I´ve been wanting to do a tt with muscle repair...

I´ve been wanting to do a tt with muscle repair for 2. years and finally it´s on september 11th. I´m 39 y.o and a mother of 4 children at the age 18, 14, 10, 2 1/2, I´ve been trying to get in shape for 2 years with the help of an personal trainer and my belly is my maine issue, it´s always the same even if I eat right, doing weigh lifting 3 times a week, cardio 3 times a week, and darn it´s still here! My youngest one was born pretty heavy, like the doctor said he´s like a 3 month old baby :), he was 12 pound and 23.000 inches long. I got very big around my belly and I got pretty heavy, went from being 143 pound to 211 . Today I´m 165 pounds. When I look at my self I feel like I´m still pregnant cos my belly is big ./. Well anyway I´ve got 2 and a half week to go and I can´t wait YEY :).

big belly

New photo

How I look in clothes, trying to hide my belly and stuff it in the leggins.

Lost few pounds with latino dancing and gonna keep on till surgery!

I hate cardio but I love to dance so I´ve started to move my butt a lil before my surgery day, eating high protein food, drinking tea and I´m feeling more comfy in my clothes already, just going to keep on this path. Less than 2 weeks now, can´t wait :), very exited :).

I´ve started with a picture diary on my Iphone, it´s an app I just love.

I´m going to use this app, taking 1 picture for each day and write down a lil documentary about my progress. It´s an awesome app, called Day one. It´s 11 days to my surgery and I´ve lost now 6 pounds since last saturday and I have to be focused, going to keep on dancing and eat healthy. I´ve skipped all sugar and wheat, only drinking water and I feel so so much better.

All paid

I´ve paid for my surgery, now it´s just waiting and waiting :). It´s 8 days and I´m counting down, many of you are in the same situation waiting. I´ve looked through so many profiles and pictures here. You girls look amazing!!! Thank you so much for sharing your experience, it has given me confidence I needed!


I´ve been sick since friday :/ and I really thought I would not make it to my surgery tomorrow but today I´m feeling 95 % good :) and can´t wait for the big day tomorrow for me. I´m really not that nervous anymore, just exited. Well my next post will be AFTER :).

products I LOVE

my first bathroom trip

My surgery went very well, it took 3 hours and I woke up ferling a lil neousius, got med for that. Not much of a pain :D, my c-section was worse I think. I just did my first bathroomtrip and thumps up for me I did very well :D. We'll see along my recovery how my pain will be, it might increase though. I've eated and drank juice. Now I will just rest untill tomorrow, I will go home at lunch time :).

first night

at the hospital was very good only thing that bothered me was I coulnt get to sleep, just wide awake. At around 1 am I called the nurse and she gave me sleeping pill so finally I sleept lika a baby :). I'm feeling good, no pain just like I've done sit ups all nite :D. Going home in few hours. They changed my wound so I got the change to get thfm to take a pic :)


worst part of this recovery are those drains. Im feeling good, not taking any painkillers, no need cos there is no pain :). I'm going to see the doctor on thusday and he might be removing those drains yey :). Cant wait to see how my scar looks like. My hubby helped me this morning and washed my hair, and what a feeling :). Cant wait to shower :). soon I'll be posting more pics.

hate those drains

front and side pics

can't believe this is my tummy

Haven't seen it looking this flat in 19. years :D. I feel absolutely amazing :D

Drains will

not be removed tomorrow. Called my doctor this evening and gave him my numbers on the drainage, oo well it's still too high and it will be in 2 more days, o well Im getting very used to them and aint bothering me anymore :). I'm going to see my doc in the morning and he's going to change my blisters on my wound and look at it. On other matters I'm doing very well. I actually opened my closet today and started to try my clothing I have not dared to use in a very long time. WOW it was amazing feeling, I actually can fit in my tops and dresses :D. I actually have a waistline now and a flat belly, what a feeling, it is incredible. I am so happy with my decision.

Really happy with my outcome!

I just cant wait to start working out and cutting of my other fat around my body as my flanks. I didn't want lipo cos Im going to work on that in the gym. Thighs, legs and arms are going to feel the iron as soon as I can start curling it :). Thursday is my drains removal :) crossing fingers on that. More pics

Omg Drains out tomorrow

8 days since surgery, my drains are beeing taken out :). I finally get to dress proberly :). My hubby is very happy about that cos he feels sick to see them lol :D. He feels for me to have to carry them around.

Nike training shirt

Me the plummer is gone :)

In other words my drains are out finally :D. I can't believe how free I feel. After my docs visit I went with my granny to the mall :), we had lunch and walked around, it felt sooooo good. He wants me to come back next thursday to see how my drainholes are, maybe he need to tap of to let the liquid out.

before and after pictures

I have lost now 10.5 pounds since my first visit to my doctor. I just need that exercise routine, but I'll wait till doctors aproval :).

scar healing

I think my scar looks great only 2 and half weeks since surgery. I am about 90% myself after the surgery :). I started working on friday and it felt great, no issues. I am swollen ofcorse but it dosn't bother me at all. I'll be seeing my doc next tuesday for the last time in months. He said I am healing amazingly well. Also he told me I can take of my bander in 3 weeks as I am traveling abroad and I don't feel like having it on, just gonna shop an tight CG.

7.weeks and I still go through swellhell, starting next week at the gym!

just wondering

For how long did you girls use fajas/ compression garmets? Are u still using it after 2 months? Share your feelings please cos I really feel better without it.

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You look great
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You look awesome!! I love that your scar is healing so well! I'm schedule for my TT dec 12th and the nerves are killing me!
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Thank you :)
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You look fantastic!
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Thank you :)
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Aw you look really really good that scar is gona fade to nothing :)
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thank you so much, I am so pleased with my result so far cant wait to see how it will turn out in months coming :)
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90% at 2 1/2 weeks. .that is encouraging. Your incision looks good. .thin and low
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yeah I feel amazingly good today at 3 weeks po and happy very with my incision :).
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Great results!!! Love that flat tummy!!!!
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in short while you will be at the same side :), thank you, I´m very happy with the results and healing. I´m about 90 % myself today :).
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You look fantastic!! I especially love your little superman undies! ;) lol Happy healing!!!
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hehe thank you, my healing has been very good :). My superman undies I got in the states in Target North Carolina :), love them, got batman too hehe
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WooooHoooo, lookin good :)
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lol woooohooo :D, thank you Nikki73 :)
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U look Great great!
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thank you :)
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You look great!
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thank you :)
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You look great! I am hoping i m feeling up to getting out about day 5. My PS is said a movie would be fine if I felt up to it.. Looking forward to the little things!
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Hi, Ice! Wow, -I actually think we ended up quite similar in shape and scar, -except for the BB (hoping mine will turn out ok in the end). You look very good, congratulations :-) I cannot walk straight yet, but it's getting there. Could you tell me how you do your showers? I am just wondering if the Norwegian way is similar to the Icelandic ;-) I shower with my bandaids, take 'em off, let everything dry, and then take new ones on.
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Thank you, I agree we are very similar :). BB will be better no worries about that, we need to be patient :). I could not shower until today, my doctor said that he wanted me to wait 2 more days after my drains were taken so after 10 days of no shower I WAS IN HEAVEN TODAY LOL :D. I just sponge me, washed my hair in the sink. I did what my doc told me to do :D. You look very good too, nice to see that everything came out well for you girl.
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Yay for no more drains! You are looking GREAT!
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Thank you so much, it is amazing feeling :D
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Awesome news, looking great chica
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