Hyperpigmentation After Mixto Laser Treatment

Hi, I have passed the Mixto laser treatment 4 week...

Hi, I have passed the Mixto laser treatment 4 week ago. I had treated the whole face. Treatment was not comfortable, took 30 minutes. But I survived it - if one wants to be beautiful....

I had acne scars, mainly on my cheeks.The healing process was normal, without any problems. There were very pink lines across my cheeks - where the laser was set to maximum efficiency. The rest of the face was healing well but the pink lines on the cheeks were not turning to "normal" colour. They were turning to lightly red and now during the week 4 I think they are lightly brown, very visible. I cannot leave the house without makeup.

I visited the doctor hoping he would tell these lines disapear. He said yes, but after months. I sensed he was also dissapointed with the result and confused. He advised to put Differine cream over the darker areas and wants to treat me with the chemical peeling 20% TCA in the week 5 so that the cheeks get lighter colour.  I wonder if this is no the way to the hell.

Does anybody has some experiences with the hyperpigmentation after mixto laser and what have you done? Thanks

Mixto has made my mild scar alot worse due to the hyperpigmentation!! Do not recommend!! I think the Doctor knew it would happen and went ahead anyway..very unethical and now i have an added worry about how to get rid of the pigmentation. What a headache, using the fading cream now for the next 3 months which i suspect will do nothing!
Hi, can you please tell me how is your skin now and do you recommend mixto co2 fractional?
Hi, my skin now is perfect, thanks God! But still I cannot recommend mixto because I think it is a big risk with result - 50:50. If you suffer from the hyperpigmentation untill the end of your life after mixto treatment there is no responsibility of the doctor - you sign the agreement with the treatment. And what about your selfconfidence and life quality if the result is not satisfactory? It is your face!
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The risk of hyperpigmentation was not mentioned. I expected only good result if the healing process was all right.

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