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They woke me before surgery was done dr says so I...

They woke me before surgery was done dr says so I could walk out of the room on my own when I woke before he was done I was in so much pain I had a blue paper blanket blocking my view so I couldn't see a human face woke scared to death and in pain was told to close my eyes and go back to sleep they wear almost done I asked many times for them to turn the sleepy pain meds back on cuz it hurt so bad after surgery I asked many more times for meds to help my pain and was told no over and over was left to suffer so finly I just left to go home and suffer and at least I had my pain meds in the car witch was the lowest dose one could get 5/300 nurse said the next day I throw a ice pack at her witch I just may have but if so I was blacked out from the pain I cryed and banged for them to help me but it did no good I was told no every time only offered ice after surgery. Also before surgery I asked that my husband not be let near me after surgery until I was fully awake and my pain was under control my husband was waiting in their " recovery room" today when I asked the dr why that request was ingored he said that he need to help dress me. However I was already fully dressed before coming to recovery so yet another lie and ignore of my wishes I tryed many times to explain my past history of surgery to the dr and nurses to tell them the meds they wanted to give me would not be strong enough to help me but they ignore every thing the paper I filled said and ignore and put off every time I tryed to talk to them over all I felt the dr and nurse wear monster who didnt care at all how much I sufferd.. today when I talked to the DR he said he had no clue of my past history of surgery and pain treatment that I didnt disclose it... haha yes I did many times told him to go back and look at the paper work he also said if I had stayed longer they would have gave me a shot for the pain before the hour car ride home... I only asked for that 20 times and was told no all they could do is have me lay down and give me ice... like I told the dr had they said yes we will give you something for pain I would have stayed. Today when I talked to the dr he told me the nurses wear probably annoyed by me because I was cussing and throw a ice pack witch I fully have no memory of and my husband says it didnt happen while he was their however if it did I was in a black out state due to extreme pain if I was ever given pain meds after waking up with that blue paper blanket over my head " while they finished up" I dont think that would have happen dr told me today thats what they do to every one is shut off the pain/ sleepy meds when thier almost done so you can get right up.... I guess they need to make room for their next victim cant have you peacefully asleep a few extra mins.. However the boob job looks grate so far just hurts like hell and had what id consider the worst staff ever


WOW!! That's incredible!! Jen is right!! That's awful and totally NOT the norm on how things are supposed to go. I think I woke up in a comfy recliner and my hubs didn't come till I was awake awake! As far as pain. She's right about that too. We all have different tolerance for pain meds especially. My doc gave me Percoset 10's. which is oxycodone with Tylenol pretty much. And I still had some pain for about 3 weeks. And he just kept giving them to me. So that's some BS!! Tylenol 3's after major surgery is ridiculous!! I would complain until you get a refund that matches the crime, so to speak. I'm super proud of you tho!! That must have been scary and very painful!! Post picks!! I wanna hear about how they look! How many cc's? What does the hubs think? How r ya feelin? I know you may have had a bad experience, but don't let that steal your happiness. This is such a positive life changing experience and I hope you can focus on that. And I hope you are getting aquatinted with your new boobs!! I'm so happy for you! They journey may have been a bit rough, but you have arrived!! ;) keep us posted!!
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I am so sorry you had such an awful experience!! It is totally NOT supposed to go like that! I am a nurse, and would never ever have ignored your requests for things. Most especially for pain meds! And at my hospital, I would be reprimanded for behaving like that! I am so sorry. Hopefully now you will have a fairly tolerable recovery time, and enjoy your gorgeous new boobies!! Random question...are you by any chance a redhead? Auburn? Strawberry blonde? The same genes that cause red hair cause those people to require more anesthesia than others to have the same effect. And redheads need higher doses of pain meds, more novocaine at the dentist, stronger meds in their epidurals, etc. You don't have to say if you don't want to, but I was just curious. Your anesthesiologist should have been monitoring you carefully, and should NEVER have let you wake up while still in the OR. That is very poor patient care....
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day 5 things getting much better

Day 5.. feeling much better still cant see well have had blured vision cents the surgery. Dr says probably a side effect of the antibiotics. I tend to think it might be a side effect of the shock my body and mind went tho however hope it gets better soon my breast are Healing wonderful. I have had a few questions cents I came home and each time I call in and get a staff member that anwser I have not got a call back but when I have had a emergency question and paged the dr he called right back. Again seem to me he is a good dr with a bad staff so I up dated my star rating to reflect more fairly to the dr over all I think I will be happy with my results and I just need to put the nasty experience with his staff behind me I really hope he takes a good look at how his staff treated me and finds staff that are more caring of people in pain.. I understand I may not have been the nicest person in the world but I warned them that after surgery I am completely out of it and if I am in pain I can get really mean instead of taking what ever I may have said personally they should have tried to help control my pain and I would have been a whole lot nicer. But anyways just wanted to give a update that cents I been home the dr has been nice and helpful and returned all pages fast however I am still not sure if id go back


I myself just had my breasts done by dr chris Pelletiere and did not have one problem. He was amazing, the staff was great as well. I truly think you were the problem, I have called a couple of times and the staff was great to me and the surgeon himself called me the next night to see how I was doing. I know for a fact he gives you shots around the breasts to numb the area and I also have a high tolerance to pain meds. I felt nothing and woke up briefly, there was no barrier I could see him plain as day. I wanted to move my arms and legs which he very nicely asked me to not do and laughed because I was a lil out of it and making funny comments. I had an absolute wonderful experience with him and if you look at his other reviews you are the only one that had any issues. I have recommended him to numerous people and I would go back to him in a heartbeat. After not even a week my breasts look great and while being a huge baby when it comes to pain I've only felt slight discomfort. You must not have listened to him at all. You should be ashamed to write such horrible things and regardless of what meds you were on or not you acted like a complete witch sorry to say but I think you really need to hear it
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Barrington Plastic Surgeon

The dr was nice just ingored every thing I said or asked for but over all real nice before he got my money and wasn't to bad even after things went real bad real fast he when I spoke with him was nice even tho I had nothing nice to say to him about his staff

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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