Updated Pictures Post Op 6 months The best bandeau tops!!

I went to Dr. Szczerba in Rosemont, Illinois his...

I went to Dr. Szczerba in Rosemont, Illinois his is the best ever. The dr. was very nice, patient, explains everything in detail. The nurse went thru about 10 different looks with me, make sure you bring a bra of the size your thinking of it's easier and also bring a few different tops to change in so that you can check out what size best fits your needs. I went with my dr.'s choice as I trust him. He already told me don't ask for something out of the way, I will not put implants into women if they are not perfect and look good. I trust him.

I'm going w/ 550 CC Natrell Gel. I'm like a negitive A after two kids. They look awesome in the bra I brought in during my visit. If you don't feel comfy with your dr. get another one. This your body. Look at all the pics if you see alot of pic's you don't like, such as breasts that are higher then the other. Forget that dr. You have to study on line each dr.'s pic's and really investigate the whole picture, I did this for months and hours a day. If you see alot of pic's that look like crap move on to some other dr. Just so all you girls know. What you start with is what your ending up with, only bigger. When you see breast going side ways it's because your breast do that now. Remember what you start with is what you end up with only bigger true fact look at each pic you see on websits. Also that High Profile Round cup cake look, it's because our skin doesn't have enough stretch in it and you went to large. Think of what you want. I have at least 5 good pic's and 5 horrible pic's I don't want to look like after surgery. I'm showing the dr. tomorrow on my pre -op appointment. '

Good luck girls ask questions and study before and after photo's from every state and keep looking until you see a few your happy with and then bring them into the office and ask the dr. if you will look close to that photo. They do this for a living they will tell you yes or no. And also ask your dr how he feels about his name on your breasts for life. He better give you an answer such as I do not put implants into women that will not compliment her body frame. Anyone can take your money but who really cares about your look. Study girls...

Ask a ton of questions I did.


So excited for you!  Are you having surgery on a Saturday?  I can't wait to hear about your results!  550 cc sounds like a great size for you after having 2 children. :)


My friend just went 500 and they look really natural.


Are you going to upload photos at all to show your before/afters?  


I'll watch for your recovery posts, and congratulations!!!



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Yes, I will upload pic's. I'm having surgery October 22nd. I come back from my vacation October 21st. then the next day off to surgery. I'll enjoy my Mexico vacation for two weeks before the big day. I'm so excited I cannot wait.
Oh that's PERFECT! Then you can relax and enjoy yourself (it will be extra exciting before the big day). I actually come back from vacation the same day so we'll both be lounging. Can't wait to see the pics, Kate

Hi Everyone, I'm home from Mexico after 12...

Hi Everyone,
I'm home from Mexico after 12 nights... Just renewed my wedding Vow's with my awesome husband!! I'm finished with all the house work and I have a two loads of laundry left to do, but my husband said he would take care of the the last two loads when I get home. I'm very comfortable and calm at this point. Last night I was very restless as It was our last night in Mexico. I also think it had to do with all the excitement of getting home to prepare for tomorrow Oct 22nd. (The Boobie Day).

I am all showered and ready to go, my small bag is packed and waiting for us to leave in the morning. I really do not feel tired in anyway at this time as it's only 10pm in Chicago. I have to be up and ready to go by 5:30. Surgery is scheduled at 7am, I have to arrive at 6:30am for my final talk with the doctor.

I cannot tell you how long I have waited for this day to finally come. I will post before and after pictures sometime tomorrow or the following day depending on how I feel when I get home. I am very excited, not nervous at all. I've had many surgeries in the past, however not cosmetic. Talk with all of you shortly have a great day, I know I will.... Thanks all.


Hope everything is going well!
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By thd time you read this, you'll havd boobies! I cannot wait to see you before/after photos and hear how it went.
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Good luck tomorrow! Everything will go great! I'm very excited for you.
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I'm sorry it has taken so long to respond. I was...

I'm sorry it has taken so long to respond. I was very calm thru the entire process. I will not lie, I was in pain, but.... I went with 550cc Ultra high profile. (I started off as 36 AA after having two kids that are now 25 and 23 years old). I did not have much room to breathe, meaning extra skin/tissue. The 550cc Ultra High Profile Silicone Gel implants fit perfectly as I did not go above what the specifications said. I followed the doctors orders also I stayed within the measurements. I am very happy with the 550cc Ultra high Profile Silicone Gel.

I found the first two/three days were painful for me, I actually stayed in bed with alot of pillows behind me and I watched t.v and slept pretty much for 3 days. I took the pain med's for all three days, I felt that If I slept most of the time, I would not pay attention to what needed to be done around the house. I scheduled my cleaning lady to come the next day after my surgery, so I felt that my house was spotless and there would be no worries for myself or my husband as we just landed less then 9 hours prior to surgery from Mexico for two weeks. My husband was the best ever for the last 7 days! God I have a great Man.

I was not too sure about showering so I filled the tub up with water put a towel on the side of the tub and sat down to bathe until I was able to get around on my own. It worked out well. Don't worry about your hair, really just be happy with your new breasts and forget the hair, I'm sure you'll look just fine for a few days without washing your hair. I had to sleep sitting up for 5 nights so the only thing that looked a bit messy was the back of my head and I could not see it, so I was not concerned. lol

I finally felt alot better the fourth and the fifth day, I was up and moving around, however I wanted to cook, and do other things that I knew I should not be doing so, I marched my happy self back upstairs and layed in bed with a magazine along with a few good movies.

It's now Sunday night I'm feeling great, my breast are starting to drop more into place as they are looking like beautiful breasts that all of us women have been dreaming of for years. I would also like to say I went to the hospital with a really nice well written 4 page letter to my husband. I also included another 5 pages of documents on why women go thru this and why we don't feel beautiful with our old broken down bodies after children and also with age. (My husband understood and was happy for me if this was my choice, I wanted to make sure of that). This was the nicest booklet I put together, not only for him but for myself, so that my husband would fully understand WHY.

All men say they understand and that they love us, but I wanted my husband to know that I'm doing this for me and not one other person. Believe me this booklet was better then any gift/wedding ring etc. It meant the world to me that he read this letter as I asked him to do when I went into surgery.

The love, The Lust, The whole package finally hit home and was truly a wonderful thought. I told him how much I love him, how much he means to me and how great he is not only as a husband but a provider, father and on and on, things that we tend not to say as much as we should say. The..... I love you so much along with a huge kiss and a tear in his eye made it all worth it after my recovery!

I am very happy with my choice/Doctors choice I am pain free as of today Sunday October 28th. However I'm still taking it easy, I waited a very long time for new set of breasts as I do not want anything to happen. I'm not trying to be a baby in anyway I'm just being extra careful as I am 49years old and our bodies do not bounce back as If I were in my 20's. I'm missing my workout and being active, but this is the choice I've made so I can deal with it until I'm healed.

Good luck to all of you women having surgery, I feel comfortable and sexy, and now looking forward to a tummy tuck next year.
Thanks everyone, I am trying to figure out how to post pictures so stay tuned. lol


I agree with you, I don't like the armpit look sexy49.  You look awesome!  I never have seen ultra-high profile but I am really liking your projection!  I am so excited to see your final result when they fully drop.

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Heyy!! Your boobs look AWESOME!! Hell yes for high profile!! Im aiming for a D (currently a B) and I agree High Profile is the way to go :) No armipt boobies!! Congratulations!!
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You look great !!! I'm happy for you ! I have high profile saline and I love my boobies.
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I don't know about anyone else but are your...

I don't know about anyone else but are your nipples super sensitive and feel sore to touch them. I'm not worried, I just wanted to know if anyone else was going thru this. Thanks girls


Mine were but now it only feels that way before I get my period.
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thanks.. At times they hurt just having a tank top without a bra..thanks : )

Well today is November 13th. The girls are looking...

Well today is November 13th. The girls are looking really good, they are coming along slow but sure. Dr. visit next monday. My breast are becoming more soft and more natural. yahooo.


They look great! Congrats! :)
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Oh - small world - my husband and I were in Mexico in October also! We were at Temptation in Cancun. I loved it and can't wait to go back.
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You look awesome! I love the Ultra High Profile on you. You are dropping nicely and your final result is going to be fabulous! The nipple sensitivity is pretty common. I also went through a stage of extreme skin sensitivity, it was almost a burning sensation when any fabric would touch the girls. Kind of uncomfortable since I really did have to wear shirts to work, lol. As soon as I got home, the tops came off and I went around bare breasted. I guess that was one benefit to having the surgery done at this stage of my life, when all the kids are grown and out of the house! Keep posting as you are healing, it helps so many other women know what to expect. I can't wait to see the progress you'll be making over the next couple of months.
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I added a few new photo's. VS bra's photos. I'm...

I added a few new photo's. VS bra's photos. I'm so happy with my look, the girls really look amazing with or without a bra on. I'm a 36DD at VS.


Looking Hot!!
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Sexy, you're really looking great! Thanks for the new pics.
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I love my new boobies, but at times I wish I could...

I love my new boobies, but at times I wish I could have went larger, but I could not. Dr. Said no no no. I understand that I had zero room left in the body. I'm thinking of 100 more cc in another month now that my skin has stretched out. I don't know I'm still thinking but there are days I feel huge and then other days I feel so small and then I get frustrated because I liked the huge swelling look too. Idk, Women were never happy. lol


You look great! & I know exactly what you mean about going larger....I went to a med/full c cup (was barely an A before); but I'm quickly realizing that with all the padding & fake plastic boobies (yes I wore those!!!) I was a C!! Or at least people thought I was!!! I have days where I love them & days I'm disappointed....like you said, we are never happy!!!
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I think I want bigger..... Idk!!
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Be careful going larger.
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December 5, 2012 I went to the PS for my 6 1/2...

December 5, 2012
I went to the PS for my 6 1/2 week check up...The girls were perfect. The PS took photo's which he doesn't usually do until 4 months, he said that the Ultra High Profile turned out so perfect and looked so amazing he had to take the photos. I went home with such a greatful thought. I'm so so happy. I stopped at the store to buy a Christmas card for his office, when I got home I then sent over a Christmas Centerpiece to his office. I'm very happy with everything, I hope that all the girls/women on this site feel the same way about themselves and the PS. Good luck to all. Maybe someday we will all run into each other!!! haha

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I think the best info a person can look, read and...

I think the best info a person can look, read and understand is this site:

I plugged in all my info and seen exactly what people look like with what I wanted done. you won't exactly look the same because no two bodies are the same but it was helpful, as I spent hours upon hours on this each day for 2 months. Omg, I was driving myself crazy with it. It sure helped me focus better.


I know I've told you this before, but You are looking ah-mazing! Just curious....where did you find the strapless camis? I've looked, but can't find any....
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You look great! I agree, you and your PS chose perfectly. You couldn't ask to look any better. I'm thrilled for you.
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You look amazing! My surgery is in 3 weeks and I so want to go bigger than what my surgeon recommends, but for my bwd I don't want to risk any complications.
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I added a new photo 12-19-2012 I am almost two...

I added a new photo 12-19-2012
I am almost two months (3 days shy of two months)

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Look at how flat I looked when I came home from...

Look at how flat I looked when I came home from surgery.. The first picture was taken hours of surgery. Now look how large I am. I think My skin was so tight it was smashing the girls. They finally are growing up nicely. It's hard to take photos of yourself as everyone can figure out. But I'll keep you posted on new Pics from the PS yeah....Wow what a long journey this has been but all worth it. Merry Christmas everyone. Have a safe and Healthy New Year 2013.


Hi, Can you update a pic. There are not many Ultra high profiles around to compare. i'm scheduled for 3/28 and so far will be getting 530CC ultra Highs. Im concerned for the torpedo look. Yours look great so far and I would love to see how they settled. Thanks!
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I have ultra high profiles!!!! 480cc silicone gummies (mentor).
Awesome! !!
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Hi to all.. I went for my 4 month post op. I am...

Hi to all..
I went for my 4 month post op. I am very happy with myself along with the new girls. The PS told me that they look soooo perfect I should be very happy, as I am very pleased with everything. I'm going to let all of you know that PATIECE is the key to BA. I've been very patient with the entire process, as I'm really not patient with anything else. lol But on the good side of the things, my BA was everything I expected from the first day watching video's of the surgery. I knew what to expect before I walked in the door.

I'm just about 4 months Post Op very pleased with everything, I could not be any happier. I have no regrets at all, I'm proud to say that if I had the the chance to do this all over again would I change anything, No I would not change one thing.

I gave consent to the PS as he asked to use my photos for others. I am more or less the odd one in the group that went with Natrelle Gel Style 45 which is Ultra High Profile w/ large Projection. There are very few women using this Style 45.

For all of you new women on this site reading this, I would like to express that I started out with Style 45 but at 450cc, I'm so thankful I went to 550cc with the same style 45. I again could not be happier, as I know I would have been so disappointed with less CC's. I'm sharing this with you, so you do not get upset if your breasts are too small. Always go bigger I did and I do not look crazy in clothing or swimwear unless your looking at my size Smalls from last year on my new breasts.

Good luck and I will up load new pics this week.


Congrats. I'm just one month behind you at 3 months post op. Still looking great I see. So glad you're happy with them. Keep updating us on your progress. Have a boobiful weekend!!
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Looking awesome !
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you look amazing, i saw your profile yesterday and was hoping you'd update w/ more pics. Great job. They look soft and natural, exactly what i'm aiming for (9 days post op now). Congrats!
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New Swimsuits!! What a breeze that was Added a...

New Swimsuits!! What a breeze that was
Added a few new swimsuit pictures 3/10/2013


They look great! I'm one week post op and still feeling very tight and swollen in the upper chest. Ugh, I wish the muscle would relax so I can start to enjoy them :)
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Looking good lady the size is perfect for you I agree go big or go home lol! Checkout my pica I went big too!
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I have to say that your enthusiasm throughout your "recovery" is inspiring! I am currently 6 days post op from my augment and still in quite a bit of pain. I went with mentor silicone 650cc moderate plus implants, and so far I am absolutelty in love!! I am anxiously waiting for them to drop and fluff!! Any advice?
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I could not be happier with the entire expierence....

I could not be happier with the entire expierence. I'm in great health, my breast look amazing they have fluffed as they say... They do not look like round balls anymore.

There is a picture of myself w/ a strapless Cami on in white. Get them soon as Walmart is back in action with all of them. $5.00 each, I bought 6 more just like the one i'm wearing in White. I love them for..... going out or a just as simple as a swim party at my house. You will be so glad you bought them, as my PS Doctor swears by them. He also tells everyone to purchase them. Sooo... ladies who are getting BA go to Walmart and purchase as many as possible you will live in them for a few months. Well worth the money. I have 3 that I wore all the time and I just purchased another 6.


Love how ur boobs look
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Are ur breast above or under the muscle?
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They are under. Natrelle Style 45 Ultra High Profile 550cc's. I was a 36AA, I went to a 36DD I love it, I will say they are a perfect size for me, they are not too large and not small by any means. I have many Bff's with BA and they all said they should have went larger.So... I went larger and I'm so glad. They are perfect all the way!! I think if your looking for a full D or DD I would say 550 is good. I'm 5'4 and 140 pounds. They look amazing.

I should have had this done years ago!

I should have had this done years ago!


Hi there. I don't know if you still check on here or not. I was wondering if you could do an uptake with pictures? All the updates you have have truly helped me. I have surgery scheduled for April with same dr. I am considering the same style of implant maybe 500-550ccs. Not sure on ccs but probably uhp style. Do you have any regrets? Do you still think that was the best implant? How do you feel? Have you had any complications? Thank you so much for your journey. Helps me tremendously. :)
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Check mine, LabellaNewBoobs and Limaboro, all have left comments on my page and we all have UHPs and LOVE them.
Sorry, BOTH of them have left comments on my page.
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

I looked for 5 months at so many websits along with so many before and after photo's. I went thru 4 different dr.'s and out of all 4 Dr. Szczerba's office staff and Dr.'s bedside mannor was so above the top, I was so comfortable and not nervous at all. The others I was scared shi...less. Trust the dr. or move on. This dr. is amazing and the staff is just wonderful. I could not have asked for better. I'm 48 years old workout 4 days a week 5'4" 137 pounds (true pounds) wide shoulders and not a petite frame but great shape Wear a size 6 pants/shorts/skirts Med tops. I'm going with 550 Natrell Gel implants High Profile Round Smooth Under Muscle Can't wait.!! With this type of implant my dr. and nurse said I will loose about 50cc due to the implant behind the muscle. So ask your doctors if this is true. I'm the largest implant the dr. has put into any women, so what does that say for his reputation. Fantastic. I'm also like a negiitive A (AA to start just like a wall flat really) Swimsuit shopping was the best!! For the first time in many many years I did not have to buy a swimsuit top to stuff it with push up pads!! : )

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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