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Looking Forward to Results - Illinois

I lost 45lbs through Overeater's anonymous, 2...

I lost 45lbs through Overeater's anonymous, 2 years ago. I have been working out hard, a minimum of 3 days/week & can't get rid of my belly pooch. I had a consultation for regular lipo about a month ago, but really am afraid of something so invasive & expensive.

The place I go for Botox & filler had an open house tonight. I always go to find out about new procedures they offer & their $5000 drawing for free products/procedures. They were showing this new cold lipo machine I have been researching. It has been on Dr Oz show often & also The Doctors, as the best spot fat treatment on the market today. They needed a volunteer to demonstrate the procedure & I was in!

Today is 3 days after my procedure. Swelling...

Today is 3 days after my procedure. Swelling seems to be down for the most part. I am still about 50% numb. The other 50% feels a little sore, like I was kicked in the stomach. I haven't taken any of the nerve-blockers. I have a very high pain threshold & am a recovering addict, so I hesitate to take any pills, unless I really hurt.

I worked out Friday (weight lifting & treadmill) & did water aerobics & swam 30 laps yesterday. took today off & plan to go beck to weights/treadmill tomorrow.

Today is almost 1 week. Absolutely no pain at all...

Today is almost 1 week. Absolutely no pain at all. Still a little numb but it's going away. I only took 3 pills of the 20 nerve-blockers the Dr prescribed to me. , when it started to feel like I had been kicked in the gut. They told me to take the pill as soon as the pain started, so it didn't get any worse. I worked out the very next day after this procedure, for 2 hours & have worked out (switching up with weight-lifting, swimming, water aerobics & treadmill) for 4 days, since having this dome. I'm wondering if maybe the thought this procedure might work & that I might have a boost to get rid of unwanted blubber, is making me work harder?

I have been posting here every few days but none...

I have been posting here every few days but none of my updates are showing up. It is now 10 days post procedure. I had a little itching yesterday but none today & the numbness is going away more every day. I think I have lost some of the bulge, because I've gone down one belt hole alredy!

Well, everyone who knew I refused to wear a...

Well, everyone who knew I refused to wear a 2-piece anymore & why, says they see no reason I can;t wear one now! Ritacca is having a Coolsculpt day in Feb & offering even better discounts for this so I think I'll do my lower ab again.

Ritacca had a Valentines special tonight. There...

Ritacca had a Valentines special tonight. There was a presentation with their new ad campaign. Kinda stupid, something about a football game & everyone was ripping their clothes off & running around in their underwear. Their new catch phrase is, "Get Naked".

Anyway, there was a drawing for a free $1800 Coolsculpt & also they were offering buy one, get the 2nd 75% off. Well... I won the drawing!!!

So I'm getting my abs, inner & outer thighs done for a total of $2175. Gonna do them all in one day.

The took some "after" pics. I should have them posted in the next couple of days.

I finally have photo results for you guys!!!

I finally have photo results for you guys!!!

Please check out my new, before/after pics! This...

Please check out my new, before/after pics! This was after 3 treatments: 2 lower ab & 1 middle upper ab.

Ritacca was offering a buy 1 get 1 free...

Ritacca was offering a buy 1 get 1 free Coolsculpting (also, they reduced their prices by $300) so I'm going next week, for more body sculpting. Can't wait! Going to do lower abs & maybe upper again. Still just a lil flab left.

I got a 2 for 1 over the Holidays. Getting my abs...

I got a 2 for 1 over the Holidays. Getting my abs & right inner/outer thigh done tomorrow (one leg is bigger than the other)!

I paid $1500 for a buy 1 get 1 free. Just got my...

I paid $1500 for a buy 1 get 1 free. Just got my middle abs done. My belly's small enough now to fit most my lower & upper abs into the machine. I was going to do my thighs again but they convinced me that Vaser Shape was better for this, so my freebie I'll be using on my tummy one more time & then it should be pretty much totally flat! =o)

I work out lifting weights 2x/week, swim & do...

I work out lifting weights 2x/week, swim & do water aerobics 3 days/week & follow Weight Watchers. I have just had my 10th Coolsulpting procedure (3rd for the belly) & plan on 1 more in a month. Absolutely NO pain at all, Went to the gym the next day. It's been more than a week now & still no pain. Never used the Neurontin they gave me.

I have another Coolsculpting I got in a buy 1 get...

I have another Coolsculpting I got in a buy 1 get 1 free for the Holidays. Appointment if this Friday. I was going to do my tummy again but it's almost totally flat now! I'll have to consult with the "experts" at Ritacca, as to where I should go next. I'm thinking somewhere on my sides.

Getting my flanks done a week from tomorrow! It's...

Getting my flanks done a week from tomorrow! It's for free, because I got a buy 1 get 1 over the holidays!!!

Went in today for my freebie. I had them look me...

Went in today for my freebie. I had them look me over & we decided on doing a bulge on my right thigh that I don't have on the left one. They froze it 2x. Maybe now, my thighs will be more symmetrical!
Coolsculpting Representative (Elizabeth)

I've always loved the staff at Ritacca. Friendly gals who are always caring & helping me to look my best. I can go in there, say i only have a certain amount of money to spend & they will offer me the best solution for my buck. I have never looked better or been treated with more care & concern. They answered all my questions, checked on my discomfort often & let me converse with the other gals asking about the procedure, while I was going through it (I was the person used for the demo). I was given a prescription for Neurontin for the pain I may experience in a few days. They urged me to fill it, so I wouldn't have a moment of discomfort. I will post back in a day or 2 & should have the "before" pictures they took by then.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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How come so many people were in the room? Is that usual?
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They used me for the demo on their open house night. It was free!
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Hmm. Wow that's interesting. I guess my concern is that it is really a medical procedure, right? Plus the side effects of such seem to beg for a more tightened procedure (meaning who is present). I was reading below and I wonder about the weight loss and what could happen if someone is disabled or gains weight. Do you think it would go to other areas? It seems like a LOT of work to maintain so that re-distribution doesn't happen. I don't know, these lipo procedures scare me because I just wonder what the training is and the long term effects. Thanks for answering!
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All the people who do the hands on for this are trained by the makers of the product (Zeltiq). I have also been their guinea pig for those & other training sessions of other products. Keeping a body fit DOES take a lot of work. These procedures are NOT for weight loss. They are to get off the last remaining pockets of fat that do not respond to diet or exercise. Yes, if I gained weight, I'm sure it would be in other parts of my body, since those fat cells have been permanently removed. Same for lipo. Exact thing happened to my cousin, who is obese & had lipo. Now she just gains her fat elsewhere.
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That's a good point about your cousin; an important point since people do get disabled or pregnant or gain weight for other reasons. I wish this was part of the advertising, that unless you can assure that you will maintain your exact weight at the time of the procedure, you WILL get weird fat redistribution. You are right about that! I guess I wonder about these equipment manufacturers; I know the equipment does not require FDA approval so that part scares me as far as what the next 'new' thing is to use on a woman's body to remove fat (which of course could turn out bad if she gains any ounce of weight). It's definitely not for weight loss. But it's weird, I had lipo and did not gain or lose weight after but experienced major changes to the fat distribution on my body! Sadly it's not controllable and I had to get rid of favorite clothes I had for years and years. I thought it was a stubborn pocket of fat (was told I was a perfect candidate!). It's affected me pretty badly (emotionally).
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I'm pretty sure it does have to go though FDA approval, because I was told it's only approved to use on the torso areas, not the legs but they use it for that anyway.
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It's only if they want to put it through FDA approval. But it doesn't have to. I'm guessing they can *say* it's approved for certain areas, but by whom? The company?
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Sundogcoyote-I have a couple of questions for you. I am Just curious what areas you had liposuction on and want to know where the fat redistributed afterwards? I also wondered if you would do it again? Pufferpunk is absolutely right about coolsculpting not being for weightloss. I haven't noticed any obvious fat redistribution on myself but It has been less than a year for all of my treatments. The areas I had treated with good results are my abdomen and flanks.
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No, Zeltiq does not have it approved to use it for anything but the torso. It is the individual clinics themselves who use it elsewhere.
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Hi Prettyone, I had my abdomen and 'flanks' done. I was not overweight and in fact have been slender all my life but an injury caused me to get a pooch on my belly. My doc said I was a 'perfect candidate' and I trusted him as he was also my PC. I've never needed or used weight loss anything in the past (except maybe after I had a child). At first it seemed great and I was so happy. But then at 1 year my then boyfriend noticed my breasts being larger and I noticed that my shirts started not to fit. Eventually I had to get rid of most of my clothes (this included nice leather jackets & vests, dresses, blouses, pants, skirts...); it was just disappointment after disappointment. My breasts went from I would say a B cup to D or DD. Plus I need a belt to hold up my jeans now. And I have an odd potato shaped body. And no, I would not do it again. It has devastated me. It's been very hard to accept what has happened to my body. I have always been slender except for that one area at that one point in my life. Now I have fat in my breasts, neck, arms, back, face etc. I also have empty flab rolls on my abdomen, sides and near my breasts. I'm uncomfortable and think about it every day (it's been two plus years). So yeah, I had good results at first too. But I miss my old body. I would trade the belly pooch for what I have now any day. IF I were to try to 'revise' this horrible condition, it would mean a tummy tuck at the very least if not a breast reduction and lift. Can you imagine? A relatively cheap procedure and now needing expensive major surgeries. It's very depressing.
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Well as far as I have researched, I know that these devices do not require an FDA approval and they pay for them in order to make it look as though they are better or safer than they are. I called a couple companies and found this out from the sales reps. I was surprised. But that's the lack of medical oversight that there is.
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Hi subdogcoyote- I can't even imagine how frustrated you must be. I personally want a tummy tuck eventually to remove excess skin but I can see from your experience that you need to be careful about what you wish for. It seems that one might be better off reducing Body weight with diet and exercise than removing a bunch of fat through liposuction. I remember reading one plastic surgeons opinion stating that he felt that coolsculpting would not be as likely to produce the side effect of added weight gain to unwanted areas because the fat reduction is minimal. That could have just been an opinion though. Before I had my treatments I researched whether or not the fat would come back afterwards. If it does come back it will be to a new area.
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when you get past a certain age, you do NOT grow any new fat cells, but the ones you have can expand. So if you have the procedure done on certain areas and don't maintain healthy diet etc, you will 'grow', and it may be more noticeable in the untreated areas because there are more fat cells there. Coolsculpting is for people that don't need to lose weight, but have areas that exercise/diet don't affect. Myself, for example, had a thick waist. I could have practically starved myself and that area would have been the final holdout. By doing CS in that target area, I get rid of fat that has bothered me for years, no matter how active I was.
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Thanks PrettyOne~ In retrospect I wish I had never done this for multiple reasons. 1) Doctors who do any fat removal by any means don't understand "fat" and its role in the body and how the body maintains its stores. 2) I was injured and couldn't vigorously exercise like I had before and I had doctors telling me not to exercise and I was afraid I would injure myself more. But now I just do so in spite of the pain. 3) I didn't know fat would most certainly re-distribute. It's proven and there are other serious possible complications of lipo. It doesn't really matter the way in which this is achieved (after reviewing scientific and case studies). 4) Doctors are just out to make money off women's fear of fat. They will not be accountable to the terrible effects of what they have done. 5) if I had spent the money I put into the lipo on a specialized trainer (who could deal with my injury) I would have lost the fat and felt good about my body. Now I feel as though I have to hide it. I know people who have had much much worse happen to them. I personally don't know what to do about it (risk further surgery and possibly MORE fat redistribution~ or just live with this terrible discomfort). I think I will go for the exercise first to see where I get and the assess. It's sad though, right? And docs are making so much money off women with false promises.
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Some fat is necessary, yes. But fat does not redistribute ( ie move from point A to point B. what happens when you gain weight fat cells expand, so those cells in untreated areas, which are greater in number, look bigger because there are more of them. Bottom line, you must maintain diet/exercise. If you are injured and can't do ANY exercise, then you need to adjust your diet to take in less calories. Hard to do, yes, but that's the way it is.
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I have to respectfully disagree with your statement, Ibagoalie. I have been researching fat and metabolism since this has happened to me. The issues are extremely complex, and that includes those of diet and exercise. (Which diet? How much exercise?) Fat is an organ. It serves important purposes in our bodies. But our culture has us believing it is 'bad' and shows images of airbrushed models with zero fat. So what happens when fat is removed in these artificial ways is that the body wants it back and people tend to gain it back. Of course it then goes to the areas where cells were not removed (this is the redistribution factor) these areas become unnaturally fatter. For a person to control this she has to then literally starve herself and over exercise. That's because she has to compensate for twice the amount that was removed. The first amount is what was removed, the second amount is the amount she wanted to lose. Add to this the possible affects of future life events: hormonal changes, pregnancy, disability, winter-eating, having a stressful life, having children, breast feeding...and so on. Basically one has to then live in a diet/exercise "straight jacket" and cannot get out of it, ever.
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Same here Ibeagoalie... I treated the extra fat in my midsection with good results. Couldn't have spot reduced the bulges by exercise, I had them no matter my weight. My body shape is so much better now.
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No, fat does not migrate; that's not what redistribution means. Docs use that misconstruing to make people feel they don't understand what it happening to their body. So when I got lipo and weighed a certain amount, and a year later, no changes, I weighed the same, but my body shape is distorted (the NP looked at me and said: yes, it is, and I guess you don't want more lipo). My shirts didn't fit, my breasts became huge. My lifestyle was the same. There was the advertisement that said: stubborn pocket of fat, within your ideal weight range, let's get rid of that fat! It didn't say anywhere about what would happen after. And so, the point is, we cannot just suck or freeze fat from out bodies and then say this relates to diet and exercise because diet and exercise are only part of the picture. Science does not even understand any of this and they certainly do not understand the biology of fat. Not only this, the underlying structures (fishnet that holds cells, including fat cells) is ruined. So when the fat does come back (which it will~ studies show) it will come back in a disturbing squishy flab. One cannot and should not live on 1200 calories a day. That ruins a person's metabolism and makes her prone to gaining more weight if she eats beyond that.
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I have been thru long sedentary periods after my CS (knee surgery) & as long as I continued eating healthy (Weight Watchers) & ate NO sugar/fried foods/breads, I have not experienced this "fat distribution" you speak of. Have you gained any weight since the CS? Exercise contributes to only 20% of weight gloss.
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I agree somewhat, although I'm not sure about this "expanding fat cell" theory. I am 54. I am experiencing loose skin & drooping body parts!
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I had laser lipo and I weighed two pounds less a year after when I went back to the medi-spa and complained of the increased size of my breasts, arms, etc. I ate healthy (my normal diet) and yet, these changes happened. The NP looked at me sadly acknowledging what happened. There is a thread: Did you gain weight after liposuction. You might want to check it out and see that this fat issue is not just *me*. I realize you had a different procedure but it's still a fat removing device. Anyway there are over 600 comments on that thread. It's revealing. It's weird, how I could go through a fat removing procedure, weigh the same and then a year later have to get rid of my favorite clothes because they no longer fit me. I've never had a weight problem in my life either. Just the belly pooch from the back injury. Normally fat just melts off my body. But with the injury I got the 'muffin top' and hey~ it was sold as this easy thing, not something that would change my entire body shape that is pretty much impossible to fix.
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Btw, you had Lipo , not Coolsculpt, so why are you commenting in this forum? The two are totally different. Lipo is quick, CS is a slow process. The slower process allows your body to adjust. Like being on a healthy weight loss diet verses a crash diet.
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You haven't had Coolsculpt at all??? Maybe there's something wrong with your lymphatic system, you seriously should get that checked out.
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I've just been curious to know if you have noticed any weight gain in other areas since having all of the cool sculpting results?
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Not at all--I have actually lost a few lbs, as I continue to exercise regularly & follow Weight Watchers. One of the things the gals at the cosmetic place always ask me is if I am maintaining my weight loss & exercise. (lost 50 lbs 5 years ago)
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