slowly. For now, I've just been using baby wipes. It is hard to sit down on the toilet but after a while it's okay. Moving slowly helps a lot. Well, I'll let you know how things go tomorrow!

Day3 I am not dizzy anymore which is nice, I took...

I am not dizzy anymore which is nice, I took a shower which went well. Still sore sitting on the toilet but I expect that to continue for a little while. I am reaalllly swollen today, my knees are really big and so is everything else really but I am happy to see that my saddlebags are gone and my tummy is flat as a pancake :) Hoping my inner thighs look better as time goes by and my silhouette softens a bit. It's only day 3 I keep telling myself!

Day 9 I know it's been a while....I was still...

Day 9
I know it's been a while....I was still very sore until 2 days ago when suddenly I felt sooooo much better and less swollen. The fact that I felt like I'd just gotten out of surgery for quite a while after got me down and I thought something might not be right or I wasn't walking enough (my doc told me the more I walk the better) but I just couldn't. I would get up and was almost bent over trying to get from one place to another. Sure the pain eased a little the more I moved but I was still very sore and I didn't want to take pain meds coz they made me so dizzy and I was constipated as well so didn't want to make it worse. I tried to move around but would take lots of breaks because of the pain or rather extreme discomfort. I wasn't expecting to be up and running a marathon the next day post-op but I didn't expect to be in pain for that long either and it was a little disheartening. Sleeping was also a problem, I couldn't sleep on my sides coz they hurt, my stomach hurt too so I only slept on my back with pillows under my knees (in an attempt to decrease some swelling- they were huge) I woke up frequently to go to the bathroom or more often due to being uncomfortable. This I suppose added to my grumpiness the next day lol I tried ice and although it felt good at the time, didn't do a whole lot after- pain nor swelling. Buuuuut, now I feel so much better. I've gone walking with the dogs, shopping, work etc. Sitting for a long time causes problems with my knees but apart from that things are looking good. I really see and feel a significant difference with my thighs, outer mostly but I look smaller. The insides of my thighs have lost an inch I think but are still bumpy, like they don't flow into my knees well yet. I will be going to the doc on Tues to get my stitches out which I'm sure will be fun lol but I am looking forward to hearing what he has to say and seeing the differences. I will post pics then.
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Hey Vallii, I've been meaning to post an update but just haven't got round to it yet...I had a rough patch a couple days ago and hit rock bottom, was even regretting I'd done anything but I think I was just emotional and still sore and it was just a little overwhelming...I feel a lot better now and see some significant changes so that's making me a little stronger and more positive :)
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OK Miss Lady, how are you?
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any photos?
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Hoping you are feel ok and delighted,i am considering lipo myself but i am a bit scared.
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Hey secrets, I'd recommend being reeaaaalllly sure before you do anything, I know that goes without saying but it's really not a walk in the park and if there are minor things you're worried about then maybe it's not such a good idea coz there are risks and you might have problems in the future due to the lipo but if you're sure and you think the benefits will significantly outweigh the risks etc. then go for it.
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congrats, hope to see your photos soon.
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I did have tumescent yup and have been peeing a fair amount haha but it gets me up and moving which is good. I really enjoyed the shower although I did feel a little tired after a while so had to cut it short and lie down which is what I'm doing until my garment finishes drying...hopefully the results get better but I'm happy so far
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yeaaaay you made it, i was getting worried , but i know now you are ok :)
Vallii was right, prepare yourself for peeing all
its been 17 days for me and i still feel tenderness when i take the garment off and touch my stomach and flanks, specially in the shower you gotta be gentle with the soup and sponge cause it will be little painful but same time will be such a good feeling to finally take a nice warm shower.
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Nervous, glad to hear from you and that you are doing well. Remember the Percocet can give you a false sense that you aren't in pain so don't over do yourself. I was just posting today that it finally isn't sore to sit on the toilet so expect that to lessen, but to last a while. I promise each day you will feel better. Can't wait to see the before and after pics! Remember to keep yourself mobile and not lay around too much, that will cause more problems. Although, you def need to rest a lot as well.

I'm 3 1/2 weeks ahead of you so let me know if you have questions.
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Oh FYI prepare to begin peeing your brains out! What type of lipo was it? I had tumescent, which I believe caused all the peeing :)
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thanks guys, I made it through will try to take pics tomorrow when my garment comes off! Your support really means a lot!
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Good luck tomorrow! You're gonna love those immediate results! Let us know, me and Aqua will be here waiting hehehe.
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wish you the best of luck tommorow, try to take pics on saterday right before all the swelling will start that evening.
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Hey Kristy, I'm going for the surgery on Fri morn and am getting more and more excited!! Hope it goes well!
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Good luck with your surgery today, I hope all goes well. Please do keep us updated on your progress!

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Hi there, thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. Have you set a date for your procedure yet and chosen a doctor?

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