Disfigured by Contour Threading for Wrinkles Around Lips

Sought drematologist regarding wrinkles around my...

Sought drematologist regarding wrinkles around my lips. He suggested contour threads. Not fillers???

Thread possible hitting nerve in forehead, had to be remove day two. All remaning threads eventually broke and ask to have threads removed. Thought MD did this yet he only cut the remaining knots. This resulted in threads causing sinus tracts and granulomas. Had to have three plastic surgeries with gen anest. to correct.

After third surgery on my right check again have pain as well as a granuloma . Face has scars and dents.

Do I have any options? How do I find legal help regarding facial disfigurement following contour threading?


Furthermore, as far as limitations goes the procedure never provided any benefits what so ever since the threads broke within days and weeks of procedure. Is this what you consider a limitation? I was never able to experience any benefits with this procedure. In addition I paid 2 thousand $ for broken threads, numerous painful procedures to correct and now have scars. Please explain to me how I should understand that no cosmetic procedure is ever perfect when it was defective from day one. I do not think that should have happened.
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ihad similar results with contour thread proceedure, have you found any legal outlet to help you? R there others who have had same problems?
I completely disagree with the above poster. My experiences with contour thread lifts have been excellent, and the provider mentioned has provided superb service in this regard as well. Contour thread lifts have limitations, especially when compared to other techniques. However, these are limitations of the technique itself, and not of any shortcomings of the given practitioner. The poster should have done more research on the technique and understood the risks and disadvantages when using contour thread lifts. No cosmetic technique or treatment is ever perfect.
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