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Dark Circles After Using Latisse - Illinois

I see eyelashes growing but dark circles around my...

I see eyelashes growing but dark circles around my eyes are looking terrible. I look like an old sick person. I did not see any warning on the product and my doctor did not mention any thing.

I have used Lattice for about a month. I have started seeing dark circles around both my eyes. I am concerned that this may be a reaction to Latisse. Should I stop using Latisse? Would the dark circles go away if I stop using it?

Thank you everyone for your comments. I have been using Latisse for about 5 weeks. Initially, I noticed that my eyelids appeared red and irritated. However, my physician had warned me that this might occur, so I wasn't concerned. She recommended cutting back to every other night. In the last two weeks, I have noticed a great deal of darkening under my eyes, and have had several people comment how "exhausted" I look. But my lashes are soooo long, I hate to stop using it. Maybe I'm using too much?
I had the same problem. Darkening all around my eyes particulally the the think skin beteen the top of my nose and eyes. I looked like I had slept in months. I could actaully see people staring not at my long lashes but my tired eyes. It looked like I was wearing brown eye shadow. It took months to go away completely. The bad thing is my lashes never looked greater -thick and long. Unfortunately the darkening was not worth the lush lashes . Do all the lash lengthening have the same problem? I too read the warnings very carefully and never saw any warning about this. I am 48 .
I have this problem too. I think it is actually fat loss. I look so tired all the time, I hate it. I never saw any warning that it can cause orbital fat loss
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