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Hello ladies! I have been reading a lot of reviews...

Hello ladies! I have been reading a lot of reviews and I'm so excited to.start my journey. A little about me: I'm 26, have 2 children(5&2), 5'7", and 155lbs. I've always been slim, but after having my children my body is not the same at all and it has really affected my self esteem. I am still slim, however, my midsection and lack of butt is depressing. It was never big, but also wasn't this flat. I gained 65lbs during my first pregnancy and 70lbs for the second. My weight comes of very easily after(my pre preg weight was 150lbs both times), but I have so much fat and loose skin leftover from my stomach getting so big. So now I have terrible love handles and my stomach is saggy and droops. I also accumulating a lot of back fat, esp the lower back which is what makes my butt so flat. I use to have hips and thighs but u can't really tell because this spare tire is wider than them now. I think I will need to have a tummy tuck in order to get the results I want. I also have big boobs for my frame. I don't want a huge booty, but something natural looking and nice and plump with the smallest waist I can get. Ok so I think that's chap 1 of a book I'm writing lol. I will post pix of this body gone wrong soon and hopefully anyone with a similar body type as mine will be able to give me any advice as I start my search for a doctor. Thx in advance :-)

I'm thinking of going with Dr. Campos in Mexico....

I'm thinking of going with Dr. Campos in Mexico. Has anyone used him before that can share their experience/results or anything you've heard about? I'm so excited, but I only plan on doing this once and then I get to worry about my breastlift! I'll try to put some pics up tomorrow, but I might just wait(embarassed lol).

Ok so I just sent my pix off to Dr. Campos. I...

Ok so I just sent my pix off to Dr. Campos. I didn't have anyone to take them, so I just took them myself ugh. I knew my clothes have been way looser lately, so I go to get on the scale and I'm now 140lbs o_O. So today I'll be going grocery shopping and looking into some things to gain weight. I need those pounds back. I have irritable bowel syndrome, so sometimes when I get bad stomach aches i just wont eat and havent had much of an appetite lately but that will change tpday. I didnt realize i looked this bad :-(. I definitely hope i can get my body back right sooner rather than later... Good day ladies

Quote from Dr. Campos!!!! I sent my pics off last...

Quote from Dr. Campos!!!! I sent my pics off last Friday and got my quote Wednesday so I'm cool with that. I was quoted $6675 for a tummy tuck n bbl with lipo to the waist and lower back. I think thats a good price even though it did go up a lil. I did want my fat around my bra area gone. Hopefully that can just be thrown in lol... oan I'm kind of nervous as to what's goin on with my health. I havent been eating much but I do have some other health concerns, but never really got full answers. I don't want to claim an illness, but I do know some of the things I go thru are not regular or normal. I just pray I get down to the bottom of this soon. I keep thinking of cancer smh. Anywho, putting this smile on for the day. I want a quote from Dra. Cardenas as well, anyone have her contact info? Good day beauties!

Well I got my date today!!! April 30, sooner than...

Well I got my date today!!! April 30, sooner than I was expecting so I have to get on the ball with these funds. I have to wait till after the holidays to make my deposit, hopefully I can still keep my same date by then. I've been making myself eat and drinking ensure. So yea I'm still 140 ugh but I have dr. Appts soon to see what's going on. My mothers scares me talking about cancer smh. Anyway, I'll be ok with getting back to at least 150 cuz I haven't really gotten past 155 over the years. Hopefully my back fat and love handles will be enough, I don't see why not. I'm just excited!!!

Hello ladies! Well I have been trying to get my...

Hello ladies! Well I have been trying to get my health back right, so I kinda put my bbl journey on hold. So far, after many tests and diagnoses, I am beginning to feel much better with new meds. Now here is the problem. I have recently lost about 15-20 lbs. My appetite us coming back, but I am still 140 lbs. I haven't been this small since high school. I drink 2-3 ensures a day and try to eat more, but since my stomach as shrunk, it only takes about 3-5 bites of dood and I'm full. I need to pack these pounds back on. Any suggestions? My ass has gotten even smaller since this weight loss. This is depressing, especially when I get dressed. I've had to get new jeans because all of my old ones are too baggy now and just fall off. I could pribably fit two bath towels in my jeans where the booty sits cuz its that much extra space. Its like one thing after the other, why can't everything be right at the same time. Just venting, but I hope that I get back healthy regardless. Ass or not. Lol.... Oh yea, I'm thinking of Dra. Yily now :-) Anyone have her contact info?

Ok. So now I'm waiting on a quote from Dr. Yily. I...

Ok. So now I'm waiting on a quote from Dr. Yily. I am still working on gaining my weight back, so hopefully I should be good to go by the end of the summer. Stress can be something else!... I may have a buddy to go with, but I don't think she's as serious as I am. God willing, I'll have my procedure no later than august. I really don't wanna put up before pics until I'm close to my date, but I will once I get on a pc because I can't add them from my phone right now... Any suggestions to gain weight pleaaassssee tell me :-)

So lucky me! I had sent off for a quote on...

So lucky me! I had sent off for a quote on Saturday and Dra. Yily had got back to me before Sunday evening. I was quoted $3800 for bbl with TT. I'm gonna wait till the fall to go. October, that gives me over 6 months to prepare as far as a healthy weight gain and everything. I'm so excited though and I hope and pray that she delivers what I want with no complications at all. That would be everything!... Does anyone know how she processes the fat before injection?? I asked her this, as well as, at my current weight and all, would it be beneficial to have the bbl. Like would I notice a change. I will be at least my normal size when going in, but I just want an honest opinion with my "virtual consultantion" lol. I need to gather some wish pics. Slim with a slope and small waist and a nice booty, nothing massive.

Starting from scratch

Well hello beautiful ladies! Its been a very long time as I put my hourney on hold. My health n weight took a bad turn, so now I have to gain a lot of weight to even get near my "normal" weight. I just want to be healthy, and look and feel beautiful again. So, I will be eating nonstop, its very hard for me to gain and I have no fat for a bbl right now. Hopefully, ill be where I need to be in a few months. Prayers for good health and fast weight gain are much needed and appreciated. Any tipsbon gaining weight fast will be helpful! I had been using serious mass, ensures, and boost. Its just hard to keep up with, but I'll begin seeing a nutrition ist soon, so that should help I hope. Congrats to u new dolls, I saw a lot of good results. Hope everyone's journey is going well. Oh yea, I'll definitiely be getting breast lift w/ Implants. I went from DD to much of nothing with the weight loss. Never thought that'd happen lol. Peace n blessings :-)
Dra. Yily de los Santos

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Welcome gimmebody. There have been some adies who went to Campos on here. You can do a search by Dr and look at their reviews. Have you set a date?
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some ladies....
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Thk u! I've read a couple. I need to get on the pc and look up more. No date set yet, hoping for late spring/early summer.
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Ok well keep us posted.
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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us. Have you set any consultations up yet?

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Thk u!... I haven't set up a consultation yet, I plan to start making some calls tomorrow.
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Excellent, well I'm sure you'll get lots of support from the other BBL ladies! Please do keep us updated with your progress.

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