I Had Loose Skin Hanging from my Lower Abdonmin

After losing a lot of weight I had a large section...

After losing a lot of weight I had a large section of loose skin that hung down from my lower abdomin.  They doctor called it an iron curtain.  I had it removed.  They cut from hip bone to hip bone.

I couldn't fully stand up for a few days and had a tube in my stomach that woud drain the wound.  It was pretty rough but the pain killers helped.

It took a long time for the scar to go away but it was worth it. I was dating at the time and was always so emabrassed to have a guy touch my belly or see me naked.  I don't care about the scar that is very light now.

Would you please provide contact information, I would greatly appreciate it very much:)
She didn't anwer everyone questions... cuz she didn't pay $1800.... There is no way. BTW I live in LV... I'm going to have TT done and the cost is $6500
Were in Vegas Shanna did you go for 1.800
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