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I lost 45lbs through Overeater's anonymous, 2...

I lost 45lbs through Overeater's anonymous, 2 years ago. I have been working out hard, a minimum of 3 days/week & can't get rid of my belly pooch. I had a consultation for regular lipo about a month ago, but really am afraid of something so invasive & expensive.

The place I go for Botox & filler had an open house tonight. I always go to find out about new procedures they offer & their $5000 drawing for free products/procedures. They were showing this new cold lipo machine I have been researching. It has been on Dr Oz show often & also The Doctors, as the best spot fat treatment on the market today. They needed a volunteer to demonstrate the procedure & I was in!

Today is 3 days after my procedure. Swelling...

Today is 3 days after my procedure. Swelling seems to be down for the most part. I am still about 50% numb. The other 50% feels a little sore, like I was kicked in the stomach. I haven't taken any of the nerve-blockers. I have a very high pain threshold & am a recovering addict, so I hesitate to take any pills, unless I really hurt.

I worked out Friday (weight lifting & treadmill) & did water aerobics & swam 30 laps yesterday. took today off & plan to go beck to weights/treadmill tomorrow.

Today is almost 1 week. Absolutely no pain at all...

Today is almost 1 week. Absolutely no pain at all. Still a little numb but it's going away. I only took 3 pills of the 20 nerve-blockers the Dr prescribed to me. , when it started to feel like I had been kicked in the gut. They told me to take the pill as soon as the pain started, so it didn't get any worse. I worked out the very next day after this procedure, for 2 hours & have worked out (switching up with weight-lifting, swimming, water aerobics & treadmill) for 4 days, since having this dome. I'm wondering if maybe the thought this procedure might work & that I might have a boost to get rid of unwanted blubber, is making me work harder?

I have been posting here every few days but none...

I have been posting here every few days but none of my updates are showing up. It is now 10 days post procedure. I had a little itching yesterday but none today & the numbness is going away more every day. I think I have lost some of the bulge, because I've gone down one belt hole alredy!

Well, everyone who knew I refused to wear a...

Well, everyone who knew I refused to wear a 2-piece anymore & why, says they see no reason I can;t wear one now! Ritacca is having a Coolsculpt day in Feb & offering even better discounts for this so I think I'll do my lower ab again.

Ritacca had a Valentines special tonight. There...

Ritacca had a Valentines special tonight. There was a presentation with their new ad campaign. Kinda stupid, something about a football game & everyone was ripping their clothes off & running around in their underwear. Their new catch phrase is, "Get Naked".

Anyway, there was a drawing for a free $1800 Coolsculpt & also they were offering buy one, get the 2nd 75% off. Well... I won the drawing!!!

So I'm getting my abs, inner & outer thighs done for a total of $2175. Gonna do them all in one day.

The took some "after" pics. I should have them posted in the next couple of days.

I finally have photo results for you guys!!!

I finally have photo results for you guys!!!

Please check out my new, before/after pics! This...

Please check out my new, before/after pics! This was after 3 treatments: 2 lower ab & 1 middle upper ab.

Ritacca was offering a buy 1 get 1 free...

Ritacca was offering a buy 1 get 1 free Coolsculpting (also, they reduced their prices by $300) so I'm going next week, for more body sculpting. Can't wait! Going to do lower abs & maybe upper again. Still just a lil flab left.

I got a 2 for 1 over the Holidays. Getting my abs...

I got a 2 for 1 over the Holidays. Getting my abs & right inner/outer thigh done tomorrow (one leg is bigger than the other)!

I paid $1500 for a buy 1 get 1 free. Just got my...

I paid $1500 for a buy 1 get 1 free. Just got my middle abs done. My belly's small enough now to fit most my lower & upper abs into the machine. I was going to do my thighs again but they convinced me that Vaser Shape was better for this, so my freebie I'll be using on my tummy one more time & then it should be pretty much totally flat! =o)

I work out lifting weights 2x/week, swim & do...

I work out lifting weights 2x/week, swim & do water aerobics 3 days/week & follow Weight Watchers. I have just had my 10th Coolsulpting procedure (3rd for the belly) & plan on 1 more in a month. Absolutely NO pain at all, Went to the gym the next day. It's been more than a week now & still no pain. Never used the Neurontin they gave me.

I have another Coolsculpting I got in a buy 1 get...

I have another Coolsculpting I got in a buy 1 get 1 free for the Holidays. Appointment if this Friday. I was going to do my tummy again but it's almost totally flat now! I'll have to consult with the "experts" at Ritacca, as to where I should go next. I'm thinking somewhere on my sides.

Getting my flanks done a week from tomorrow! It's...

Getting my flanks done a week from tomorrow! It's for free, because I got a buy 1 get 1 over the holidays!!!

Went in today for my freebie. I had them look me...

Went in today for my freebie. I had them look me over & we decided on doing a bulge on my right thigh that I don't have on the left one. They froze it 2x. Maybe now, my thighs will be more symmetrical!
Coolsculpting Representative (Elizabeth)

I've always loved the staff at Ritacca. Friendly gals who are always caring & helping me to look my best. I can go in there, say i only have a certain amount of money to spend & they will offer me the best solution for my buck. I have never looked better or been treated with more care & concern. They answered all my questions, checked on my discomfort often & let me converse with the other gals asking about the procedure, while I was going through it (I was the person used for the demo). I was given a prescription for Neurontin for the pain I may experience in a few days. They urged me to fill it, so I wouldn't have a moment of discomfort. I will post back in a day or 2 & should have the "before" pictures they took by then.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hey there, happy belated birthday. Have you ever had multiple Coolsculpting procedures on the same area of your abdomen? Do the second or third times make a big difference and are they worth the money? Do you know if having the machine set to 80 is the highest level it goes? I think one technician only had the machine on 60 once and I feel gyped. Lastly, have you ever had your back fat/bra fat done?
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I always did the highest level--want my money's worth! I've had my tummy done 5s. My avatar shows after 3. 1x upper, 1x lower & 3x right in the middle. I have no back fat but did my outer & inner thighs.
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Is this recommended for thighs too???? want to have them done, thinking surgery , but this seems way cool...
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Yes, I have had multiple treatments on my inner/outer thighs. They are much smoother now. I highly suggest you be sure they are using the new thich applicator though, it's rectangular-shaped, rather than crescent-shaped. Fits more "leg" in there.
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new attachment just came out for outer thighs. Looks pretty neat. You gotta call around to see who has it, though. My place in Naperville has it on order.
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I'm still waiting for Ritacca to get one. Considering they were 1 of the 1st in this country to offer CS, I'm really surprised they don't have it yet!
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Where is Ritacca located, please?
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Vernon Hills, IL, tell them Jeni Tyrell sent ya!
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Read thru your review. So.....using cool sculpting on inner/outer thighs how many times does this have to be done and over what period of time assuming a constant weight? It's non invasive so where's the fat (melted I guess) going and does it get absorbed evenly? And how long does the nerve pain last????grace
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In the 11x I've had this procedure, I have had absolutely NO pain whatsoever, of any kind. I suppose it all depends on how smooth you want your thighs to be. I am pear shaped with fairly lumpy thighs. My right is larger than the left one, so I had that one treated 2x as often. The fat is absorbed through your lymphatic system & peed out.
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You're honest & candid way of documenting your experience is so cute! I'm living in Nebraska. I have hereditary lumpy thighs & would love to get rid if that! Hate it!! I've been self-conscious & embarrassed for years. I wear jeans & capris in the summer to conceal my legs.... Love swim suits as long as I can hide my legs with a sarong. This provider you used, produced amazing results! ....But will have to seek a reputable provider in Omaha. Thanks for your response!
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Unfortunately, with losing 50lbs in my 50s, my skin sags at my knees so I still have to wear capris. I do look better than ever, even at my age, so I wear bathingsuits without fear.
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Good for you!!! Well I'm 63 & age is just a number. At least we have the option to get cosmetic surgery & procedures, as long as we are healthy & motivated. Thanks & enjoy your summer! :-)
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I'm excited about the new thigh device also! My dr is getting it in this week or next. Adios outer/inner thigh fat...I do have to admit that I'm doing this without anyone's knowledge or consent in my family :). I hope it doesn't hurt because I don't want to get caught...I have two daughters that are vehemently against some of the things I've done. What? I want to wear shorts. My youngest is 18 and told me I'm going to affect her and her sister. I told her we should all blame grandma...LOL. I had to reveal my tummy tuck to the 18 year old because she lives with me. We told everyone else I had a hernia operation, even at work... My older daughter immediately asked, "isn't that a secret code word for "tummy tuck"? Sheesh...my kids are smart.
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LOL, hernia will suffice! I have never heard a review of the thighs complaining of pain. Mine just felt like I had been kicked there for a few days.
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U should b able to pull it off. I had lipo so my sister and I met in a town neither lived in and I had lipo. I was down 4 2 days and then we were off shopping and visiting relatives. Everyone thought we wanted to spend some sister time together. Good luck.
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sigh... wish I had a sister...
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That would be ok!!
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Believe me, I DO, they're not always your best friend...
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How did the tummy tuck go? I am 63 & have wanted one for several years. I've lost weight & would def love to have the excess skin taken care of.
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No one will ever have the same experiences with any procedures and everything I have done is through board certified physicians. My husband is an internal medicine physician and my brother in law is chief of surgery in a Tampa hospital. I am saying these things because I don't believe doctors randomly try the latest medical procedures out and have us sign documents relieving them of responsibility just in case...I just had my eye lenses replaced with Crystalens by the best eye dr in the business in Dallas and he had me sign all the releases because they want to be sure you understand there is always a possibility of something going wrong. I research carefully before having anything done and this site has a wealth of information from people just like me. There are risks to everything and that's why it is so cool that we can learn from each other. My husband wanted me to try exercise first and I did but my thighs are inherited and the sagging skin was due to age and three children. I was at my ideal weight and worked out 3 days a week with a trainer...I don't regret one single thing I have had done. If cool sculpting helps remove some of the outer layers of fat that I have on my thighs then I'm glad. I'm hoping those fat cells don't develop elsewhere, but I also plan to continue eating healthy and keeping my weight exactly where it is. I am hoping to wear shorts this summer!
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I was in at the beginning of Ultherapy. I volunteered as a guinea pig for teaching the clinicians how to use it. I signed waivers & got it for 1/2 price ($2,500). Back then, they were told by the manufacturer it was totally painless. Boy were they wrong! Even though they were using lidocaine shots for some of us near the end of the day, it didn't prepare me at all for the agonizing pain I ensued. The next day I complained to the clinic & after sticking to my guns about this, they offered me free services, equal to what I had paid for this procedure. I have since had it done 2 more times. Each time they get better at it & it's now totally pain free.
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What is the ultherapy like? Is it worth the money? What changes did you see?
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I have seen tighter skin but nothing like a surgical facelift & it's about 1/2 the cost. I've never paid full price though & you'd better go somewhere that's been doing it a while for the best, pain-free results. They've comer a long way since it was 1st introduced just a couple of years ago.
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Have you tried the skin pen??
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