Body Lift & Breast Lift- been through the worst, praying for the best

I lost 140lbs and was left with massive amounts of...

I lost 140lbs and was left with massive amounts of excess skin. I opted to have a lower body lift and breast lift with silicone implants to correct my body contour and reshape my life =) I had a circumferential body lift and breast lift with implants on May 13, 2011 and could not be happier!

I learned how to eat from caloriecount, sounds weird but I had the tools on that site to research calories in foods (ya know, no nutrition facts on the side of an apple), a BMI calculator, food log, weight log, and so many other tools to aid in healthy living. As for exercise, I walked my neighborhood (2.5 miles) daily and did a dvd workout (Jillian Michaels 30-day shred) and over a 2 year period worked hard at eating right and exercising and finally reached my goal of 140lbs. I have kept the weight off for the last 2 years (through a pregnancy even) by going to the gym and continuing to eat a healthy diet. It's never been easy but for myself and my family, getting healthy and fit was an obligation. I don't want my kids being obese like I was through my childhood. It's all about making a change you can stick with, there are many ways to drop a few pounds but unless you're eating right and exercising, its not worth it because you haven't changed bad habits and will eventually revert to old ways.


Thanks for the review! You look great and have done an amazing job in losing so much weight. How did you manage to shed 140lbs?

You look great! Congratulations to you!

There are 3 things I think are very important to...

There are 3 things I think are very important to ask your surgeon (other than the obvious preferences you may have) and they are:

1. What hospital are you affiliated with? If your surgeon is not affiliated with any hospital it is for 2 reasons, 1. not enough credits and 2. was removed from affiliation. Big red flag here!

2. Who is your back up surgeon in case of an emergency? Doctor's have lives too and if they are on vacation or tied up and there is an emergency, make sure they have another surgeon in the office or one for them to send you to who you can contact.

3. Contract for care. There is a doctor/patient relationship established as soon as you schedule for them to do your surgery. Make sure that throughout the entirety of your follow up appointments and recovery, they are going to be your doctor. Get a list of appointments included with the fee and find out how long you will be in their care for this specific procedure.

GK - wow so sorry to hear all you've been thru! Totally sucks that your PS wasn't even able to help or even cared too. Glad you found someone decent!

I'm also having wound issues but not due to infection. My wound is quite large in the front but superficial and not so deep. He says it can look worse before it looks better. Did you see that to be the case? They are now doing the wet to dry method. My dr has been great and assures me it will heal. Reading your story helped me see that 1st it could be worse. I'm not having to fight a massive infection and 2- that I have a dr who is on it. I see him weekly and he is available by phone 7 days a week. I have to change the dressings twice a day. Well my mom does I should say. I'm at almost 8 weeks. He says it could take 1-2 months. How long did your take?

I'm glad you are well now and congrats on all the races you are running & supporting.
I had a very large dehesion after a C-section with wet to dry dressing changes two times daily. Mine took a year to heal, though it went from being open to the muscle layer and holding two full rolls of gauze to half dollar sized in 6 months. It took a revision to finally close it close to one year out.
Not so random but I'd rather not elaborate here. You can email me at and I'll tell you the whole story...
Thank you everyone for your thoughts- it has been a tough road but I'm better now =)
I have decided to "pay it forward" and from all of the support I received and prayers I was given, I am using my body, spirit & mind to begin running 5k's, 1/2 marathons and marathons for those in need. I've selected about 3-4 races per month where I will donate money and run for a good cause. I have joined a running group called the Road Warriors out of southern IL. You can visit their site here: I did my first 5k on Sunday, the 4th of September, and the proceeds went to a widow and her daughter who lost her husband and child's father in Afghanistan during the war.
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