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I posted this msg before but I think in the wrong...

I posted this msg before but I think in the wrong section.

I'm 24 years old, married, no children. I weight 105 lbs and I am 5'7 ft tall. I am flat as a board, I was always made fun of when growing up that Im too skinny and I was always hoping that my breasts would go, but at 24 they are the same as they were at age 12. The sad part is left breast is much bigger than right. If i gain weight it only goes to the left breast.I was always afraid of dating guys bc I was too ashamed...the first thing on my mind when I was asked on a date was "if i end up dating this guy he will dump me after seeing me naked". Im very happy I found a guy who doesnt care about my boobs and loves me for me, but I want to get implants for MYSELF, I want to feel more confident, I want to wear a bikini and enjoy myself at the beach, not hide in a cover up and make up excuses why I always have a cover up on.The problem is, I dont want to tell my mom. If my friends or anyone else finds out I got breast implants, I dont really care, Im not ashamed of it. My mom is VERY MUCH against plastic surgery(I dont live with her), and her health is not going well either, so if I tell her I got implants, I am seriously afraid she will have a heart attack. Can I hide implants somehow? I love her a lot but I dont want to disappoint or scare her, I mentioned it before and she just told me to love my body the way it is, she is soooo against it. My surgery is scheduled august 22,2014. I am getting 350cc SIENTRA Silicone gel. I was trying on many sizers, I told my PS I dont want them to look fake, bc Im very thin, I want it to look natural. He said 350cc will look great on my body. When I was telling him maybe I should go smaller he kept saying no because theres no point in a boob job then, he said when the swelling goes away it will look great on me. Im afraid, but I have been thinking about implants for so tired of being so skinny and flat as a board. The only person who knows about this is my husband, none of our friends or family know...and you guys...I hope the surgery goes well and I wont look crazy with two huge balloons. I really do hope the surgeon knows what he is talking about when it comes to 350cc

Negative reaction...

Today is august 18 and my BA is august 22. WOW, I still cannot believe after so many years of wanting this, that I am actually doing it! Nobody knows but my hubby. One of my friends came over the other day and we were watching tv, some show on “E” about plastic surgery. She made a comment about how stupid girls are for doing breast implants. That’s exactly why I decided to keep this a secret…I don’t need my mood and excitement to be ruined by negative comments. Everyone who has BA does it for different reasons, I cannot stand when people judge and make rude comments without knowing your reasons for this decision. When my friends find out I got a BA, they can make as many negative comments as they want, I wont care, I know I want to do this, I wanted this for a while and I cannot wait for Friday, its just really aggravating when people think they know what YOU need and don’t need better than yourself.

2 more days....

It's already august surgery is in TWO days....I cant believe it!!!!!!!! Wow. Im not freaking out at all. Im so busy with work and errands that I have NO time to think about the surgery, Im just too busy, trying to get a lot of work done at my job since Ill be out for few days. Its probably a good thing I have no time to think about will probably hit the tomorrow night or the day of the surgery. I have all my meds ready, will be cleaning the house tomorrow and getting ready for friday!
Thanks everyone for writing back and being so helpful.

Surgery Day

This pissed me off soooo much!
The day before my surgery, I got a phone call reminding me to come in at 9am. It's an HOUR drive from our house to this office, as I get there, they made me fill out some more paperwork and said nurse will be right with me. At 9am the nurse comes out and says "actually we changed your surgery time to 1am, if you want i can give u a magazine to read, u can hang out here till 1" .
ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????????????
I was not gonna hang out in the waiting area for 4 hours. Then she said "someone was suppose to call you and let you know your time changed"
Well, nobody called...I wouldnt have come so darn early if I knew my time changed.
Then she tried proving to me that someone actually did call me. I showed her my cell phone...the only call from their office with a voicemail was about my 9am timing. She was running around for 20 mins and then came out and said "alright, we will take you at the time u were scheduled".

Surgery went great, I was more scared, but there was really nothing to be scared about.Dont even remember falling asleep. Woke up, was wrapped around. I NEVER got nauseous, even after taking my meds on empty stomach.


It's so weird to look at myself and see boobs! Im afraid to touch them or massage them, I feel like they will fall off. It's such a weird feeling to have something there! Some of our friends saw us and they did not even realize I had a boob job, I was wearing a shirt that was kind of loose.
Before my surgery, my left breast was bigger than my right, and I am looking at myself now and I still feel like my left is bigger than right. I am so afraid Im gonna continue having this problem. The doc said he will fix it and make them look even, but I dont see it......maybe it just needs time.

1)Question for you ladies, after how many days did you start massaging?

I look like a old lady right now, my back is not straight, because it hurts to walk around with a straight posture, I feel like my stitches will rip out of my skin.

Before & After

Here is my before and after photo.

Depressed :(

I dont know whats going on with me. I have wanted boobs for so many years and now that I got them 4 days ago, I just feel awful. I cant sleep, they are so heavy, everything hurts, I cant have a straight posture, Im always hunched over. I cant breathe, it hurts. My left boob is looking super huge, while my right looks great. What if it stays this way? I didnt pay $6000 to have two boobs different sizes. Maybe its the meds that are making me feel this way, I just wanna cry.


Today is Sep 4, had my surgery on Aug 22. The reason I had surgery was because I had tiny breasts and they were uneven. NOW they are still uneven, all I do is cry. I spent all this $$$$$$ to even them out and make them bigger and I am NOT happy with how they look. I DONT have more $ for a revision surgery to even them out and i CANNOT take more days off work. My recovery was awful I dont wanna go thru that again!
And they look like they ripple, sometimes I get these lines on them, even though the implants are Sientra Silicone UNDER the muscle, why does this happen? Im so miserable and sad. In the shirt you cant tell.

1 Month Anniversary

WOW, today is Sep 21st. Tomorrow is my boobies ONE month anniversary haha I cannot believe its has already been a month. They are looking better and better every day. The first two weeks was HELL, I felt like taking them out, they felt soooo awful, but now I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. The unevenness is slowly going away.
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I am so happy for you. It's been a bit of an emotional roller coaster for me too, but I am very happy. You and I must have had our surgeries on the same date. Tomorrow it's one month for me too. I'm glad you hung in there, girl. And you look great!
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So did they even out? I had breast lift with implants 3 weeks ago, but in 3-6 months I have to have one of my implants and nipples moved up to even out my breasts.
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I came across your post and I hope you're feeling better. Dr. Horn did my breasts on August 29th and I too felt a lot of anxiety after. I felt like maybe I made the wrong decision, but I think a lot of it was the meds talking. It takes time for them to settle in, but Dr. Horn does great work, and I am sure you will be happy with the end result. Chin up. You look great!
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Did you get 2 different sizes? If so I've seen just about every girl with a cc difference, the larger implant takes a bit longer to settle more and even out with the other. I think they look really good. They are a good shape and look on you. I would honestly give it a couple months. Also to be honest and alittle bold for saying this.. If they don't even out the way you want, just keep I mind you have boobs! They do look great! I know it's upsetting but you can't beat filling out tops and having great cleavage.
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its still early on in your recovery! so hopefully nothing is permanent at this stage, talk to your ps! Best of luck
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Are your implants smooth or textured? I read somewhere that with textured implants the skin can sometimes temporarily wrinkle or ripple but that it smooths out after a while. You should call your doctor and try to get in to see him if it is upsetting you this much. I hope you get some answers soon :/
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Maybe the rippling is happening because your skin was so tight due t no tissue prior?? I'd look that up or ask one of the drs on here. Maybe they can ease how you are feeling
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Don't cry sweetie !!! Make an appt with your ps and show him what's happening. The unevenness might adjust but the ripples, I believe thr needs to be checked out! I'm sure he will take care of you!:))) im sire it will all turn out ok Keep us posted ok. And try to believe that all of this can be fixed. I'm sure it sucks to see what's going on and I'd be scared and upset too. But who knows it might be a quick fix??:)) good luck
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Your breasts are lovely so far. I do see some difference between the 2. But I really think it's swelling. Try a compression wrap and are if it gives any relief from your symptoms. It takes time for your body to adjust to the implants. :-) give it time.
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Hey there! They look fantastic, I am sure one is just a little more swollen and needs some more time healing. I am scheduled in 9 days for my surgery and also from illinois. Who is your surgeon if you dont mind me asking?
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Sorry for the late reply. It was doctor horn
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Congratulations for doing this for yourself. Let your body heal. You are swelling and it takes time for you to see your true results. Hang in there!
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Hang in there! Mine was on the 8th. I keep thinking emotionally this has been so draining! It does get better, I promise! I expected the pain to be worse than emotionally hard. The worry was consuming me! 4days is too early for sure. I know it's soooo hard but try to relax and know you were in good hands w/your doc;) Things will get better! This will be best thing you did for yourself!
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thank you :) I hope i wont regret this.
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Everyone will tell you that four days is way too early to judge results. It's also very common to have the boobie blues post-op, especially when you're still in pain and not able to do your normal activities. You're looking great for four days! Try to relax and have a more positive mindset. Things will work out. :)
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Thanks...I really do hope I wont regret this and in the long run i will be happy with them. I didnt think this would be so emotionally hard after surgery...i always thought once i get boobs im gonna be the happiest person on earth....and having so many sad moments is a surprise to me :(
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I had a few moments like that too. But I just spent the past two days shopping (somebody please stop me!) and I can't tell you how freaking awesome it is to have clothes look so good with boobies! :)
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Hang in there, sweetie. My surgery was the 21st. The day before yours. I've done my share of riding the emotional roller coaster. But then when I calm down, I remember that eventually, I am going to be very happy with my decision. Take it easy on yourself. Give yourself time to recover. There are a lot of different feelings you are experiencing. It's okay to be upset, but just remember, you will probably come around to really loving your new breasts.
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Thanks...I really do hope I wont regret this and in the long run i will be happy with them. I didnt think this would be so emotionally hard after surgery...i always thought once i get boobs im gonna be the happiest person on earth....and having so many sad moments is a surprise to me :( How was your recovery? Im so afraid of touching mine, it just feels so foreign having something there...Did you already start massaging them?
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I was told to start massage after my first post op appointment . It's important to follow your doctors plan. I also just want to encourage you. Most women have a difficult time after this surgery. So give yourself some time. It's going to be okay. And I've gotten accustomed to mine even though they seem like they're not mine yet. Yesterday was a harder day I had a good cry but today is better.
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Hello, congratulation, your breasts look fabulous. Give it a few days and they will even out :-) I just wonder who is your PS? I am in Illinois also.
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All breasts are asymmetrical. The whole body is asymmetrical! You look great and I'm sure as they settle you'll love them more and more. My PS didn't recommend displacement exercises until I was a week out so check in with him. Happy healing!
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You look amazing! Don't search for perfection it will drive you nuts. Congrats!! Don't massage without asking the PS office. Happy Healing!
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Excited to see your results!
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Best of luck :)
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