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Anxiously Awaiting 1/20/12 - Idaho

I am 36 years old. I have a 14 year old daughter....

I am 36 years old. I have a 14 year old daughter. I have been overweight most of my life. I gained over 60 additional pounds with my pregnancy. In December of 1997 I weighed 228lb. I woke up one day and was determined to change my life. I was sick and tierd of being over weight and the depression that comes with it. Determined to change I lost 75lb within a year and eventually worked my way down to being 140lb. I have kept it all off for over 13 years. I am very active and have been going to the gym consistantly. Of course I realize there leaves no other option to get rid of this skin but surgery. I am also going to have some contouring of the flanks, and outer thighs. I had a breast lift and implants last september. I'm excited to have found this site. It really helps to read all of your stories to be prepared for what is to come. As exciting as it is, I am also very nervous.

Updated on 10 Dec 2011:
I will add my before pictures soon.

Updated on 12 Dec 2011:
I bought some comfy jammies yesterday with recovery in mind. Any suggestions on what type to wear for the most comfort?Updated on 22 Dec 2011:My surgery is 4 weeks away!! I am having a very hard time concentrating on Christmas. I'm a hair stylist and holiday times are my very busiest. I'm kinda looking forward to some down time. I'm still VERY anxious! It really is a roller coaster of feelings.

Well...I have 22 days to go. I am becoming less...

Well...I have 22 days to go. I am becoming less anxious and more excited...I think, or at least that is how I feel today. I just wish the time would pass faster. I can't wait to be on the other side!

My day is alomost here! I am so excited. Please...

My day is alomost here! I am so excited. Please pray for good roads. We are expecting a huge snow storm and my surgeon is 4 hours away.

On the road! Surgery tomorrow morning. I am calm...

On the road! Surgery tomorrow morning. I am calm and just really happy it is my time!

Well I made it! Recovering at the hotel. My pain...

Well I made it! Recovering at the hotel. My pain is tolerable. It is really hard to change positions though. I wasnt able to pee on my own so I have a catheder in. I'm nervous that when we take it out I still wont be able to go. Haven't really seen my belly yet.

Well I am 5 days post op and feeling pretty good....

Well I am 5 days post op and feeling pretty good. Standing and walking is a chore but my pain level is minimum. I am so far very pleased with my results. The scar is bandaged, but the placement looks nice and low. I can't believe how much smaller my waist is. The only thing that is kind of bothering me is that I have some strange blistering around my belly button and a long blister below it in a line. They don't hurt, probably because my belly is numb. When I had my 3 day follow up with the PS he didn't completely undress me. He did see a couple of the blisters and didn't seem worried about it. He said he isn't sure why that happened but it should just reabsorb into my system and heal. I'm hoping it is as minor as it seems. I am very swollen and sore from the lipo on my flanks and thighs. Hard to see the results, but I didn't bruise to bad. I will post pictures later in the week probably.
Provo Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Rose is a great surgeon. I do feel like he could explain things better. I haven't seen my results yet, I will update when I do.

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My dr says mine should b 3hr 15min w/ full TT & MR. No lipo.
11 more days. I'm
Ready!I hope u have a smooth recovery.
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Surgery was about 4 1/2 hours. Full TT with lipo of flanks and saddle bags.
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Glad u made it! How long was Ur surgery? I'm sure ull be able to go when they take it out.
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Glad you are on the road to recovery! It gets easier every day. As far as the catheter - once it's removed make sure you are drinking TONS of water. This will help alot. Stay on top of your meds - set an alarm for every 4 hours if you need to. It's easier to stay ahead of the pain than it is to catch up - trust me on this one! Happy healing! :-)
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How Exciting! Almost time! Praying for you! :)
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Good luck tomorrow!!!
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Very excited for you ready! Your results are going to be off the charts!! Get some sleep tonight and best wishes for smooth sailing tomorrow! :-)
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Yay wishmeluck! It's finally our time! Good luck to you also.
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Good luck for us readyinIdaho, we have the same schedule date...:)
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Thank you! I am so excited. I just want to get there and get to the healing part!
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My prayers r with you & the roads. Can't wait to hear your post op comments. Mine is 2/2. So excited!
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Ready - you are going to have fabulous results!! You look great already!
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Thanks Amy! After taking these pictures my day can't come fast enough. I am so excited! I did think about getting a stool. I might just do that.
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So excited to see your before photos!!! From the looks of it you're at a great body weight and you're going to LOVE the change you will see post TT!!! I'm so excited for you!!! And as far as I can tell... I think you'll be good for your two hr days at two weeks! I have no pain at all... I do get tired standing for more than an hour! Can you use a stool for some extended standing?
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I will be doing mine next year (July 2013)- am v interested to see your results as your body looks exactly the same as mine!!!Best of luck from Ireland xx
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Hi coliecole!

As a manicurist I would think it may be a little easier for you since you are sitting.You may be able to handle going back in 2 weeks. Hard to say. I am taking 18 days off. When I do return I am going to space my clients out so I have good breaks between each one. I told my clients that I was having hernia and muscle repair surgery. It has been because of my business and my fear of what my clients would think that has kept me from doing this much sooner. I have just reached a point where it is time to live for me. I'm hoping for the best for you. When is your surgery?
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I also work in the salon industry as a manicurist. I am interested in how Long you are planning to take off work? I am most concerned how to tell my clients..and how long to be off for!
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Probably PJs that open in the front for easy access to your drains, etc.

Congrats on your huge weight loss! That is amazing.

Please come back and let us know how you're doing as the day gets closer...so many emotions I bet.

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Congrats on the weight loss and the surgery date readyinIdaho! My tt is Jan 9th. I am nervous, too, but super excited. I just want it over already! ;)
Check out the "Forums" tab>"January Tummy Tuckers Check In Here" - lots of us Jan gals in there!
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Yes, I know what you mean. I just wish I was already recovering instead of anticipating what it will be like for me. I guess we have to get through Christmas first...Congrats on your surgery too! I will check out the forums, thanks!
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