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I just wanted them lifted and filled out. They...

I just wanted them lifted and filled out. They were deflated C/D breasts, because I lost weight. Very low and droopy, so I felt like I was an old granny. I didn't want huge porno boobs! I didn't want anything noticeable that would draw attention from gawking men. I can't go anywhere without men staring, and I am very uncomfortable with that.
When I woke up from surgery, I knew I made a mistake. Very wide spread, way too big!
I have DDD'S! Yikes! I'm afraid to tell my PS that I am unhappy - he seems so proud of his work. Ugh. I shouldn't care, though, right? I also feel badly to tell my husband that I hate them beau
se I have been wanting this surgery for years, saving the money, done having kids, etc...and he thought I was fine the way I was. Now I feel guilty after spending $10,000 - what a waste! I have giant boobs that were supposedly lifted, but they are droopy oversized "beasts" that are more of a problem than ever. Was hoping to have firm little perky boobies that didn't need a bra! I can't even find bras in stores - have to special order - 32DDD is just not natural!
Sorry I am going on and on, but I just haven't expressed myself regarding this matter yet. I am 2 months post op, and I keep trying to talk myself into these, but now that it's warm and it's tank top season, I am really hating myself. This is exactly what I didn't want, and I made it clear to my doctor. I don't know what to do :(


I'm still on pain meds, so I will try to make sense. I think your PS did a great job on the lift. From the research I've done, your nipple position is what would be considered Ideal. The nipple incision is about the best I've ever seen. You are very thin, and I don't know if you would have had the tissue to make over the muscle implants work. The only other different decision that could have been made would be silicon instead of saline. I don't think that would be a big difference in appearance and with someone as young as you, silicon is a lot more risk and maintenance. By all means, see your PS and see if there is anything he can do to make you happier. You may have to have the implants removed or have much smaller ones put in to get the perkier look you want. I hope things work out for you. Keep me posted.
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Thank you for your comments :)
I am very happy with the nipple placement....I do wish that I went smaller - you are right, it would probably be the only way to perk up. I just worry that I will have to be lifted again if I have a smaller implant put in. :/
Im not ready to go through this all over again, especially financially.
Do you mind sharing a little more information? Did you have silicon or saline implants? Over the muscle or under? Do you know what size cc and profile the implants are? Do you have any "before" pictures to compare to? I see that you did have a lift, but there is still a lack of upper pole fullness. I think that happens sometimes when we stress we want a "natural' look. Many times it the super-round upper pole fullness that gets the rap for looking fake. I imagine it is a very fine line for a PS to give a natural look to fill in the upper pole without it being too full and round. I would talk to my PS and ask what could be done, if anything. Most doctors really do want you to love the results.
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Five months later and I'm depressed as ever. I...

five months later and I'm depressed as ever. I just can't talk myself into these huge breasts. I feel fat. I'm tired of the looks. Tired of spending hours searching for bras that work. I've gone through almost $1000 worth of bras, and I'm still not satisfied! My clothes look stupid. I can't wear white. I only wear black so I appear smaller.
So I am contemplating having the implants removed. But I wonder if they will be sagging too much? I am hoping they will at least be a little better than what I looked like originally.
I would love to just have them removed, smaller implants put in, and lifted again. I really really really wish that I just had small, "full" breasts. C cup. That's it.
I'm so upset about the disappointment I feel. I was sooooo excited to do this, but just unbelievably depressed now. And all of the money spent!!!


Oh my gosh, I am so sorry you are feeling trapped. I TOTALLY can relate; much of this story could have been written by me 17 years ago. At 21 got 200cc's saline. One ruptured and the PS and nurse convinced me that 600cc's would be best for my body. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I am 5'9 and at that time was 125lbs. I did it and hated them the day after surgery. I got so sick of having giant boobs and all that comes with it that I went back in about 6 years later and asked for smaller ones. Got 425cc's saline - he said the pocket was too big to go smaller. Sigh. Ok, I will deal with it. Had twins, got a golf ball size lump from milk production/implant. Thought it was cancer. My OB said, you need to get those implants out. I checked into it and got discouraged by the PS saying I wouldn't like shape size. Had a huge surgery to repair pocket to downsize implants (really wanted them out). After surgery - I still had what I considered large implants at 350cc's silicone. One side contracted and I was so sick of it all that I said I NEED THESE THINGS OUT. I did it one week ago and have teeny tiny breasts. But, they are warm and soft and I love them. I haven't had natural breasts for almost 25 years. I missed them sooo much. Head over to Implant Removal Reviews and check out what goes on there. Hugs and you are not alone!
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Hi Pinpink!

So sorry to hear that you are not happy with your implants.

Could I suggest getting a minimizing bra until you can figure out what you want to do?

Just google it and you should be able to find some.

But I would def. tell your doc- he might be proud of them, but the final issue is whether YOU are happy with them. We all pay big bucks to create a boob we are much happier with. So you have legitimate grounds to let him know this isn't what you wanted and then work towards what would make you happy. You are after all the one who has to live with them on a day to day basis -and for the rest of your life!

After my BA, and dropping and fluffing I am a 36D. I have found that I am glad I am not any bigger b/c you are right. Bras are harder to find, and I bet you have to pay more for them. And I bet clothing is an issue. It is good for girls to read your review and be aware of these things when choosing size. That is such an agonizing process!


Definitely keep us posted on whether you talk to him or not, and what he says.


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Thank you so much for your comments! :)

These implants have got to go!

16 months later, after somehow learning to love my dumb "big boobs", they have changed. They dropped or something? One day I woke up and my right nipple just looked funny. It is definitely lower. It seems like the implant shifted. I don't know. I'm back to hating these again because they just make me look fat, and they are in my way. Size 32 G bras are a pain to shop for (pretty much online only) and I'm tired of slouching to disguise my largeness. I'm so uncomfortable, I just want to get rid of them. I would love to be re-lifted after removal, but I don't want to spend the money.
I'm sure I will be happier as a B or C cup than a G cup though!


How did things go after you met with your surgeon? I got mine out yesterday. Best decision ever...
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oh my, I can't imagine being a G! I also just wanted a little something extra and went from 34B to 34DD and hate them. I've only had a them a few months, but knew right away I wanted them either smaller or out, so i'm opting for out. Surgery is next Tuesday the 16th. Local with IV and same crease incision. Can't wait. So tired of all the troubles these things have caused for me and now I have to work on trying to forgive myself about all the money and time I've wasted. It's just awful. I hope you are able to finally get the result you were wanting in the first place.
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Wow, good luck to you! I hope everything goes well for you. :) You're right - this is such an awful feeling going through this (especially because of the expense and the fact that it's all by choice!) I'm seeing my surgeon tomorrow about this. I have talked with him 3 times about how he made them too big, but he manages to convince me every time that they are perfect for me! So frustrating.
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