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I Don’t Like the Look of my New Nose

After a lifetime of wanting cosmetic surgery but...

After a lifetime of wanting cosmetic surgery but being afraid of it, I decided this year to go for it. I rushed into it because I was so scared. I went to one consultation, agreed with the surgeon and the fees, and scheduled the surgery. It all happened so fast.

I had an upper/lower blepharoplasty and face-lift in the same surgery. From 1 to 3 I think the bleph went the best and the rhino was the biggest failure. As I said in my other reviews, the face-lift went horribly wrong, but if I can get over my fear I feel like there is a chance to fix it. With my nose though I think this is permanent.

The surgery lasted 8 hours and they kept me overnight. For the rhino I went home with a splint/cast thing on my nose and was told to leave it alone. It was terrible. I couldn’t move right and I was never comfortable. It was also hard to breath and I was so swollen everywhere. It felt like my nose was burning from the inside.

When the cast finally came off, I was stunned. Looking in the mirror was a totally different person! Since the face-lift had no effect and the bleph was minimal (I had already seen this) my new nose shocked me. It was not what I asked for and had a strange dent instead of the bump I was used to. I didn’t want a bump but I certainly didn’t want the opposite either! It was just a strange shape overall. I was speechless.

Nobody likes my new nose and it is hard for me to accept. I don’t know where to go from here but I do feel like I made a grave mistake.


Hello....sorry to hear about that! Do you have any pictures?
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I have had fat transfer twice already I love the outcome two weeks after, then it slowly diminishes, I am not saying that I don't like how it has made my face look I do, I'm just wondering how many times do I have to have it done to have it exactly the way I want it. Is there someone out there that has had to have more than two touch ups to their face I would really like to know. please dont get me wrong there is a significant improvement , but one side seems to always hold more fat than the other . Has any one had this happen . I love my doctor very much she is awesome i'm just wondering how many times can you have to go through this? Thanks
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Please name this doctor so others are aware, and can base there decisions upon information listed.
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