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TT and Lipo Feb 16th - Idaho

I've wanted a TT for several years, the time...

I've wanted a TT for several years, the time and cost factors were finally obtainable and so my journey began..... I tried a less invasive approach just over 1 yr ago and had the BodyTite surgical procedure done by my PS. I loved the results, looked great I thought, however......the results became the BodyLoose because it was all temporary and only lasted about 9mo. Proof to the old adage "never enough time to do it right......" so guess what, here I am doing it over the RIGHT permanent way.

Used my grandcat for my profile pix because this...

Used my grandcat for my profile pix because this is exactly how I look and feel being off my hormones for the past week :)

My profile pix is a fantastic expression of my...

My profile pix is a fantastic expression of my dynamic personality after being off my hormones for the past week :)
IM so excited for you.. good luck and keep us posted on your recovery
Thank you, I sure will. Am going to attempt before pix tomorrow night just saw yours and want to be able to see the changes I'm making too . I fully understand your anxiety and excitement. This site has been a blessing to me too.

Oh no! I'm sorry your results on the other procedure only lasted 9 months! What a disappointment. I'm so glad you're able to get this done, though. I'll be checking back to read more of your story. Keep us posted!

(Oh, and if you get a chance, you should check out Kimmers' Tummy Tuck Survival Guide. It's a great read!)


Posting these pre-op pictures tonight on the eve...

Posting these pre-op pictures tonight on the eve of my surgery. Thank you to everyone on this site who has sent your support & understanding as I begin my journey. Strange, today I kept pinching the love handles and thinking tomorrow at this time these will be gone! Still hard to believe that the time has truly arrived after all these years of wishing for it. Don't imagine I will sleep much tonight but its time I give it a try....I'm a stomach sleeper so this is my last chance for awhile. I'll post soon as I'm able.

Two weeks post op today, I was able to restart my bio identical hormones this AM :) My lipo bruising is gone now and my energy level is getting alot better, incision is healing nicely and swelling in my pubic area is about half what it was, thankfully as this has been causing the most discomfort. PS is pleased with my progress & I'm very pleased with my new tummy! I have 1 more week to lay low before returning to work, I want to get out and walk some each day I've noticed that I've gotten into the habit of shallow breathing and I'm congested.
YEAH for NO DRAINS!! That is wonderful news! SO glad you are healing so well! Keep up the good work!!
Post Op day 6: I was too whooped when I got home from my appt to post my great news so here goes.........ALL 3 DRAINS ARE GONE!!!! The drain sites are more sore today but thats got to be a no brainer since they pulled the tubes out, I refer to this area as my "mangina" the swelling and hair growth sure doesn't say sexy!

My incision was taped now with the normal "let it fall off" instructions, hubby will pick up the Palmers so I'll be ready (thanks Kimmers). I'm about 70% upright as of now, working on my stretching and not pushing it too hard. I'll post new pics when I'm standing upright to mark the milestone.

I've read it before and have to agree I like the secure tight feeling of the binder. I take it off each AM for washing and a much needed back scratching then I'm ready to put it on that surprised me.

I'll be busy healing & thinking best thoughts for everyone making this fantastic journey ~ take care!
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