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Goodbye Batwings -Hyannis, MA

It has been a little over 2 weeks and while my...

It has been a little over 2 weeks and while my arms are still swollen and sore, I can already tell a difference. The scarring seems as though it will be minimal. This was an outpatient procedure, though it took around 3 or 4 hours of surgery time. I developed constipation from the narcotics and eventually had to give myself an enema (5 days after) for relief. In the future, I will take stool softener from the first day.
You should've demanded them take more off. Your 'afters" look like my OLD afters from 1999. This time I had more aggressive Dr. Of course I don't know what your arms looked like before surgery but I think they could've done way more!!!

Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your experience with us!

Wow, you had this done as an outpatient? It doesn't seem like an operation that would allow the patient to go home the same day. How are you feeling? Are you in much discomfort?

If you don't mind sharing, did you have this done because of weight loss, or just general excess skin?

Please do keep us updated with your progress!

I was never overweight. I get this genetically from Yiayia (that's grandma in Greek) Not only did I leave the hospital after being in recovery for one hour, I also drove home. No biggie but they make it biggie!!. I didn't get the bulb drain, either, did you?

Update - answers to questions

I will add more pictures later, as I am still recovering from an extended tummy tuck from the 18th.
They doctor took as much as he could and still be able to close up the incisions. I had very large batwings and loose skin due to losing over 100 pounds. The scarring has been minimal. In some spots it is barely noticeable. The doctor wants to do a revision later because he would like to take out more, but couldn't due to the thickness and amount of my original arm size. I had bulb style drains for the weekend (surgery on Fri, drains removed on Monday).
when would I have done that? I certainly wasn't awake in the OR. He did as much as he could. I will try to find some before photos... but honestly, I hated my arms so much that I never took pictures of them.
You drove yourself??? You seem to be an unusual case. I was on medication that would impair driving, plus 2 bulb drains. I did not shower for 4-5 days. I paid someone to wash and braid my hair.

over a month post op

Arms are healing... scars are minimal... a thin red line and some bumpy scar tissue I hope will go away. The swelling is still quite bad and uncomfortable.
I think your arms look great. You had just what was needed taken off. I am 12 days post op. I had about 4 inches removed from both arms and a breast reduction. I lost over 160 lbs 10 years ago and my WINGS made me crazy. I too wish someone would have told me to take a stool softer from day one. It took 7 days for me to go. my pain is been very low ( thank god) I am even back to work. Are you wearing compression garments? Happy Healing...
I am wearing compression garments... but am still swollen. (It is a month now) I had a lymphatic drainage massage today and it seems to have helped. She said my lymph glands seemed blocked and to leave off the compression for at least today.
Ouch...wait for them to heal before suggesting more be done. My arms were so swollen it was hard to tell what they were going to look like. My arms could use a little more taken off, but I don't want to look like Popie where his lower arms are biggie than the tops. Most PS want you to be satisfied so when you go for your follow ups you can address any concerns then. Take it easy heal and enjoy your new arms...no worries...

not quite 2 months out

My arms are still very swollen and I am wearing compression garments 24 hours a day. My scars are healing well. I am down about 5 inches from original size, which is nice. My arms still look big, but I know my surgeon did the best he could! I might get a revision someday... but for now I am focusing on healing.
Most important is how you expected the end result to be. I'm not a doctor and not able to judge if more could have been taken off or not in one procedure. Some patients have to much taken off in one procedure and the wounds will not heal. If you can see the difference and are comfortable with the result and in no paint than the surgery succeeded.
:) thanks!!


So it seems that my lymph system was very traumatized by the surgery. I still have swelling in my hands, forearms and upper arms. I have gone to a physical therapist who does Lymphatic Drainage Massage (LDM) and who measures my arms each time. She also gave me exercises to do to help move the fluid. I still wear compression garments everyday, which kind of defeats the purpose of getting an arm lift as I cannot wear anything but long sleeves now. At least it is winter.
That is crazy that they let you drive home. I'm sure you were medicated during the process and should not have driven I have had a TT and bbl with fat transfer and both times they made sure there was someone picking me up and escorted us to the car. I'm glad you are okay!!
Massachusetts Plastic Surgeon

I love this doctor. I am sad that he is retiring Feb. 1. I called the office to get a copy of my receipts for my taxes and they closed a week ahead of schedule. I do not like the doctors who took over his practice, so now I feel like I am on my own for recovery.

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