Just Had Lingual (similar to Incognito) Braces Put on a Week Ago - Illinois, IL

So far so good. I have the Lingual on top and...

So far so good. I have the Lingual on top and traditional metal on bottom. Im 23, and getting braces was embarrassing but fixing my smile was the most important thing iI wanted for myself. I started making a vlog of my journey with my braces for anyone interested in braces, or lingual, or anyone who is an adult looking for support. I am very happy with the braces i choose bc they are hardly notcible. I just still need to get use to them and learning how to articulate better with them.

Thank you for your post! I'm getting mine on in may and trying to learn as much before hand as I can. I'm 23 as well and have known I've needed braces since 12 but never wanted them to show. They are going to cost a lot but I'm glad to see other people enjoying their results and saying the pain is not crazy. Keep giving updates! My 2 year journey starts soon!!

Thanks for the video, I had my incognito fitted (top and bottom) 2.4.2013 (4.5 weeks ago), day 1 was fine, day 2 was mega lithpy (lol) sore and my tounge was all sore, I had a sticky out wire by an extraction site so once that was taken care of on day 2 I was good to go! The tounge soreness subsided after around 3 days, my lisp only occurs when I say the word 'lisp' and my teeth have already moved! Day 2 was achey and upon inspection I realized my front two teeth had straightened a little, today is the second time I'm feeling the achey and someone commented my teeth looked straighter. So far so good, looking forward to my first adjustment in 2 weeks! Would highly recommend these braces to anyone unhappy with their smile! Pros: hidden, barely notice them, changes are noticeable. Cons: expensive (worth it), tounge sore for few days, lispy for a week then on and off subtle, difficult to floss. Ps I'm 30y/o X


Thank you so much for posting a video with your review!

I loved when you showed us what the lingual braces actually looked like using the mirror.

Now that you have had a few more days to get used to the braces, how are you doing with them?


Its been three months, and I have updated with a...

Its been three months, and I have updated with a few videos on my Youtube channel. I didnt get the incognito, but have the Lingual which are very similar. I am amazed with how much my teeth improved and shifted. Im very happy with my experience so far. Another update will be up very soon!
How did your mouth feel afterwards? My daughter wants to get htem but I'm concerned she'll be in a lot of pain afterwards
My teeth were sore, but its bearable. I think with any type of braces youll experience soreness bc your teeth are being pulled and moved. Tylenol helps me when I need it, but its nothing I cant handle or any average person.
Ok thanks! I had heard that the lingual braces were worse because they tore up the inside of your mouth, it this true? Or is it just painful in the teeth like regular braces?

Almost 7 months with Lingual braces

Its been a fast 7 months already with my braces and WOOHWEE did a lot change. My bottom teeth are starting to look really nice and straight and my top teeth look great as well. I only have one fang left waiting to get attached to the wire. Springs were added on each side, on the top, of my moth to help close the gaps and shift my teeth back a bit. I have an over bite so Im wondering when those elastics will be coming... I have a new vlog update on my Youtube channel. Don't forget to check it out!! :)
i am 19...and was planning to have braces...as i have major teeth problems..crooked teeth....WOOHOOO!! :P anyways as i am a bit old i did not want anyone to know that i am going to have braces so lingual braces are my only option. But the dentist said that there will be cuts on your tongue and you will have problems while talking. So just wanted to know about your initial experience. I have a massive phobia of dentists(don't know why) so the thought of having them put things in my mouth is way scary so that's why i need advice.
Are lingual braces the same as invisible braces? I don't know the difference. I was thinking of getting invisible braces at my orthodontist in Calgary, but I'm not sure if I want to. invisible braces calgary
Invisalign and lingual are different. Invisalign are plastic trays sort of like the ones you get when you whiten your teeth. You will get maybe 10 or 12 in your set and change them every so many weeks/months. Lingual are like regular braces but are on the inside of your mouth. You will need the orthodontist to change the wire every other month roughly. Both you "cant" see but invisalign is only for small changes in the mouth and can not do all cases. Lingual can be put on type of issue. Invisalign you also have to remove to eat and brush your teeth. Both are great if you dont want anyone to know you have braces. I got lingual in May and love them.

Lingual Braces - latest update

I have an appointment mid Feb so a new video will be up after that. Here is my latest vlog I posted on my channel. My overbite has came in SO MUCH! I think my teeth look a little straighter now then they do in that video because its been about 2 months. Keep up with your elastics and the process will just keep moving on smoothly. The elastics (tiny rubberbands) are for you overbite for those who have it. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask her or on my vlog channel, I respond pretty quick to either. I sometimes post pictures on my instagram smiling, not for the purpose of my braces progress, but you can see how they changed a bit over time throughout my profile. Thanks for taking the time to check my profiles out. I really appropriate it :)
I have my front teeths outward and i just want to know that in how much time..the results are noticeable?? In how much time..you felt good changes with your teeths??
I've had mine on for just over a year and my teeth are 1000 times better. One of my lower teeth was pushed back a fair bit on the bottom and a few un even. The top I had a gap between the 2 front teeth as well they were outward and slanted. My top teeth are now all together and straight. The bottom teeth are all straight. I still have about another year to go but it seems to be all just tweaking. Making my top teeth perfect with the bottom. Making sure each tooth is where it should be. The first week socks a bit. I didn't notice the braces as much as other people. No speech issues for me. Never wore wax. And the first year flew by. I'll never regret getting braces or the fact I picked lingual as very few people have noticed them before I told them.
How much did your braces cost?
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