Breastlift 'Letdown'

I had the anchor breastlift last Sept. and wear a...

I had the anchor breastlift last Sept. and wear a bra even to sleep in. I'm very disappointed. My breasts look like someones breasts who's just going in to get them done. They are sagging with the exception that they are sagging from a higher position on my chest.

I've had a 'tweek' surgery in Feb. to correct a fold in my skin in my cleavage, which is still there. The self-confidence I was hoping to gain with this proceedure is distroyed. I will have to go through the surgery all over again [except the nipple area] to raise the inside breast matter up to create nipple projection.

What can be done if I don't want the same surgeon at this practice to redo me? Is it acceptable to ask another phyician there to redo them and not be charged all over again? What's the norm for this?

Updated on Jan 7, 2010
I did not get the nipple projection that I had hoped for and will not do implants . I am naturally a c cup. I had 2 procedures following the lift to try to correct the projection problem but they still don't look as I'd hoped. I'm done with this .

how can I reduce the color of my scarring from my breastlift 16 mos. ago? Has anyone had any luck with any products. I just had the shots done yesterday to soften the scars. o those usually work well ?


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Both of your posts highlight the extreme importance of "doing your homework" before selecting a surgeon. The assumption that we are all equally skilled is false, and surgeon skill/experience is easily the most important factor in a patient's satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a breast lift. I know this doesn't help either of you now, but for any future procedures, I would recommend you always ask to see photos of their work, and maybe even ask to talk to another one of their patients (who had the same procedure). With regard to how best to communicate your dissatisfaction to your surgeon, I thought it would be in the best interests of the entire community to help you understand a few things. Even without the threat of posting negative things about your surgeon online, I can assure you they want your satisfaction. Having said that, it may be that the results you have achieved represent the limit of what they as a surgeon are able to do for you (thus the importance of "doing your homework"). Further, most surgeons include in their informed consent documentation that there is not, nor can there be, any guarantee of the outcome of your surgery. This means that you understand going in that there is the possibility that despite your surgeon's best efforts, you may not get what you wanted out of your surgery. If you indeed signed informed consent for the surgery and the documents included this language, it is not reasonable to hold your surgeon to any outcome standard you may have (again highlighting the importance of choosing well in the first place). If you do end up dissatisfied, talk calmly with your surgeon... Explain why you are unhappy, and what would make you happy. Remember- he/she wants you to be happy too- the key is to communicate positively so that the two of you can figure out a solution for you. If you get too confrontational, communication may break down, and then you will get nowhere... possibly ending up having to pay another surgeon to make the desired changes... Be careful with what you write on the internet as well... There have been several large cases in the last year where a dissatisfied patient posted negative things about a surgeon who was able to prove that the patient understood the risk of being unhappy before surgery-(making this slander/defamation or libel) in each case, the surgeon was rewarded damages and the patients had to pay lots of legal fees in addition to the aggravation they had already experienced. There is no question that your best approach is to try to work it out positively. If you have lost confidence in your initial surgeon's ability to achieve your goal, ask what they can do to help restore your confidence- or ask for a referral to someone who can.
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I so agree...Most Doctor's consider their work art and they take pride. What we see in pictures, we expect as well, but not all bodies are the same, not all bodies heal the same. I know in my case, I had an allergic reaction to the stitches. I also know that my body is not petite, so my breast are not going to look perfect...I wanted better and improved. But this is just my opinion.
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Doctor was way too conservative

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