I Want my Booty Back...tear :( Any Suggestions? # Team President Obama!!!!!

Hello big booty and small booty girls!!!! I am...

Hello big booty and small booty girls!!!! I am totally upsessed with this procedure can someone help me out on this site and how to choose the right doctor?? I need all of the help I cant get because I want this procedure done before the holidays.....Whom should I choose, where should I go??? I do not want to pay 10k for my freakin butt! But I also want it to look great I dont want to go through all of that pain and stuff for a crappy job you know but anyway if someone could show me the ropes on here that would be great! thankxxx

To all the people who have already had the BBL, I...

To all the people who have already had the BBL, I have some questions because I plan on doing this by myself w/o telling anyone....Did yall tell ppl? and for the ppl that you did not tell what did they say about your new body? Like people in your fam, or ppl at work, school etc?.....I dont want people to know that I would go and have PS lol my fam will not approve!

GGOOOOOOOO President Obama #Team Obama!!! :)

GGOOOOOOOO President Obama #Team Obama!!! :)

Well I finally have the time to take off for this...

Well I finally have the time to take off for this procedure and I cant get any company bank, care credit nothing to approve me....I guess I will just have to get excited over my bbl sistas channel because If I have to save up its going to take a LONNG time to save the money...Gosh it sucks having bad credit...This would be so much more easier to save if I was a stripper lol...well I will continue to "wish" for my "wish" pics.. :(
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I havent even got my bbl yet and I already think I want bogger boobs :( shame I know but one of my boobs are bigger than the other so I will get them just a tad bit bigger and made even :) I am a 36c now
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Hey sweetie. I'm a newbie. My mother, hubby, and good friend knows about my procedure. When I take off I will no be specific about what I am doing and I plan I wearing the booty out girdle 2 months prior and go from there
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hey girl, I opted to not tell anyone about my procedure except for my husband.  and my bbl sisters of course, other than that I tell every one else I go to the gym and work out hard core, getting them squats in(is what I say)lol.  I do work out just not major working out...lol
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hahahaha that is so funny because some girls on here be telling everyone and Im like Im not telling anyone! Idk I just dont want anyone in my buisness like that you know, I can just picture someone getting mad at me one day and saying "thats why you got a fake butt!" lol yea that would be horrible lol...I guess us bbl sisters think alike becasue I was going to say i been working hard in the gym after I get it done lol...but thanks!... and oh yea how did your hubby feel about the PS?
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At first he was like no then I convinced him by showing him a few before n after photos then he was like sure Wth... But he's a health fanatic, always working out talking bout I'm along the easy way out! Blah lol
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My familly and close circle of friends know that I've been desiring a big, bodacious, bootyful azz for a long time. I'm going to keep it 100%! I work out, been doing that for years (So this ain't my first rodeo boo-boo)! I know this body of mine. I'm not insane. Therefore I know damn good and well that I could live in the gym doing squats and I will NEVER get the booty that I want! So I decided it's time to take it to another level! I'm grown all up in here. I could give a f@#! less about what people say! I'm confident in my right to decide what I want for myself. I'm not about to make a personal choice based on the opinions of another irrelevant, non muthafuckin factor! The ones that talk s@#× are pure haters that are jealous of the attention you are going to receive! At the end of the day I'm going to flaunt & parade my BIG ASS around making them broads green with envy! Don't matter if it's God given or bought. Bottomline ain't no hiding for me because everyone knows what my before looks like. Prayerfully speaking the after is going to stop traffic and cause accidents! Lol I'm happily married and my husband keeps it real. "When a man see a woman with a big ass he's not questioning whether or not it's real or fake. He only care about running up in it and riding ALL OF THAT ASS! " Screw them jealous females. If you aren't getting support maybe it's because they know that you are going to shine and possibly make them feel insecure with themselves.
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Dr. S is in high demand!! But really girls on here switch and cancel so much it really shouldn't be a problem switching dates I've done it like 3x.
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oh really??? well thats encouraging because everytime I look in the mirror Im like ohh, I really need that bbl soon lol
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Hey I feel like im pledging or something with the whole "bbl sisterhood" lol
Im looking for the booty in my profile pic! lol I dont need hips or anything just a big bangging booty! I get so much attention now I can just imagine the attention with my "new booty" lol
have you gotten your yet? and Dr.S is booked till next summer!! Geez and why does he keep going up on his freakin prices?!
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Hey girl,

Wecome to the bbl sisterhood, congrats on starting your journey...

to find a dr.


or you can just read some reviews and pick a dr like that... (most of the time that happens)

many of the drs. on here give good results its all about what you are personally looking for...
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hi :), well
dr salama is good but booked till next summer
dr perry is in miami
dr salzheaur (spelling) is really good
dr jimmerson is good in the ATL
dr okoro is good in da ATL

ive heard dr azurin is good and there's a few more but just go through reviews
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there's ALOT**** more lol but those are the ones i see the most
dr campos
hope this helps
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Hey! oh trust me I have! lol
But I am not trying to spend an arm and a leg on my butt, then plane cost, then hotel for at least two weeks, medicine, etc It better be worth it!
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