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I had my procedure done on November 27, 2012. I...

I had my procedure done on November 27, 2012. I did the lower abdomen. I must say I was very naive as to what the side effects of this procedure would be. I thought I would go in and have a some kind of cold pad placed on me and then in 2 months or so I would see a difference. No where in the literature or when I spoke with the Cool Sculpting representative did I hear about suction, pins and needles, stinging or a need for pain medication. I guess they forgot about letting me know about these things.

The actual procedure was difficult for me. When they attached the machine I became nauseated and thought my insides were being sucked out of my body. After I got use to it I was able to make it the full hour. The "massage" afterwards was very painful and I coul not wait to get out of the place and go home. The first 3 days I felt very numb and every time I ate I would be nauseated and have diarrhea. On the evening of the 3rd day I started experiencing stinging pain in my abdomen. The only way I could describe it was like bees stinging and then burning afterwards. I took advil and it didn't even phase the pain. The 4th and 5th days I tried going about everyday life and running errands. I had to return home and lay around. I'm grateful that I am self-employed because if I had a job I would not have been able to work. On the evening of the 5th night I started icing my abdomen. It is the only relief I can get from the stinging pain and I do mean pain in my abdomen.

Today is my 10th day and I cannot go without ice for more than one hour. This pain is dehabilitating! I talked with the nurse at the spa and she said I should have called sooner and got some pain killers. I'm not a person who likes to take drugs so I have tried to push through the pain without drugs. She informed me this stinging pain could last for another 2 weeks. My questions is where was all the information ahead of time that I would be experiencing pain on this level? I don't know if any of this is worth it. I'm overwhelmed with the effects of this procedure. I can't say if it is worth it or not at this point.

I read on someone's page that your not suppose to use ice and was wondering if anyone can tell me why you shouldn't use ice. It's the only thing to reduce the pain to tolerable levels. Also I had purchased 4 of these treatments in a package deal and from reading other accounts it sounds like the lower abdomen in the most painful. Is the flanks as painful as the lower abdomen? Any information would be helpful on getting me through this experience.

Today is day 12 and I am finally feeling some...

Today is day 12 and I am finally feeling some relief. I have not had to ice my stomach today. I cannot wear anything that touches that part of my abdomen where the procedure was done. If my blouse touches it there is a stinging uncomfortable feeling. I think there is light at the end of this experience. I hope it is all worth it! Would like to hear other people's experiences as to the pain level for the upper abdomen and the flanks. Are they as painful as the lower abdomen? I have heard the lower abdomen is the worst so if I can get through this maybe the upper abdomen and flanks will not be as bad. Would really like other people's information on this if possible. Thank you!
I had the flanks done and very little pain, just weird numbness. I am going to get the abs done and am a little freaked out, but scheduled it at a slow time so I can lay around for a week or so. I also purchased a compression garment based on some other people's advice.
I heard the flanks were a lot eaiser so I am hoping to get them done as part of my 4 part treatment. I haven't seen any results yet but it has only been 2 weeks and 1 day since I had it done. The other treatment is for the upper abs and I heard that was pretty uncomfortable also. I suggest an ice pack that you can wear around your waist in addition to the compression garment. That was the only thing that brought me relief from the stinging pain. Let me know how yours goes. Good luck!

Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your experience with us. I'm sorry you're not feeling great at the moment.

Here is a link to a question, which has already been answered by the doctors, regarding ice after CoolSculpting. In a nutshell, they say that ice will not hurt your results, but you can read the whole question for all of their advice.

Hope this helps and please do keep us updated with your progress!


One week ago today I had the upper abdomen done. ...

One week ago today I had the upper abdomen done. It was a long hour to endure and then the massage afterwards was defiently no fun. I will say it does not hurt like the lower abdomen did. The discomfort is managable without any pain meds and I haven't had to ice the area. I have been able to do just about everything I needed to but there are times It hurts a bunch. I still have 2 more treatments to go over the next couple of months and will then decide if this was worth it. I bought a 4 treatment package in the beginning so I have 2 more to go.

My second procedure which was the upper abdomen is...

My second procedure which was the upper abdomen is now 11 days old. Tthe past couple of days it has been very uncomfortable. I broke out with pin head size blisters in the area that recieved the suction. They are very painful little blisters. Today they are starting to go away but if anything touches them it causes a burning sensation. I did have to use ice for the past 3 days to help with the pain.
I was going to do both the upper and lower abs at the same time, but my practictioner told me not to, so I ended up doing just the upper abs. While I had tingling, stinging, stabbing, etc about 5-7 days in, it was manageable with some ice and compression. I am going in for the lower abs in a couple weeks and expect to experience the same thing at probably a more intense level. However, now that I know what and when to expect these pains, I think it will be much easier to deal with. I may actually go back later and get a second treatment on my flanks, focusing on the lower back portion, which didn't get affected like the sides did.

Yesterday I had my third treatment. It was the...

Yesterday I had my third treatment. It was the lower abdomen. It was very uncomfortable and a really long hour! The massage afterwards was not as bad as the first time but I did have stinging pain for a couple of hours after the treatment. They measured me and I had lost 1 1/2 inches from my lower abdoment from the first procedure. I hope I lose more in the coming months as this is a lot to go through! Will keep you posted.
I have had my lower abs done x2 and my upper abs. The lower abs did hurt for first 5 mins suction is very cold. I did have minor stomach issues a little ping or pang here and there. But no major pain at all. I have been very happy with the results. For a 55 year old women my abs look really great ! A small amount of pain is worth it when you see yourself in 3 months . I would do it again without any hesitation.
I had my lower abs and back flanks done a week ago and I surprised how little post pain I've had. I had expected more discomfort than my upper abs (which was more annoying than painful), so I had bought compression undies, ice packs, homeopathic pain drops, etc. Hardly needed to use anything and didn't miss any workouts. I did use the smaller handpiece on the lower abs, so maybe that was had something to do with it. I will warn you that on day 4 I was horribly bloated and looked pregnant. I panicked, but the next day I was much less swollen, so if you experience anything like that, hang in there. I've been VERY pleased with my results so far and it's only been a week!

Did not work for me. After 6 months and 4 treatments I am exactly the same size.

It has been 6 months since my fourth treatment. I had 2 on the upper abdomen and 2 on the lower abdomen. It was a lot to endure and I am sadly reporting that my measurements are exactly the same as they were when I went for the consultation! There was zero improvement. I lost about 8 pounds during the time of the treatments but after the treatments when I was feeling better and eating normally I went back to my starting weight. I really wanted this to work! I now think liposuction would of been the better choice. It would require only one treatment and one recovery period. I hope this works for others but I just spent a lot of money, endured a lot of discomfort and pain with NO improvements.
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I read about the procedure and it's successes on line and this place was the only place within 60 miles who offered it.

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